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When the COVID PSYOP was deployed against the peoples of the world, few understood that we were witnessing the opening salvos of a long-planned “Final Solution” for the human species.

As we observe the controlled demolition of Western Civilization, with standing ovations in Canada for a former Nazi SS officer and hundreds of billions of dollars going to Nazi fighters in Ukraine, the hidden history of the past 80 years begins to reveal itself.

The United States did not win World War II; instead, occult Nazis founded the major postwar global organizations, including NATO, the United Nations, and its many evil agencies, like the IMF and the World Health Organization.

In the US, the Nazis founded the Central Intelligence Agency, the CDC, and NASA, while also infiltrating every agency and echelon of every other Western government.

The Cabal achieved this through a range of tactics, from bribery and extortion to the CIA’s MK-Ultra program, to the allure of sex, fame, money, power to Satanism.

‘Splintering Babylon: The Plan. Revelation. The Path to Freedom’ reveals this hidden history and that of the brave American presidents who warned us and who tried to thwart the Cabal’s evil agenda.

This film connects the dots of a global military alliance that designed a counterplan, set on a parallel track, and timed it to destroy the Babylon Beast system before humanity plunges into the abyss.

The Books of Daniel and Revelation uncannily prophesied this final battle — God’s law versus man-made Maritime Law, as foretold by the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse.


This video is a concept piece for the documentary that James Grundvig and filmmaker, Jeff Gallatin and I are working on, ‘Splintering Babylon’, that seeks to answer the question, “How did we get to a place where the oligarchy is trying to exterminate 95% of the human species?”

This promo was whipped-up by James Grundvig, using the Invideo artificial intelligence app and the text we wrote, above.

If you’d like to support this project and get screen credit, we’re offering three tiers of rewards, or you can choose your own participation amount.

Here, James Grundvig and I give an overview of the documentary film we are creating – ‘Splintering Babylon: The Plan, Revelation, and the Path to Freedom’ and how you, the viewers, can participate in bringing the truth out to the masses.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Unbelievable…A Trump commercial…Don’t forget “Operation Warp speed.” American politics is a cesspool! Don’t be fooled by the Zionist propaganda… Wake Up Americans These Zionist will bury you!

        • Well simpletons forget all about a thing called blackmail. Trump first told the people,”it’s nothing more than the flu and to take hydroxychloroquine”. Yes then he did do a 180 and pushed the clot shot. He was told to that or else…..

  • I am tired of the people who like to muddy the water and confuse things. The big focking elephant is standing in a small room, and retards are too politically correct to acknowledge it. This essay was a waste of time.

  • International Public Notice: This Is What They Do to Hide Their Crimes
    We see tonight that instead of accepting the inevitable reckoning that is due
    for their financial crime, the usual Suspects are “at it”
    again, rattling sabers and moving troops— mercenary troops— and making
    plans to start World War III against both China and Russia.
    And they plan to charge the cost of this in blood and in assets and credit to
    Yes, these people claiming to be your “representatives” are planning to
    charge you for the “service” of starting World War III, so they can
    make money on war-for-profit and keep your attention focused away from
    their financial crimes against you.
    They have done it twice before.
    World War I covered the phony bankruptcy of the Scottish Commercial
    Corporation doing business as “The United States of America,
    World War II covered the phony bankruptcies of the Delaware
    Corporation doing business as “the United States of America,
    Incorporated” and “E Pluribus Unum the United States of America” and
    half a dozen others.
    They think you are all stupid enough to fall for it a third time. They
    think that their joint corporate bankruptcies can be shoved under the
    rug and the American people will just take it in the crotch a third
    Their propaganda mills are already ginned up and running in Britain
    and in Germany, but remember— those “governments” are actually just
    franchises of the U.S. Inc. and also remember that those countries
    are occupied by unwitting mercenaries employed by the U.S., Inc.
    And remember that any such war is illegal by definition and is not
    covered under their contracts, which clearly stipulate that their role
    is defensive only and applies only to this country.
    The days of them engaging in war-for-profit all over the world and
    sending the bill for it to us, are over and done.
    Please show your support for your Fiduciary in loudly informing NATO
    that not only will we not pay them for any such “service”, we will
    instead charge them one (1) Trillion USD for every American maimed or
    killed, and will charge them for all equipment lost or damaged, all
    supplies and personnel expense — will all get charged back to them
    and their enterprises.
    They won’t make any money. In fact, they will be deeper in the hole
    because of it, if they start WWIII.
    We will also refuse their draft and their illegal conscription
    processes and their false claims of contract.
    Stick that message up the nearest Congressman’s butt and see how fast
    they flinch.

