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    Alex Jones has been right about a lot of things over the past decades and he’s very, very right about the means by which this 5th Generational Warfare is being waged against us:

    “A consortium of think tanks, government agencies, foreign government agencies, the EU, the UK, the Canadian Government, the US Government, the CIA, the Justice Department, Big Tech companies; with policy being written by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL on what to censor and what to control; are literally in your private messages on all the big apps and all the Big Tech companies.

    “They’re not just watching what you say in public, they are engaging in massive coordinated crime. And that’s what experts in Congress have said, that’s what Constitutional lawyers have said in testimony. We know it on its face. We saw the big hearings dealing with the Censorship Industrial Complex – now, Jim Jordan’s big report out on it.

    “So, they stole the last two elections – bigger than Dallas. Total election meddling. Now, they’ve tried to outlaw saying:  ‘Hey, stop  stealing the election!’ or questioning all the dropbox videos; people showing up with 50, 60, 100 ballots, signing them right there, on-camera – fraudulently – right in front of everybody.

    “And it goes down to the crime. 20-to-1 Black-on-White crime, right now. That’s the number, so the FBI stops publishing it. We only have local numbers.

    “It’s a fraud. It’s a war on Americans, a war on white people, a war on Christians, because that’s the minority that’s now got to be bullied, globally, under UN control.

    “And they’re trying to train the brown people – the majority of folks – who are good people, on average, who just want to have a future – but they’re able to find a percentage of them – Islamicists, you name it – that will literally ally with the Left and be used as an internal destabilization tool and a voting bloc.

    “So, this trans shooter, for over a year and a half – that’s in the manifesto – fantasizes about how she – really a she – is casing places, planned to hit more places but the cops got there quickly, so she was only able to kill a small number of people. But, still,  it’s the intent that matters and every life’s precious.

    “And so this breaks. And the article on and the videos that I put up yesterday morning were 100% clear. Steven Crowder broke this and authorized me to break it right when he broke it.

    “So, the national news comes out and says, ‘Alex Jones has released a fake manifesto.’ [Twitter/X] Community Notes came out and said ‘It wasn’t real’. And they came out and said ‘It wasn’t real’ on Facebook and took it down.

    “Then, the Mayor comes out and says, ‘No, it’s real, we’ve got a criminal investigation going on. Who leaked it?’

    “Well, investigative journalists are allowed to be leaked things, particularly, if it’s in the public interest. Look at the Pentagon Papers and Daniel Ellsberg. He was a hero, doing the same thing Julian Assange did.

    “Assange is in Solitary Confinement. I told you big Assange news coming soon and then, you learn about a week later that Tucker [Carlson] had gone to visit him and I’ll leave it at that. Tucker’s got big interviews and big stuff dropping soon.

    “Breaking! YouTube removes Crowder’s video that exposed trans shooter’s manifesto…Democrat Nashville mayor launches probe into leak of trans shooter’s manifesto.

    “Imagine if that’s only the first three pages! It’d reportedly dozens of pages long. What else is in there?

    “Well, the police that are mad about this and want this out, they want the City to be forced to officially release it, because I guess the cops thought they would say it was fake but that’s already been defeated. So that’s what’s happening, here.”

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    • Back when the Maxwell family was trying to hold their cover together during the Lolita Express scandal, it became apparent to me the Maxwell family were by then all involved in various ways in 21st century digital spyware. Ghislaine Maxwell’s siblings!

      When Whitney Webb published her One Nation Under Blackmail books, I knew what I knew was true and that good as she is in interviews, that Webb was not a loner, some insiders were feeding her, likely to relieve their own consciences.

      I never believed Ghislaine was Epstein’s consort right hand elf. Rather that Epstein was working for Ghislaine’s Papa Robert under the watchful supervision of Ghislaine. The Maxwell family was holding all the cards and by now everybody this side of the grave knows or should know Robert Maxwell was just one of many soulless high rollers ensconced in the communications industry, secretly doing business with the infamous Mossad. Robert was not the first nor the last of those who would sell their own mothers into prostitution for the right price.

      One does not have to look very far to see the philosophical connections between fellows inside of any corporation engaged in profiting by corrupting the morals of their neighbors. Who does these things? Who refines these things into works of art and then propagates them by infecting other corporations with their ideas? Not that everyone inside their webs of crime are guilty of the same crimes against humanity, but that because they need to eat, they can be coopted into helping.

      A tree is identified by its fruit. An enterprise is identified by its philosophy to either exploit or benefit their neighbors. Robert Maxwell was not a good and godly man, but he was only the tip of the iceberg containing diametrically opposing philosophies being used to corrupt and pervert formerly Christianized institutions.

      Don’t expect short term solutions to remedy long term diseases. When any nation loses its moral rudder in its judicial system, Katie bar the door, no election or judicial rendering can restore it!

    • I learned a new term yesterday: “Oikophobia”: The Dislike of one’s own culture or compatriots.
      This Trans Shooter exemplifies this. If she hates Whites and being White, the answer is simple:
      Her first bullet should have been between her own eyes, and repeat if needed.

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