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    IRS Supervisory Agent & Whistleblower Gary Shapley delivers his opening statement regarding the Hunter Biden Investigation before the House Oversight Committee.

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    • Gary Shapley is part of the problem. NEVER say “President” Biden because he is not the President and he will never be anything but a complete Pfraud. It is time to clean America’s clock so it ticks perfectly for We The People are the saviors we have been waiting for. Folks, we have been chosen to save ourselves if you are ready for the biggest truth of our lives. The population of the world is looking for the bright shiny beacon of hope…America! I know we are ready for this monumental task, do you really believe Donald Trump is going to save your azz?

      Government dependency = the end of society

      • I read a quote ( sorry, didn’t note the originator), but it is very, very American:

        “Our _Country_ is not the government.”

        IMO, the Brits want their slaves and colonies back.

        US Govt “officials” who “legally” decline to take an oath of office and a responsiblity to the American people.
        BAR Association members who do swear an oath to the Crown.

        Again, IMO, that *is* the deep state.

        Hannah Arendt said (paraphased):

        ” Only incompetent authority
        objects to being questioned.”

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