    Also remind them and the United States Secretary of State that we have
    a Treaty with Russia that must be honored, the American-Russian
    Alliance of 1858, which neither we nor the Russians have ever
    If our Employees, or the banks backing them, think that they are
    going to breach our treaties in our names and charge us for the honor,
    they had better stick their heads in a toilet and flush, flush, flush
    until that notion is completely washed away.

  • International Public Notice: This is Not Rocket Science
    Our British Territorial and Papist (HRE) Subcontractors lied to us out of one
    side of their mouths and lied to the rest of the world with the other.
    After the Civil War they claimed that our American Government
    disappeared, was “in interregnum” and mysteriously “absent”, and that they
    had been left as custodians and “representatives” guarding our assets for us.
    Instead of telling the American people the truth, they ambushed,
    attacked, burned out, murdered, and forced all the leaders of the
    original American Government to flee — simply hid their dirty deeds,
    and then stood around with their hands in their pockets, shrugging and
    winking and saying, “We don’t know what happened. They just never came
    back into Session after the War.”
    These facts and the fact that there was no actual “war” but only an
    illegal commercial mercenary conflict, were all carefully hidden from
    the public, so that the people had no idea what was going on. The
    members of the Rump Congress appointed by Lincoln appeared to be
    conducting business as usual even with our flag hanging in the struck
    position in the Capitol Rotunda.
    Grant, Sherman, Seward, Salmon P. Chase — all of them owed “good
    faith service” and they all committed treason and murder instead.
    It was the Mother and the model for all the other mercenary “changes
    of government” that have pox-marked the world’s history for the past
    160-plus years.
    And it was done to us by our own precious Union Army in the name of
    ending slavery, but the same men stood by and let the Southern
    Democrats re-enslave the purportedly freed plantation slaves —
    crookedly abolishing private slave ownership and institutionalizing
    public slave ownership instead.
    These men were criminals and con artists of the worst kind and they
    were helped and promoted in their criminality and deceit by Big
    Business and the Central Banks.
    So…. they slid into their self-created role as our “caretakers” and
    illegally occupied this country under conditions of deceit and color
    of law.
    And they have sat there like toads, promoting every kind of evil ever since.
    Their financial frauds began with the Greenbacks Scandal, in which
    they offered high rates of interest on “1040 Bonds” and then insisted
    that investors pay for these with “Greenbacks” — their own paper
    military scrip. Investors exchanged their gold to buy Greenbacks,
    used them to buy the “Government” Bonds, which weren’t issued by our
    government, and when these bonds matured the investors came back
    expecting to be paid back in gold plus interest. Instead, they were
    only given back Greenbacks, because that is what they used to buy the
    These investors were swindled into giving up something of actual value
    and substance in inequitable exchange for paper. So the pattern of
    deceit, manipulation, and swindling began and it only picked up speed.
    Now we are facing the imminent collapse of the Clearinghouses, the
    DTTC and DTC, which will collapse the financial system worldwide.
    Because these institutions were the worldwide hub of the greatest
    financial swindle and human trafficking crime in world history.
    The Bounders deliberately misidentified six generations of American
    babies as British Territorial U.S. Citizens — stole our names, stole
    our identities, stole our birthright political status as Americans,
    and used undisclosed, unconscionable contracts to do it.
    These Clearinghouses accepted the “Birth Certificates” issued in our
    names and facilitated “our” transfer as indentured servants, British
    Territorial U.S. Citizens owing service to the British Queen in the
    foreign jurisdiction of the sea. Later, they accepted and facilitated
    transfer of another second BIRTH CERTIFICATE into the jurisdiction of
    the air, and poof! We had a foreign Municipal ESTATE trust named after
    us, and our name, having been laundered into something unrecognizable
    in this process, was deemed a “citizen of the United States” and
    saddled with all the debts thereof.
