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Special Agent & Whistleblower Joseph Ziegler delivers his opening statement regarding the Hunter Biden Investigation before the House Oversight Committee.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Its all just a show folks with new actors and scripts on a daily basis. And they suck the energy right out of you through these deceptions and false hope. Do you see anyone in DC actually doing something for the people, or is it all hand waving and words?? The system you live under is not what you were told, and obviously most are too ignorant or willfully blind to the facts of the jewmafia running this country (i.e., into the ground at this point).

    You want to see action then pay attention what happens in places like Korea, China and the African continent. High level people are put in jail quite often in those places for fraud and other evil deeds.

    The republicans are putting on a show for you. Nothing is going to happen because that is how the script is written. This is all drama and because you continue to pay attention to this slop, nothing will change nor will your lives get any easier.

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