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Dr Joe Nieusma joins Sarah Westall to discuss very important proven methods to keep from getting sick, reversing cell damage from the mRNA shot, neutralizing and removing spike proteins, detoxing graphene oxide, and more.

He says we can survive this bioweapon attack and fight back against the worst tyranny ever inflicted upon humanity.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Hello Sarah,

    Good webinar with lots of good data.

    What I noticed is your microphone picks up the lower base like tones and does not reproduce the higher female voice tones.

    The lower tones of your voice are booming. The higher female frequencies do not come through.

    I recommend you get a professional to either fix your existing set up or get a new one.

    I could hear very little of what you said clearly and with much difficulty.

    Thank you very much

  • 1)Stop fearing and behaving like a victim because death does not exist.

    2)Stop consuming toxic information and draw attention from enemy timelines.

    3)Make yourself respect and impose your will, because the mind is the negative 1 of the matter wich is the positive 0. Emotions serve your 1 and not the artificial system.

    4)Remove the parasite and mental program called God with all its institutions, religious, political, military, scientific, academic, entertainment and health.

    5)Eliminate the zodiac(Zeus Animal Corporation) from your mind that creates the hive self that serves God and his wheel of time, Uroboros.

    6)Eliminate parasites form your body, fungi, bacteria and worms. Propaganda programs us to make us believe that the invaders live in balance with us. Vaccines are the troyan horse that emits a wave to form a particle that protects it from the immune system. Without parasites we would live young and healthy since they would not take away the energy to recreate their State system in reality.

    7)Reprogram yourself linguistically. Words form cognitive dissonance and mental prisons that make way for illness by having the debt of guilt instaled in your mind.
    Some words have entrances but no exits, others offer an unfavorable exit to remain safe and sustain the system, others offer the exile that bring out not only from the artificial system but also from the natural one. To eliminate something, you must first undo the effect from the keyword, because there are words like Death that do not have IN or the OUT, they are simply CON with their complementary words that obey another timeline and programs.

    8)Remember that potential is blocked by programs. A baby is prepared for the impossible, it is his enviroment that does not help to display and develop the abilities considered supernatural. Faith was the stolen power to violate our humanity and bring it down to levels of control of lower and involutive species.

    9)Once health and understanding are restored, strike back in this psycho-magical warfare. And remember that this is our world and our lineage has no beginning or end, religion has put a beginning and an end called death, and if you believe it you lose your memory, because forgetting is the only way to belive it and that is what they call it Reset.

    10)Or you can follow the path of the victim with pain and suffering, of lies and deception, of fear and resentment, of sacrifices or self-sacrifices that were implanted in history or human software 2000 BC, where the only variant offered is to take the opposite of executioner against your own humanity, because what happens is that people are literally possessed by the program. The space that you don’t take, automatically give it up, and they take the best, leaving you the worst, and they call that normality.

    • do you profess your disbelief of GOD or just your lack of need for GOD , as you yourself are a supernatural being existing in a creation of unknown origin. Maybe the great reset is just a reboot of the hologram we were installed in by unknown user or GOD . Just a simulation that shows what happens when you you subtract intelligence , love and understanding from the avatars or bots. I’m not sure if GOD loves us all that much, I think he’s staring at that reset button expecting this time we will finally evolve from simpleton assholes to something worth keeping in the collective hive mind.

  • Just one problem with the exercise here; so many athletes and young people have died from cardiomyopathy and heart damage / attacks. It’s so evil. Now Gates comes out saying the jabs don’t work, the horrible deaths are terrible, but, he wants a NEW vaxxine!!! There really doesn’t get more psycho, just off any scale

  • Reuters reporting Japan is at 1% of its COVID peak cases and falling. India is at 3% of its peak and falling. What did these countries do? Ditch vaccine mandates for ivermectin. Since April 28, India medical officials started providing hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin to its massive population. As India is the major pharmaceutical manufacturer in the world, they were ready for this massive drug distribution. MIRACULOUSLY!, COVID cases have plummeted quickly since then. Meanwhile, all “first world” countries in Europe are reporting a rise in cases. Get your ivermectin before it is too late!

  • Graphene hydroxide is very stable does not degrade and is permanent once it enters the body according to a recently suicided german chemist Dr. Andreas Noack . He analyzed the material from the vaxxes he is a leading expert his specialty is graphene. The stuff is razor sharp slices and dices the vessels and heart causing the clotting damage pattern. This fits what we see in people who do sports that have died after the vaxxine the faster the blood flow the more damage . Spike proteins are not the major cause of death since many have recovered from the virus. Soft stuff like spikes can be removed.

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*** Medical Emergency Kit *** Use Promo Code “KNOW” for 10% Off!


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