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    Scott McKay from the Tipping Point Radio Show gives a riveting explanation of what is happening right now with the 2020 Election, in what has become a viral video.

    In short, he says this election was a military-grade sting operation to bring down the criminal power structure that has been ruling this country – and every country around the world – for a very long time. He says the Trump presidency is a de facto military presidency that was established and put in place to bring down the Globalist Rothschild-London-central banking enterprise that completely controls every country on the planet.

    Since the assassination of John F Kennedy, he says that every US President with the exception of Ronald Reagan has been a “Deep State criminal”. However, an alliance of military generals has been working on a plan to infiltrate this Globalist power structure to take them out.

    He says the reason why we’re not seeing the arrests of people like Wray, Haspel, Hillary and Obama is because after Trump won in 2016, Obama moved to preemptively and secretly pardon everybody. The Trump administration has had to record them all committing new crimes – including the attempt to steal the 2020 Election.

    The following is his quick summary of how we got here, based on his 25 years of research, which he has found to be corroborated in the Q drops. After reading this, ask yourself why Congress moved to condemn “QAnon” and the FBI warned that “QAnon” poses a “domestic terrorism threat.”


    To give you a high speed history of how we got here, in 1871, Congress passed what’s called the Organic Act of Columbia. In 1871, we were broke. We needed money and the the central bankers, the Rothschild central bankers in London talked our President into creating the United States Corporation.

    That United States Corporation is a corporation that is designed to govern this nation, the land of the United States. Moving forward, over the next number of years, by the time we hit about 1910, -11 or -12, we had sold enough bonds to be able to have money to run the Government and the Rothschild central bankers bought up all of these bonds and when it came time to pay the bonds, about 1910, 1911, [the US government] couldn’t. The money wasn’t there. We weren’t solvent.

    So, they talked our criminal president [Woodrow Wilson] and Congress into creating the Federal Reserve Bank, where they would simply write a number on a piece of paper, call it “money”; it’s not backed by anything, hand it off to our Government and we had to pay them interest.

    They had us buried…

    By the time we hit 1934, there was the Bretton Woods Act. Again, the criminal Congress, the traitors in Congress then quit-claimed the United States Corporation to the International Monetary Fund. This country has been ruled by a foreign power for a very long time.

    Fast-forward to 1999: the second and final bankruptcy: the United States happened. There was a window and an opening to get control the government. I’ll do another show on this; on how David Wynn Miller and Russell J Gould got control of the Title 4 Flag in the United States, in an 18-day period after the bankruptcy, seized the Title 4 flag, saved us from going back under the rule the British Crown.

    Right about that time, this plan that I’m going to tell you about had been underway for decades. But in the last 20 years, we had our people, we’ll call them the Patriots, the Alliance Powers, which you’re patriots in the military, some politicians some good guys, some business people and 22 Alliance Nations around the world and this alliance had been orchestrating the infiltration of all the global power structures that have been taken over in every country by this Cabal.

    So, now moving into 2015, we were truly at a tipping point. It was at that point, in 2015 that Admiral Mike Rogers, a true American hero, a Navy Admiral was named Commander of the NSA. That’s when they knew, at that point, when they got control the NSA.

    The NSA has been cataloging, logging, recording every single email, every phone call, every text message, every form of communication; everything you’ve done, NSA has been surveilling and cataloging; everything about your life and everybody’s life. That became a weapon. Instead of a defensive weapon, it was an offensive weapon of the National Security Agency, designed to do one thing: to enslave humanity.

    The Alliance Powers, the Patriots infiltrated the apparatus; they got control the NSA. So now, that the NSA has shown everything about all of our lives, good and bad it also did one thing: it put every single one of these bad guys, all these criminals in government, in Washington DC, Big Tech, multinational corporations, military industrial complex, the monarchies around the world, the Vatican – go down through the list – this is a massive, corrupt power structure.

    Anyways, in 2015, they knew that was a tipping point. The US military was prepared to launch a coup on the government. It didn’t matter who was in power. The government in Washington DC has become so corrupt that it no longer functions for the people, because they don’t work for the American people; they’re not elected and seated in positions in our constitutional government; they’re all seated in positions inside Corporate US and they serve the Corporation. All those things that make you go, “Hmm” or “What the Hell is going on here?” That’s why; that should explain it.

    Now, what happened was military intelligence intercepted a 16-year plan by the Cabal to take down the United States; eight years of Obama and then eight years of Hillary Clinton to finish us off. Obama took us to the brink. We were basically over the edge. Hillary was mop-up operations.

