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Monday was another crazy day. Debbie Dingell was appointed as Speaker of the House Pro tempore, because Nancy Pelosi failed to show up for work to vote on her own resolution to invoke the 25th Amendment against Trump, which was voted down by the Republicans. The vote will be tried again Tuesday, followed by a separate vote on Wednesday to impeach him.

This followed Pelosi’s string of incoherent and inflammatory statements over the past few days. On Friday, she requested reassurances from Joint Chiefs Chair, Gen Mark Milley that an “unstable” Trump would be prevented from launching a nuclear weapon. On Saturday, during an online meeting with constituents in San Francisco, she claimed the Trump supporters who breached the Capitol on Wednesday had chosen their “whiteness over democracy.” On Sunday, during her appearance on 60 Minutes, she told Leslie Stahl that Trump needed to “pay a price” for inciting an insurrection.

Then, Facebook announced that it would be removing all posts containing the “Stop the Steal” hashtag, for the “safety” of their users.

In addition to all of the social media companies who have banned Trump since last Wednesday, he was de-platformed by his mass email service (which happened to me twice in 2019) and he was de-banked by both Stripe, the online payment processor and by Deutsche Bank, his primary lender for the past two decades.

Then, the PGA of America Board of Directors voted to terminate their agreement to play the 2022 PGA Championship at Trump’s golf course in Bedminster, NJ according to an announcement from PGA of America President Jim Richerson

“It has become clear that conducting the PGA Championship at Trump Bedminster would be detrimental to the PGA of America brand, it would put at risk the PGA’s ability to deliver our many programs, and sustain the longevity of our mission.” Richerson added sadistically, “It was a decision made to ensure that PGA of America and the PGA Professionals can continue to lead and grow our great game for decades to come.”

For several hours, the State Department website indicated that the Trump Presidency had ended on January 11th. The “disgruntled” employee who altered the website is now looking at 10 years in prison for defacing Federal Property.

Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf resigned. In a letter to the department, Wolf said he was resigning due to the “ongoing and meritless court rulings regarding the validity of my authority as acting secretary”, which he said was diverting attention and resources away from the department during the “critical time of a transition of power”.

This was followed by Trump declaring a state of emergency in the District of Columbia until the 24th of January.

Throughout our lives, Americans have been told to be paranoid of the Russians or al Qaeda. We were convinced to spend trillions of dollars for the greatest military on Earth. We are now on the brink of being taken over by simple PsyOps and blackmail from our largest trading partner. Worst of all, 50% of the populace think it’s great!

In shades of things to come, people on Joe Biden’s NASA transition team urged that the United States start what could be the biggest transfer of technology ever to China. The giveaway could result in the Chinese military dominating space and along with it, world affairs. “Trying to exclude them, I think, is a failing strategy,” said Pam Melroy, a former astronaut and potential next administrator of NASA, referring to the Chinese. “It is very important that we engage.”

Everyone is a Chinese agent and things look really scary but as unbelievable as it sounds, Simon Parkes says, “Everything is calm around the White House, Trump has not resigned and everything is OK.”

I had joked yesterday during a radio interview with Jimi Brent that Parkes had replaced Q for all of us hopium addicts, as the latter hasn’t posted since December 8th and “The Plan” appears to have crumbled in the face of the unrelenting fraud and criminality of the Establishment.

The last thing I expected was to hear Parkes say that he’d spent time speaking with the “Real Q” on Monday evening – but that is, indeed what he says here:

“For many of you, it might difficult to accept or understand but those of you who have followed me and have watched me know that I actually do speak the truth. And if I said to you that I’ve spent one and half hours talking to the Real Q, then that’s exactly who I’ve been speaking to…

“What’s been agreed is that a couple of other people who I have been involved with on radio shows or interviews will be invited to take part in a discussion and we can talk about how we’ve got to this position and what might be coming up…That will happen, I hope, within the next few days…

“We all know about Kennedy and the Q movement starting with his murder. But I didn’t realize that there were 200 generals who got together – I thought it was much less than that – I didn’t realize that it was 200, who then said, ‘We have got to fight this evil and we can’t do it in 5 years, we can’t do it in 10 years, we can’t even do it in 20 years. But we’ve got to start to fight back and we’ve got to play the long game.’

“So, President Kennedy did not die in vain. That death, rightly or wrongly, created a movement which is playing out to fruition now.

“I didn’t think I needed reassuring but I have been reassured, whether I wanted it or not, that it’s very much going the way that the Good Guys want. And it is very frustrating, when you are sitting at home and you’ve got all or nearly all the people you trust being turned off or de-platformed or cut-off and of course, you’ve got this wall of silence and abject lies from the media and you…begin to doubt yourself. And I’m here to say don’t doubt yourself…

“Now that I’ve had that hour and a half conversation, I’m deeply indebted to that individual…there are a number of people that are Q. But there’s only one Real Q. In other words, you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. But the Real Q, you don’t see their face at all…

“The Trump Team and Trump, himself are in no way worried by the way the development is going. And the object is that the Bad Guys have been so confident of victory. For years and years, they got it their own way. They were used to buying people off, blackmailing them, threatening them and they got to a point where they didn’t believe that anything could stop them and they believed that everything was theirs and that they should have the right to everything.

