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    Hackers of the CyberBerkut group, an organized group of pro-Russian hacktivists, who are known for DDoS attacks on the websites of the Ukrainian government and on those belonging to Western and Ukrainian corporations have released this video of the execution of a prisoner of the Islamic State (IS), which appears to have been shot in a professional motion picture studio.

    The hackers claimed to have found this video in an electronic device belonging to a staffer of U.S. Senator John McCain. (The video, itself appears to have been shot by a low-resolution security camera). The hackers bragged, “We, the CyberBerkut group, have acquired a file of inestimable importance! Dear Senator McCain, we recommend that you not take secret documents with you, when you travel abroad, especially in Ukraine.”

    The video shows a “prisoner” being “executed” in front several cameras and professional lighting equipment. An actor playing the executioner is dressed in the typical black garb of members of the Islamic State. He applies a knife to the of throat of the “hostage,” in a sawing motion, while the “victim” feigns suffering.

    Several videos depicting similar scenes have been broadcast by the Mainstream Media. In all cases, the victims are noted to appear unduly calm, prior to making their final statements and then neatly expiring in the arms of their terrorist tormentors.

    Since the first of these broadcasts were released in August 2014, many Internet users have expressed that these videos are hoaxes, especially due to the demeanor of the would-be victims and the dubious quality of the videos, such as this one, which is clearly shot using the green screen technique:

    The background frames are uquestionably still photographs, which are neither motion picture images, nor part of the same scene, as the strong wind (likely, from a large studio fan) blows heavily on the two subjects ruffling their clothing, while the desert plants – indeed, every grain of sand – remain static. Moreover, the black clothing of the “terrorist,” who speaks with the distinct tones of a London suburb would have to be reflecting some of the fierce desert sunlight of the mise-en-scène, were it real – but instead, the scene was lit with more of an interest to “pull a solid matte,” as it’s known in the film business, from the fake background.

    Light reflections, while using the green screen technique cause a “bleedthrough” of the background, as was the case with another infamous CNN fraud, where Anderson Cooper’s nose was seen to noticeably fade into the fake background of a “Connecticut location,” from where he was allegedly broadcasting outside the funeral of a the victim of the Sandy Hook mass-shooting, seen here, three minutes into this piece):

    American interests have been accused of producing these Islamic State videos, to instill fear and panic among Western Mainstream News audiences by a skeptical Alternative Media public and even General Wesley Clarke (Ret.) admitted on CNN last February that the IS was financed by the West and its allies, to battle Hezbollah, as recently broadcast here:

    The proclaimed goals of CyberBerkut are of fighting against neo-fascism, neo-nationalism and arbitrary power in Ukraine. In actual fact, the group only attacks NATO and their allies’ targets.

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