    And I’m gonna get down through some of the timeline of events that you’re aware of, that I can tie into this, so you can understand. You’ve seen it unfold, you just didn’t know what it meant until tonight.

    At any point, when Hillary Clinton was going to come into power the NSA unrigged the election. It was already rigged for Hillary Clinton to win. She was mop-up operations. During the time of her running the State Department, you know about Uranium One.

    Uranium One was a scandal where the State Department, under Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin – which is b***s*** – he’s not her enemy – in any case, they sold this uranium to Vladimir Putin.

    The purpose for selling him that uranium was, they skimmed the uranium off the top of that stockpile. If you ever seen the movie, ‘The Sum of All Fears’ with Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman, you’ll understand this. If you haven’t, go watch it and you’ll get it. They skim uranium off of that stockpile before they sold it to him. They flew three planes to North Korea, Iran and Syria, where the CIA – the rogue CIA, responsible for all the wars and all the regime changes around the world – they built nuclear weapons.

    Under Hillary’s tenure [as President], they were going to launch a nuclear weapon on US soil and they were going to trace the signature back to the Vladimir Putin stockpile, blame him, launch a thermonuclear retaliatory strike on Moscow and kick the whole thing off. That was going to be their whole “thin the herd” on the planet.

    Now, military intelligence stopped that. Of course, they approached Donald Trump. They knew he couldn’t be bought, they knew he had his own money, they knew he was a patriot and they needed, for the first time, they needed to have the power of the Executive Branch to take this down a final step, to launch a massive attack on the Deep State power structure and bring the whole thing down, once and for all, save the country, save the world.

    That’s bringing you up to speed.

    Now, we have Donald Trump coming to power. So, what have you seen? The whole time Trump has been in power, you’ve seen this relentless attack from – it doesn’t matter if it’s from the Democratic Party – which is a crime syndicate – the Republican Party, which is a criminal element, if it’s from international leaders around the world, whether it’s the United Nations, whether it’s the Vatican – every piece of this global Cabal, this apparatus has been in full attack mode to take down the most existential threat that this group has ever faced – and that’s with the Donald Trump Presidency.

    So, now that we’re here, at this point that Trump is President, you see all these things happening and I’m going to take this right down to where we are today, and you’ll see the picture, once I walk you through this.

    So, what happens is, they have to throw everything they can think of at Trump to get him out of power, because they know what’s coming. Nothing is going to stop what’s coming. They’re not going to not try but they know what’s coming. If they don’t take out Donald Trump, this isn’t win or lose for these people folks it’s win or die. It’s win or die. they are eliminated from the planet. This is their last Hail Mary; this election, to try to finally get control, regain the power at all costs – at all costs. Regain this power, so they can stop the Trump Presidency and the military from bringing them down, destroying them once and for all, freeing the entire planet up, freeing up all of humanity, to now have the incredible abundance that this entire planet offers and a lifestyle every human could have.

    But they’ve built this matrix that we live in, this machine that we operated in – I don’t care if you call it Communism, you call it Capitalism, Socialism, Marxism, Nazism those are all created by this power structure. Every war that we fought since World War II has been financed by the European central bankers, the global central bankers, the Rothschild banking empire. They finance every war their military industrial complex; they profit off of that, they own they make all that money – anything to do the support of war.

    This is all planned none of this is by accident this is the target of the Alliance Powers. So now, here we are…If you go down through the list of attacks that have happened to Trump – let’s take General Flynn. Now, everything you’ve seen in the Trump Presidency that’s been playing out, it is a movie. It is a very highly-engineered, scripted movie to lead all of us to a conclusion, with the primary intention to wake people the Hell up, so they can finally see for themselves the truth of what’s going on.

    And this military intelligence operation, dissemination program started this whole thing off. So, October 28, 2017 was the first time this this group, this – whoever this group of military intelligence people are – dropped some intelligence on what is called the 4chan boards. These are a very obscure underground messaging platform. Once these first intel drops hit, people noticed them. They didn’t know what they were, they didn’t know what they meant, they were kind of surreal but they started to share these these drops.

    And they came out fast and furious for four or five days. And what that did was, it created an underground movement of people trying to figure out what this meant. Now, this this became the greatest military intelligence dissemination operation in world history. It had one purpose: to ask the questions that people have on their mind, point in a direction of where they could go do their own research. It would point to articles in its obscure publications, major publications. It could be Executive Orders that were written, it could be legislation, it could be photographs, it could be anything.

