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If you’re not a zombie, you know that the global response to the coronavirus makes no sense. Why are our fearless leaders crashing the global economy, forcing all of us to wait for a vaccine – for a virus with a mortality rate of 0.02%?

A vaccine that many believe can’t even be made?

Shepard Ambelleas, publisher of IntellHub joins Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth to discuss what it’s really about.

“‘COVID’, I was speculating, was some kind of operation that was allowing the military to be rolled-out, worldwide and put into place, possibly due to some kind of calamity that was coming; the eruption of Yellowstone to supervolcano or asteroid impacts or the passing of Planet X, which is going to cause a disruption and perturb things.

“If that’s the case, you know, they’ve openly admitted planets are moving into our solar system so…things could be happening.”

Ambellas refers to the Deagel 2025 Forecast, which I’ve been studying since mid-2015. The Deagel predictions are based on a merge of publicly-available reports from institutions such as the CIA, IMF and the UN. They also include a small amount of data coming from a variety of “shadow sources”.

Currently, the forecast is showing a population drop in the US by 2025 of over 99 million, with most of those fleeing/migrating out of the country. Deagel claims not to have a dog in this fight. The group are quite literally mercenaries. The site is focused on analyzing which markets are going to have budgets allocated to buy military aircraft, which is purportedly all they care about.

Ambellas says there are indications that all of the COVID measures we’ve been seeing are an exercise for a massive planetary catastrophe that’s headed are way.

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  • It’s predicted in the Bible, the sun will stand still, coasts will disappear by water, and islands. A great hale will fall of enormous stones etc. peoples tongues will dissolve in their mouths, sores and boils on the skin, etc.

  • Read these two books quickly, and you will have 99% of the answers you need. This all ends by April/8/2024 – This Hebrew scholar has laid out some serious and amazing stuff that I for one have never seen or heard before, and since checking it, there appears to be far more proof of what he provides, that he could have provided.

    • I’ve read Asher’s “Soul Revolution” in part and yes it’s a must to finish it. “As in the days of Noah…” – read some original Hebrew of that today and its very interesting to understand that the original “ark” story was one of a covenant with Noah and the Ark itself like a temple.

      • Yes and Holocaust is mentioned twice in the Bible 1st covenant When Noah got off the boat, he made a holocaust offering to tje LORD who accepted it and gave Hid rainbow; the second time was when God told Abraham to take Isaac and make him a holocaust offering. Again covenantal.
        Very very sacred.

        The Jews mock God with their usurpation of. the holocaust offerings of Noah and Abraham.
        The Jews “holocaust” is coming. It’s called THE LAKE OF FIRE

  • They want to kill us off. They made that clear. So?- they are going to save a small herd of humans and discard the rest? Herd the rest into FEAMA camps and kill us to make sure there is no uncontrolled repopulation?

  • If you want to read up on Planet X, the best person on the planet is Gill Broussard so look him up on youtube and under

    Basically during one of these next years we will be hit in March then hit again 150 days later. The Earth will tilt 28 degrees in one hour producing winds of 350mph. The planet 7 passing by Earth will leave a trail of plasma comets that will bombard one side of the Earth and he says it will be the Americas.

  • The globalists aren’t going down without a fight! The I Ching is predicting an age of peace and happiness is what’s coming next, something is happening that’s for sure!

  • After reading about what’s going on in Melbourne and New Zealand this video provides a ray of hope – ever-worsening, horrendous, corporate tyranny which we may not be able to stop? I’ll take just about any deus ex machina solution.

  • The return of Nibaru, Q-Anon, asteroids, end of the world hyperventilating disaster fearmongering. If Gates is inside and knows all this then why would he be working so hard to vaccinate everyone? I’m not buying what he’s selling.

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