    So what is happening here is a crime known as a Personage Scheme
    combined with Human Trafficking, in which the victim is impersonated
    as someone or something else and their identity is deliberately
    trafficked into a foreign jurisdiction and subjected under a foreign
    law — without their knowledge or consent.
    This “set up” is then used to coerce the confused and helpless victims
    and another crime ensues when Agents of the Perpetrators of all this
    come forward and knowingly make False Claims against these Legal
    Entities that they have named after you — a crime known as Barratry.
    Nearly everyone in the Western World has suffered deliberate
    Personage, Human Trafficking and innumerable crimes of Barratry, but
    it began in England and America in the 1860’s and proved so profitable
    as a white collar crime that the corporate Perpetrators were able to
    finance the British Raj in India and similar “occupational forces” in
    The United States and the British Commonwealth.
    They swindled their own people in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
    into first indentured servitude and next into abject slavery, did the
    same thing in The United States, and then throughout the former
    Commonwealth, then used their ill-gotten gains to finance World War
    II, occupied Japan and seventeen western European countries, took over
    and occupied countries in Africa, and aimed to do the same in the
    Middle East and Asia.
    They used our sons and daughters as cheap mercenaries and of course,
    never told them that that is what they’d be doing and serving; no,
    they sang Yankee Doodle all the way to guarding poppy fields in
    Afghanistan and stealing oil in Iraq.
    This said, the problem began in England under the reign of Queen
    Victoria and her Consort, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha; they
    were both Germans, and when they married in 1840, the Royal Finances
    came under the management of German financiers— firmly tying Royal
    Family fortunes to Continental European business interests. Not
    This has remained the central core problem ever since, and it has
    festered already into two World Wars and is threatening to erupt into
    a third such travesty.
    All this fraud and personage and embezzlement, all this barratry, all
    this human trafficking and war-for-profit, all this identity theft,
    bankruptcy and probate fraud — all this evil — has to come to an
    end, and the actual Cause has to be addressed.
    The Cause is not in America.
    This criminal “system” was imported under conditions of deceit and
    breach of trust and color of law. It didn’t come from America and we
    have, instead, been victims of it. From our standpoint it came from
    The original Perpetrators in our case were the bankers and paid-off
    politicians backing Benjamin D’Israeli as Lord of the Exchequer and
    later, Prime Minister.
    However, we should know that this entire set up is much, much older,
    having its first whiff during the reign of the Roman Emperor,
    Justinian. It is a reprise of an earlier financial debacle that was
    pulled out of the attic and re-run using modern business corporations
    and central banks and, of course, the British Navy.
    All roads going backward from Benjamin D”Israeli lead to Rome, the
    Lords of the Admiralty, the French and English Rothschild bankers,
    Greek shipping magnates, and certain disgruntled German Bankers who
    were swindled and set up to be scapegoats in another racketeering
    None of this is difficult to trace from any number of data sets and
    disciplines, but, unfortunately, those most likely to see the data and
    read the Tea Leaves are also those who have licenses and careers at
    stake, or are small fry who can be bullied and paid off.
    Blackmail and money and murder have had their way with America and
    virtually every other western country.
    Which brings us to today.
    The Perpetrators sucked up our public assets and put them in State
    Trusts; even though they never owned these assets, and had no
    permission from us, they took over as self-appointed Trustees. Similar
    measures were taken to cashier our public utilities and roads, our
    soil and water resources, and other natural resource assets. The
    British Title System was imposed and Americans were charged British
    Property Taxes even though the Americans were the actual landowners.
    Americans were similarly swindled into paying vast mortgages owed by
    the British Crown and (Roman) Municipal Trusts operated in the names
    of the Americans who had no idea what was going on.
    As already noted, our gold and silver was swindled away in inequitable