“And so, they let their guard down. And that’s their undoing. And I can truthfully tell you that President Trump does have the backing of the United States Military and the reason that the Deep State is going all-out against Trump – and I will use Q’s words to me tonight: ‘They know that it’s either him or them’.

“If they do not succeed in preventing President Trump from having another term of office, they know they’re finished…and when we talk about a ‘Peaceful Transition’, we are talking about a peaceful transition from Donald Trump to Donald Trump. That is the ‘Peaceful Transition’.

“And those of you who have listened to me – I’ve been going 11 years, now – but at least, for the last 4 or 5 years, I have said to you that the United States Military will never have Biden as its Commander-in-Chief.

“They go back to 1963. They all made an oath to save the Republic and they’re not going to give up on you, the American People or us, the people in the world that is so dependent on the United States…

“It was a case of the next few days. To which, I replied, ‘Yeah, but there’s only a few left till the 20th!’ and we both laughed. But I can say to you that…it’s on!

“The game is on and to start with, it will be fairly covert. As we move towards the 20th, it will become more overt. And, yes, Mainstream Media has got to come down and that is perhaps the first thing that the general public will see and understand. And maybe the Emergency Broadcast coming over their mobile phones or cell phones. The ordinary general public will have this in their face. Because they have to see it, they have to learn. And they have to understand what’s happened. Not long to go, just be patient.

“So, President Trump has not resigned, all this hacking of websites, etc., etc. He has not resigned. He is in Texas with the military base. The person I spoke to, the Real Q is also in Texas.

“Of course, everyone who’s anyone is in Texas. That is the place to be. It’s the one place that didn’t have Dominion voting machines. We should begin to understand the Lone Star State.

“So, don’t be de-stabilized. The Bad Guys are very good at throwing stuff in our eyes and trying to make us think we’ve lost – when we’ve won! That’s the point! We’ve won! We just don’t know it, yet! That will be my slogan, I think, when we look back on this time…

“Difficult times ahead. Even harder than we’ve been through now. But I absolutely assure you that we will come out the other end. The people who have planned for this moment have been planning since the murder of JFK.

“And we did have a little chat – Charlie Ward’s favorite topic – about the monetary system and it was confirmed to me that that is definitely on the cards, absolutely understood, that if you don’t change the banking system. If you don’t change the way that the money is lent to people, if you don’t change the way that money is moved around and all the scams that are done with it, you don’t actually change the system.

“I didn’t need a lecture but I took a lecture regarding the 1912, coming off the Gold Standard, the sister ship of the Titanic going down, all of the key names. It was a nice little bit, to go back to school, really. But what it showed me was that it was very deeply-rooted. An American person, deeply committed to the United States, to the People of the United States and understood that America has to go back on the Gold Standard. Is that exciting?

“…It’s not over yet. There’s worse to come before it gets better, so just take a break but just keep fighting and don’t ever stop believing. Don’t ever stop believing.

“And once they get this little get-together with us, I think the Real Q will remain off. You will not see their face. I don’t even know if the voice will be disguised. But certainly, we’re going to have an opportunity to have that and God willing, this will get out and will really support everyone who’s good.”

So, Parkes is suggesting that the “Real Q” may be making an appearance on one of his upcoming podcasts (!)

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Baruk atah את YAHUAH TSEVA’OTH, bara ha’shamayim v’ha’arets, ELOHAYKEM shel Avraham, Yitschaq v’Ya’aqov, ELOHAYNU v’al qadosh echad Yasher’el, ELOHAI v’yishei, asher natan lanu HA’RUACH AHAV v’SHALOM!
    Blessed are you את YAHUAH TSEVA’OTH, creator of the heavens and the earth, the ELOHYM of Avraham, Yitschaq and Ya’aqov, our ELOHYM the Holy One of Yasher’el, my EL and my salvation, for giving us the Spirit of LOVE and SHALOM!

  • I want to thank you and all the unsung heroes behind the scenes for what your doing. I especially would like to help with a healing center I’m a nurse but retired and have followed the Q movement and at the moment completely wiped off Twitter but have a desire to help those poor lost souls who evil has kept in prison. I pray for all white hats and my President and family many times throughout the day and night. Thank you for your updates it’s helping me thru this time knowing God wins in the end. 🙏

  • I would love to help you with setting up the healing centers and help the children. If in the future there are any positions please let me know. Thank you for everything you’re doing and giving us the truth. Keep safe my friend. Amy

  • Lots of people will have a very difficult time coping with the new realities, with the new world that will be disclosed to them in the very near future. Solid research on things (and people) may attenuate the shock. We are all encouraged to DO research on all kind of topics: politics, WWIII, aliens (of any sort), people’s background including. That goes for some of the individuals who post messages on this page and seem to be in unwitting disbelief.