    But this organization, we know there’s less than ten of them inside the administration…three are non-military. There’s less than ten that know everything about what we call “The Plan”.

    So as they started to drop this intel. They started to lay out a road map of the future, of what was coming of how they were going to wake up the people, wake up the sheep, wake up the planet, once and for all, so the planet, the people, the world can see the truth of what’s really happening, before it’s too late.

    So, that started that off. That operation gained high speed in about four or five months so then, it become thousands, to tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands, to millions, to tens of millions of people, worldwide, in every country on the planet following this operation known as Q.

    If you’ve heard it – people call “QAnon”. It’s not. It’s called “Q”. You’ve watched the media attack it. You’ve watched the shills attack it. You’ve watched the people who have not done their homework and the due diligence that we’ve done for three years, dissecting this information, following it, watching events happen in real time, watch proof, after proof, after proof to know we have a legitimate power that has a bulletproof plan to bring this criminal empire down once and for all.

    This is what the Trump Presidency is, it always has been. It is a de facto military presidency to save our ass, because we’ve been too lazy and we’ve been too comfortable. We’ve been too ignorant, we’ve been too apathetic to do it ourselves and now this country has gone to the brink, to the very edge and right now, these guys, with the help of you are going to save it with what I’m going to share with you.

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    • I have to agree Scott. Over the past two years, you’ve gotten NOTHING right. Then…once you had an audience, a following…you took your show on the road. To make money…not to get the TRUTH out.
      There is no “Q” and there never has been.
      Incredible you keep pushing this hype. Settle down, get a real job..? Stop conning the less intelligent Scott.

    • Wow. I remember when people used to say “don’t believe everything you read on the internet”.

      Those people would definitely be referring to what I just read here. What a crock of Jim Jones conspiracy bull. Its a real tragedy that people are throwing away their relationships with friends and family for Q. Sad that people have chosen con men over reality…..

      • Hey Jose, can you explain why Biden does not fly Air Force One or live in the White House
        How about explaining the fraud we witnessed in the election. How about a fake white house built in Atlanta Georgia and in Maryland and in Hollywood ? Do some research, ok.
        Why is the Vice President not living in her home for all Vice Presidents ? I could go on and on if you like. Before passing judgement, at least get your information up to date. Ok ?

        • @Robert
          Can you prove Biden hasn’t flown Air Force One?
          Can you prove he doesn’t live in the White House?
          There was no election fraud, it has been said again and again and again.
          Do YOUR research on why there are “fake” White Houses.
          There have been many articles as to why Kamala Harris did not immediately move into the VP House. Do YOUR research.
          I could go on and on too. Jose is absolutely right. Why hasn’t anything that Scott McKay said would happen actually happen? LOL.

          • It was almost nothing BUT Fraud, you lying schmuck. While the rest of McKay’s stuff is questionable, that is a fact.

    • It sickening to see Patriots fold so easy. Hold the line people, please. How could anyone know exactly how this will all play out? Impossible. If we knew then it would likely fail. I love you Scott. Keep fighting the good fight. It has taken me a long time to wake up as I grew up a derelict. Lol. I’m here now and will be damned if I let it all slip to the Devil’s advantage on my watch. God and Prayer. Courage is contagious

      Thank You,
      Brian Scalise

    • Scott,

      How will people wake up if the media is never held accountable? They HAVE to know that the inauguration was a farce…but people that are still watching MSM CAN’T wake up unless there is a serious “taking to task” of the media outlets.

    • OK…we’ve heard ALL the if so-facto everything you had to say!
      We’ve accepted it as gospel! We’ve stood by and watched time and time again, them, getting away with murder, and once again, they have!
      NOW, they’re in office, yet ONCE again, and are going to have their way with us!
      What the hell happened?
      Have we been betrayed?
      Where is the JUSTICE???
      I know, speaking for myself, I am spittin mean at the moment!
      I feel as if I been betrayed!!! And I speak for countless millions who feel the same way! All we’ve heard, for 4 years, is “trust the plan” , “God is in control” etc etc …
      Well, we have! And LOOK at what they’re about to do! And doing!

    • Scott, Your FOS!!!! Nothing you said was true. Trump is gone from the White House, probably forever. I watched your videos everyday and I started getting a little suspension when you started talking about buying your T-Shirts and advertising for your buddies.

      You have absolutely NO more credibility with me and I will never believe one word that comes out of your mouth. You are a FAKE, and a Conspirator who enjoyed hyping all these people and followers of your up for nothing.