    exchanges for paper “notes” promising to pay later, as in the
    Emergency Banking Act of 1934, where Americans were coerced to
    exchange their Silver Dollars for paper Federal Reserve Notes on a
    one-to-one basis using coercive Legal Tender Laws that never applied
    to us and should never have been present on our soil. In one
    particularly criminal exercise, the President of the U.S.A., Inc.,
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt, ordered hired Federal Agents to go house to
    house and loot any privately owned gold they found.
    He later admitted on film that he had collected 20 Metric Tons of gold
    from the American people — gave six MT as a grubstake for the
    Federal Reserve Banks, and split the rest between the World Bank and
    International Bank of Reconstruction and Development. All that is
    owed back to us with interest from the banks that received it, or
    their Successors and Lessor Creditors.
    The Perpetrators then used our assets as collateral for them to borrow
    against, and issued Federal Reserve Notes backed by the labor of all
    their indentured servants — the U.S. Citizens, both those that were
    actually U.S. Citizens by birth or by employment, and all those
    millions of American babies who were mischaracterized as such.
    In the next round the Municipal Subcontractors did the same thing,
    issued a BIRTH CERTIFICATE and dubbed us “citizens of the United
    States” and while the first scam latched onto our Good Names and
    labor, the second one made us responsible for all the debts of the
    government and proposed to hold us as public slaves — that is,
    federal municipal trusts created under foreign Municipal Code —
    A similar fraud has been practiced against the people throughout the
    British Isles since the reign of King Henry the Eighth, only using
    Baptismal Certificates instead of Birth Certificates — an earlier
    revival of the fraud taking place between the reign of Justinian and
    modern times and only affecting Christian Church members, Catholics
    and Protestants alike.
    The hoary nature of the fraud fully recognized, the meat of the issue
    is and remains —who actually owns all the trust assets? We do.
    Who then is legitimately owed all the credit derived from those assets?
    We are.
    Therefore, who is the United States National Debt owed to? That would
    be us, too, the Americans, the Preferential Creditors.
    All those Federal Reserve and United States (Promissory) Notes are
    owed to us, the hapless Americans, who’ve been harassed and milked and
    bilked and kept in the dark and fed horse dung for six generations by
    our own public employees and their hired agents.
    So, they already owe us the assets and they owe us the value of all
    the promissory “Notes” they’ve been printing and passing around, and
    because we have given them valuable goods and services in inequitable
    exchange for paper I.O.U.s equal to the so-called “National Debt”, we
    have a prepaid National Credit that is exactly equal to their National
    If proper bookkeeping and permissions had been applied and our
    National Credit was balanced against their National Debt, there would
    be no debt and therefore no interest due on any such debt.
    The negligence in this matter by our purported Trustees and the Banks
    involved resulted in billions upon billions of dollars of unjust
    enrichment for all the other Parties thanks to them collecting
    interest on a non-existent debt —- and as they were palming off
    their debt on us via a different mechanism, it also meant more debt
    being attached to and held against our assets.
    Not their assets. They never had any assets. They used our assets as
    the collateral backing their debts while pretending to be our
    Caretakers and Custodians providing us with good faith
    service….without any contract or agreement from us.
    They owe us all our assets back and they owe us the gold and silver
    they purloined in inequitable exchange, all the land they subjected to
    False Titles and foreign Taxes we Americans never owed, all the
    mortgages we paid “for” them and their franchises, all the Property
    Taxes that they collected under False Pretenses, all the gold FDR
    stole under color of law and they owe the entire value of their
    “National Debt” plus all the “interest” paid on it, plus all the
    “investments” they made “for” us and all the “labor contracts” they
    collected, all the insurance policies they collected on us and our
    assets, the value of all the bonds they placed upon our names, such as
