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SerialBrain2 – Q Riddle Solved. It’s Going to Be Historic!


With the QAnon book at the top of the lists of Amazon’s bestsellers all week and with more channels springing up to decode QAnon posts, this phenomenon is not going away.

Even if you’ve been into parapolitics your whole life, the view of geopolitics presented here truly looks like a parallel universe. Take North Korea, for example. According to Q, this country has been under the control of the Rothschild Cabal and the CIA (aka “Clowns in America” or just the “Clowns”), whose actual mandate is to protect Rothschild Cabal interests, which actually makes a lot more sense than whatever it is they’re supposed to be doing!

North Korea is said to have been used by the Rothschilds as a nuclear platform for protection and leverage. Unfortunately, Kim Jong-un doesn’t know where all the nukes really are. He wants to break out of his enslavement, to open his country to the world and to become a peaceful and successful regional economic power but his country is infested with nukes, human trafficking, opium trade and a host of other Black Market activities. This is why the sanctions cannot be lifted at this time. The sanctions are not about asphyxiating North Korea. They’re about neutralizing the Rothschild cabal supply lanes. This is why the negotiations did not come to completion in Hanoi and why the President and Kim Jong-un are still friends.

Even though I haven’t followed the movement closely enough to be able to vouch for any of it, what I can say is that I want it to be true. It’s Hope P-rn for me but it could come across as something quite different to someone who can’t get over their hatred of Trump or who hates the US military and who hates spirituality.

This video with advanced After Effects graphics was made by a self-described former Marine. The information he shares is based on the numeric decodes by an another anon called SerialBrain2 of a recent series of QAnon posts, revealing the following undergirding messages:

There’s a lot more here. If you’re interested in diving into the sensibilities of the Q movement, check this out.

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