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It’s said that every dog has his day and right now, people like Bix Weir, who have spent the past 20 years exposing the long term manipulation of the gold and silver markets are experiencing their apotheosis.

Bix compares and contrasts the GameStop stonk to the Silver Squeeze: “This is 20 years of work. The difference between what they’re doing with GameStop…the fundamentals of the company do not make sense, as far as their price going up so high – the fundamentals of a naked short, absolutely make sense.

“You wanna know how GameStop can make a zilllion dollars on this? All GameStop has to do is go to the naked shorts and say, ‘Hey, we’ll issue more shares to you for cash. Give us $10 billion, you’ll get out of your unlimited loss naked short.’

“And then, all of a sudden, that stock is worth a lot of money, because GameStop is all of a sudden loaded-up fresh with cash – although the shares will be diluted (laughs) it’s an ugly game – but it’s so different than silver!

“Silver’s massively undervalued! GameStop was probably fairly-valued when all of this craziness started. Silver’s massively – 170 years of price-suppression. So, based on fundamentals, based on the short position, based on everything, it is a much better play to get physical silver in your own possession.

“There will come a time when the price of silver, SILV, the price of COMEX silver and the price of the real thing are going to diverge. Real silver’s going to go to $800-$900 an ounce.

“COMEX silver, who knows? It could stay where it is, because the whole thing is a fraud. It’s all completely being exposed now. 

“And this won’t stop…They’re having Congressional hearings – they can’t handle the light!…Because the light shows the fraud that is our global financial system.

“The takedown of the bankers is upon us. Get physical silver in your own possession, get cryptos in your own possession – in your own possession – will be the most important thing, going forward, because the moment the banks shut down, everything stops.

“You won’t get your deliveries of silver, you won’t get anything. You won’t know the price of silver, you won’t know the price of gold, you won’t know the price of stocks and bonds. That’s where we are. That’s how crazy it is right now.”


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  • The bigboys will use their connections,inside infor.,deep pockets,and corrupt politicians to frontrun or beat the little guys.The silver margin was just raised to +17%-not a big deal if you are a billionaire hedgefund or bank,but a big dezl for average joe/joanne.Rich win again.

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