    all the cured Social Security Bonds sitting in the New York Federal
    Reserve Bank, plus the return of the value of all the securities they
    issued in our names, plus interest.
    Faced with the enormity of the crime and the debt, all these banks and
    these “government services corporations” will want to enter bankruptcy
    and charge off their bankruptcies against us, too, but we say that
    after all this, the Foreign Principals responsible for these
    organizations, are in default, are owed no protection from their acts,
    and we own not only all their debt, but all their corporations and
    everything else of value belonging to them, too, right down to the
    Inner City of London, the Crown Jewels and the American trusts that
    were lumped together as part of the “Global Collateral Accounts” and
    which are also presently underwriting virtually all of the world’s
    Central Banks.
    We’ve discussed this situation with the banks and the treasuries and
    now we are discussing it with the Public,
    We have ordered the United States to liquidate its debt to no avail;
    we have explained that doing so will pay off their “credit cards” and
    leave them with room to borrow against, but they continue to obstruct
    this solution to their dilemma and cling to their leg-irons.
    We need no further proof that they are not responsible for this crime.
    If they were smart enough to pull this vast criminal enterprise off
    for 160 years, they would also be smart enough to recognize a way out
    of it, but the Privy Council and Janet Yellen and the rest of the
    Party Hearties are responding to reality like catatonic zombies and
    remain paralyzed in the face of the imminent collapse of the
    clearinghouses, the securities markets, the stock markets, the major
    insurance companies, and yes, the banks.
    Considering that individual Americans are the owners of the underlying
    deposits that underwrite virtually all the central banks on the
    planet, and not the banks, and not the other Principals, and certainly
    not the bankrupt corporations that are merely in the business of
    providing “government services” —- it’s past time to return all
    these assets to their actual owners and issue the prepaid credit that
    we are owed.
    Whereupon we are exercising all our cured liens against the guilty
    Principals and their Corporations and issuing prepaid credit
    certificates to everyone who has been hurt by this completely
    mind-boggling crime against humanity — so long as they are willing to
    live in peace and work for a better world.
    As we technically own all the Federal Reserve Notes issued against our
    assets and own the debt they represent as a debt owed to us, plus
    seven to ten times that much in secondary credit issued under the
    fractional reserve banking system, and are owed the return of all
    mortgages paid by people who actually are Americans, ditto all
    property taxes, income taxes and bonds, insurance interests, stocks,
    We are requiring the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury Department
    to release the Federal Reserve Notes and other stockpiles of uncut
    Kennedy Dollars for immediate exchange with our prepaid credit

  • This looks very nice. Glad to see you are on what appears to be a great project.

    One thing I’d mention is that the CIA was formed by a jesuit trained guy, who used the jesuit organizational structure for them. Of course, your idea of the nazi structure is true, and they were propped up by the vatican during the war.

    Remember, protestants long ago identified the Roman Church as the beast, antichrist, Babylon, so nowadays most people overlook this is the power that has resurrected from the Dark Ages and is behind the scenes now.

  • They wrote the Bible thousand of years . Not the prophetic word of God. Its been changed more then a babies diaper and is full of crap.

  • Don’t use the enemies tools, as you only work against yourselves, in the regard. example…Kabala:

    Ka=soul when alive.
    Ba =soul when dead.
    La= Alah.
    Kabalah, many groups have a cabala.

    Cabal is a buzz word, for jew baiting, part of the enemies toolkit.
    just like babylon and god.

    I made a comment in your other video clip, better explained.
    Please see that.

  • A ‘nazi world order?’
    Where are the nazis?
    It’s a Jew World Order, fellas. Get it straight.

      • Agreed. People need to do their ‘effing homework before they open their mouths and claim to know the truth. Tired of the idiot “truthers” that think they have a handle on things…or think Trump is fighting the cabal, for that matter.

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