  • I do not understand Q. How can a group of generals and “the Real Q” think that Trump is a savior? when he has built a wall, increased hate, increased white supremacy racism, almost every word out of his mouth is a lie, has increased fossil fuel pollution, has trashed National Parks, has no regard for the Natural World including Native Lands, Wildlife, Big Cats, Elephants etc, has no regard for families and children, and everything he has done seems to be to benefit his own pocket or that of his own family.

    • I’ve been living smack dab in the middle of a National Park before President Trump was even elected. He has nothing to do with it’s poor management. In fact, it wasn’t until these last couple of years the Park has proceeded with many Improvement Projects all the while Trump has been President.

  • Why would anybody believe this person who says he was born from an Alien? I mean seriously he lives in a dingy ratty studio about in the UK and he’s suppose to have all this incredible information about USA politics? Who give it to him an Alien from Mars?

  • Hi Simon,
    Thank you so much for the work that you do! I have learned so much and your calm voice helps me relax!
    I live in Florida and I want to help the children! I have 3 grown daughters and I can’t even imagine my life had something bad happened to them as children . I am ready to do whatever is needed to help these people!
    How can I help? Please contact me if and when help is needed!
    Thank you,

  • Every once in a 5,000 year blue moon the gathering of the small make themselves tall in their only mind to unwind reality for a satanic one world party.

  • Too bad that no one on this list seems to understand that you are watching 2 different corporations fighting with each other. The Municipal corp with biden and kamala, work for the US corp, run by the Pope at the Vatican, and the USA corp run by the Queen of England with Trump at the head. Neither of these corporations are American. Neither of these corporations have a contract with The United States of America, unincorporated. Only Trump has a month to month contract with Americans because he has kept his word to us and so we allow him to continue doing business for us.
    We have told the Municipal corp that there will be NO successor contracts with them and have accepted their incompetence and received back our property and assets. The municipal corp was liquidated on Nov. 5, 2020 and there is no coming back from that. No matter what they do now in DC, that is the only place they can be. Most of them are up for arrest, seizure of assets, and crimes against humanity, which includes all the members of congress in the democratic party. Any laws they pass only affect their people, not Americans.
    Join your local county and state Assemblies. The American portion of the government, asleep for the last 160 years, is back and in session. We need all Americans to join us and learn how to self govern. We will teach you how. It is an easy process. Let’s make America great again!!!

    • I am aware of some of what you said but here’s the thing. According to everything I’ve heard and read Queen Elizabeth is of the Dark Side and also a Reptilian! There are claims she has been seen shapeshifting, and even though there are Reptilians on the side of the Light they are few. It has been said that Diana became bulimic after the “Queen” revealed herself to her. It’s quite possible ALL of royalty at least in Europe are Reptilian. At this point who of the average Joes really know what’s going on regarding Trump and former Queen Elizabeth?

  • Dear Alexandra,
    Thank you very much for your work and so clear description of the events unfolding in the US. Your clarity is very helpful to keep in view the “big picture” while staying afloat in the stream of events unfolding in my country, France, entrapped in the EU dictatorship.
    All influences are being thrown into the alternative information sites for us to sort out, the battle is gigantic.
    Il find also Joseph Farrell deep analyses and comments very relevant and often echoeing mine, although of course “America-centered”.
    Years ago I discounted Simon Parks as an “alien” asset, just as I discounted Qanon for the same reason : influencers not in our best interests/channelling from alien AI governing our planet not in Humanity’s best interest. But I will keep up with the Simon Parks information you are transmitting.
    Warm regards

    • Thanks Alexandra. Thanks Danse for info link.

      IMO>>> Qanon is a contrived psyop from one side and Q is not same as Qanon.
      Simon seems a fine chap with some truth but our world views are fairly worlds apart 🙂
      I’ll keep my faith in my God, my Rock and Shield.

      Agree with hin’s comment below. A failed monetary system and the elite want to enact a huge adjustment. Probably not one that will really benefit the plebs.

    • I’ve been following Q. I feel Q is with Trump. Do you not believe that? I think he does want what is best for the country and the world. True, we will find out soon enough.

  • So changing the monetary system is a goal. That is a same goal of the great resetters too.
    I see through this Hegelian dialectic very clearly.

  • I’d like to believe this. However, Simon states that he doesn’t have a scrambler, which means, I presume, that the conversation was on an unsecure line. Would Q give that kind of information on an unsecure line? I doubt it, but we’ll know soon enough.

  • I started listening to him, until I saw him on with RD Steele. Then I read some of his background. Woo-woo. Mr. Parkes pounds everybody except the real culprit in all this mess: the UK, & Malloch-Brown. He spouts a lot of stuff with no proof. Some real info with disinfo. I recommend Jeffrey Prather over this dude.

    • One thing he is right about is the money. Until we do away with usury, which is a sin, nothing changes.

      • While I agree with you to a point…..The Queen of England acquiessed to Trump like all the others. And this will hit BOTH sides of the aisle, dems AND reps. It is not about left vs. right, or liberal vs. conservative…purely this is DARK against the LIGHT, and in the end GOD always wins. The future will bring small government, truly by the people and for the people. I pray soon. The division in this country and the entire world was born by people like George Soros who would like to have a one world government and the Vatican who want a one world religion.

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