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Alexandra Bruce and James Grundvig discuss an overview of the documentary film we are creating – ‘Splintering Babylon: The Plan, Revelation and the Path to Freedom’ and how you, the viewers, can participate in bringing the truth out to the masses.

‘Splintering Babylon’ is a provocative documentary that explores the controversial theory of Nazi influence in the founding of major Western institutions such as the CIA, NATO, and the United Nations. The film presents a narrative that Wall Street, along with Prescott Bush—father of US Presidents George HW Bush and George W Bush—financially supported Adolf Hitler and the Nazi elite prior to World War II.

This film uncovers how the Nazis infiltrated Western governments, shaping modern society under the Fourth Reich master plan. It reveals the CIA’s portrayal of history, concealing stark realities and the dark agenda of the New World Order. Today, a growing awareness and resistance to these claims spotlight a corporate-government fascist state thriving on illicit trades in money, drugs, and human trafficking.

This promo is a concept piece for the documentary that was whipped-up by James Grundvig, using the Invideo artificial intelligence app.

If you’d like to support this project and get screen credit, we’re offering three tiers of rewards, or you can choose your own participation amount.

‘Splintering Babylon’ shines a light on how the tyrannical Babylon Beast system will come to an end, per biblical prophecy thousands of years ago.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • My comment was removed or not approved….is there a reason for this? Was the comment too long? Was the comment out of line somehow? I am thinking that this platform is not supposed to be censored like YT, and I know that doesn’t mean anyone can post anything they like…all I’m asking is for the reason it was not approved so I can determine if this is a platform I will support and contribute to….thanks ahead of time for your response

    • I see 9 comments from you on this board starting in August of last year, with the most recent before this one on May 12th, commenting on a Mark Passio video.

      I have never deleted any of your comments.

      All comments go into an approval queue, due to the amount of spam and porn that is posted by bots to comments sections. I have an app called WordFence, which blocks most of it.

  • Can we please talk about how gorgeous Alexandra is? I am so excited about this project too! I really trust you two. Been following you forever. Big Thank you from my heart for all that you and best wishes with this project. I’m sure it’ll be AWESOME

  • Sounds like it’s going to be a good documentary! BUT……PLEASE….PLEASE do NOT use the phrase, ‘THE PLAN’. That’s a Q-TARD PHRASE. I almost didn’t watch THIS video, just because of ‘THE PLAN’ being in the title.

    Alexandra……any and all things NAZI…..the REAL History of, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell is your go-to guy! As you know, Dr. Farrell is frequently on Daniel’s ‘Dark Journalist’.

  • Told ya that they are funding both sides (2 of whichever J the name may be).
    though this world isn’t really clear as Black & White.
    For example, we tend to get confused with Freemasons and of J to be the same, even though originally, freemasons weren’t supposed to be bad.
    I’d say many are already compromised / infiltrated by those with evil intention, and they have many names.

    • Learn that Freemasonry is an amalgamation of religions and philosophies. It bridges the gap between Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism, Islam and ancient paganism. The lower degrees have not a clue what advanced degrees are all about. Therefore overall it falls into the ancient religious elitist gnostic category—a realm of rule that is antithetical to the the realm of rule established in the first century under the name of Jesus the Christ (Messiah, Savior, King, all picture words meant to convey the idea of divine sovereignty) of record!

  • Just for a kicker they even bought the Muppets, when Henson died, for a half billion dollars.

    Future generations of children, globally, brainwashed. All the countries that goose step in their military got trained from Switzerland, like North Korea, etc.

    You can do another Film Just on the tranfer of ownership of the world and treasons….not to bother you.

  • When I first saw this, I picked up upon two items that James said, I thought that I should clue you in on it.

    First…..Fico was offed, for going against the agenda…fine.
    Slovakia and Slovenia, never existed they were Czechoslovakia.

    Hitler insisted it be broken up and become two german fantasty countries….Trump’s wife came from Slovenia, no?

    Second….James said from the 1960s onward. movies put nazis in a beter looking frame.

    That is because 3rd generation Nazis, living in South America and America…Produced and still Produce many, many movies, with financial backing coming from European loacals.

    And not to forget…..NATO was given directly To Gen Fritz Kramer, Hitlers favorite General.
    Ofcourse they said it was a different Kramer, but they lie.

    I thought that I should clue you guys in, just for your own awareness……Nazis right under your nose and they were not smelled out.

    When making this film, watch where you step, in the proverbial field of battle.

    Take care…..

  • I am so glad to find Alexandria again! I have not been able to find her until now. Stay safe and thank you both for all the work you have done.

  • Reportedly in ancient Babylon the most famous bordello ~ temple to their god of war, Baal was called the ” WHITE HOUSE ” as in MODERN BABYLON

  • Congratulations upon becoming a ‘Substack Best Seller’ in just four days, Alexandra! You deserve a few victories. May this movie project be the next!

  • Whenever people throw the word, “God,” around in relation to the Bible, it’s an instant tell that they don’t know the first thing about what they are talking, and that they are living in make-believe. There is no “God” in the Bible. “God” is a mistranslation. Check out the work of Paul Wallis and former Vatican translator Mauro Biglino. There’s plenty on youtube.

  • You are right on Target with this being a Nazi Takeover of the Planet….

    The Nazis, came out of Switzerland; all the High Ranking Nazis were Swiss German.; the SS were Princes within the Aristocracy, and Hitler, created the law, that these Princes would not go into battle, but they were given soft targets, like murdering women and children, whether out in a field or within an institution, etc.
    All the other big players spent years in Switzerland being educated for this venture.

    What I think is a problem, after watching this video clip…

    I think you guys should have started explaining at an earlier point in history…..meaning Right Before, during and after WWII; how this all was infiltrated with Swiss nazi players like the Dulles Brother, J Edgar Hoover, Bush and Walker, Papa Bush’s real father, Geo W Scerff Sr etc.
    Quick facts, like The Bush Compound In Kenney Bunkport, Maine, isolated, so nazi u-boats, going in and out, with weapon plans, money and people .

    Techniques used like Swiss RE, the largest Insurance co. in the world, having insured merchant marines; thus giving the enemy cargo, times etc…so U-boats sunk two thirds of supplies, not far off the coast, and killed sailors, ..While Germany stopped giving this info to Swiss RE, the USA continuated.

    The fact the Bertlesmann and Axel Springer Verlag, and the two Dutch companies took over all the English Publishers, to rewrite history,….Bormann Underground Money, largest pool of private money at the time.

    A brief introduction of how the Con was pulled off.

    Even if you gave a brief introduction from the Pharoahs to Switzerland and then forward…..

    Setting the ground work and giving a compass to your viewers.

    Babylon and God are propaganda tools of the enemy.
    I don’t mean to criticize you.
    As was said in the clip, timing is important, so anything you guys can do to fast forward, the facts, the better.

    First of all, this comment, disussion if you will, is on the internet being watched by the enemy, giving your plans to the enemy, just like WWII…..get the similarity.

    Making this film is important, and you all get kudos for it……but it sounds like your being rushed….hearing this I hope you can get a better handle on a perspective to offer in this film.

    I hope explained things to you understanding.

  • This is so cool…lol. And you look AMAZING Alexandra!! Whatever you are doing is working…you’re literally getting younger. I need you to share your secret…lol.

    • I’ve been so stressed-out that I can’t finish my food anymore and over the past year, I’ve lost about 30 lbs, without trying or thinking about it – but I’m not mad about it! I’m in training for the total collapse of the supply chain.

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