      Now on to Trump. I want to also say that I think that Trump is one of the best president in modern times. But, I have some concerns here. Why did Trump let the American people down? Why did he decide not to release any of the classified documents he promised one day before Biden was in his inauguration. Why did he not expose all the corruption for both Democrats and Republicans and drain the swamp? Remember was the highest member of the US government. Trump had four year to do this. It NEVER Happened!!!!! Trump is now gone from the White House and we have to move on, weather we like it or not. All of these troops were sent to the capital and all he state capitals and hardley no one even came out. Even though the BS Leftest media wanted riots and disruption to happen.

      Trump did a lot of good for this country and I am very glad we had four years of him. But all these crazy people FOS people like Scott McCay who people watched night after night have absolutely NO credibility.

      Where was Scott Yesterday 01/20/2020 The day when he told us all of this stuff was going to happen????????????

      These people like Scott McKay are just as bad as the Democrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They want to in stir fear and violence as well.

      • Exactly. The only thing worse than a democrat are people like this POS who claims to have all this inside information but in reality is a false prophet. Giving false hope to sincere Patriots who fear for our country is evil. People like Scott McKay are either mentally unstable and have generated this whole theatrical story in their minds (makes me think of the movie A Beautiful Mind), or they are willfully lying for some unknown nefarious reason and actually hate their audience. Either way, they are sick people. Also, they shrewdly avoid any solid contact information so there is no repercussions for their insidious lies. They just disappear. Good thing, because hurt, angry, disenfranchised, well armed patriots is not a demographic I would want pissed off at me.

    • america agrees with u those of us who believe in president trump are with u!!!!!!!!!!!! as God as my witness

    • I just heard on infowars that Q was bullshit and there never was a plan. Q was put out there so patriots would think it was being taken care of and not fight back. Also on monkey werx, he said his intel tells him trump never left the White House.

    • I just heard on infowars that Q was bullshit and that was done so the patriots would think it was being taken care and not fight back. And monkey werx said trump was still at the White House, never left. So I think we were duped.

    • Mr. McKay, when will this Military Sting you spoke of in your YouTube Video, WHEN, WILL IT HAPPEN!!!

      • William, I hate to tell you this but do you know what disinformation is? Because it’s all over the Internet now. The Russians then and now are good at this and so are our intel services. In particular one of our most famous intel agency. Do you know which one I’m referring to? Nobody tells no one what they are going to do. If you have ever been in the service or have read a book or two you would no this. Are you familiar with the concept of “divide and conquer” ? Think about it dude.

    • Thank God, Now start Cleaning the House, Turn this Country AROUND 💘, From 💩 To Shinola 🏆 👍, GO TRUMP Go We Are With ya 100%.

    • Scott!
      You are amasing!

      I’m living in Sweden, Stocholm were the same press ethics are Very obvious.

      I shade some tears after your program today, to me honest I cried like a baby.
      X-mas is a very special season of the year.
      I think you naild it today – it’s all about the people!! 😀

      When we go into 2021 – I look forward to a new way of life… Thanks

    • I’m Portuguese, 68 y I am in London, I have just a son as family member but I live alone.I am awake since 2012 at least.
      I KNOW President Trump was choosen for this time. I back him inconditionally.
      I can’t do much but pray and red pill some people.
      I believe WE WILL WIN. GOD WON!
      God bless all amazing souls fighting for World freedom. Thank you.
      God bless America! We are all Americans at this point.God bless all the pure souls.
      Praise God !!!

    • What a loon this guy is. In my 22 years in the military with many active duty ties to this day I say this guy is so full of shit it’s mind blowing. He has NO sources in intel. That I can promise you. Great imagination though.

      • You are some digging and you will find out the Truth.

        Scott is not only a patriot,but an intelligent and informed patriot..

        We should be thankful and grateful for having people like Scott amongst us. Wake up..

    • In my foolishness I tend to favor the news that I would like to hear. So of course I am drawn to stuff like this. I don’t listen to any of the main stream lies. To me Trump is the best POTUS in my life. Trump is a true patriot, and true American. Our country has been raped and pillaged by the left and they are willing to sell out this country for their deal with the devil. As a Christian I have a desire to live in a, “free to worship” country, where everyone has human rights, including those still in the womb. While my hope is in God, intervening in our world, I am ready to die if necessary for this issue. To give in to the devil is to give up hope for humanity, and to give up hope that God is, and will reward those who serve Him.

    • Listen to him carefully. Excellent summary on what is really happening! They’re going to take all evil bad guys down. More justification on the concept needed for Trump 500,000 arrest and execution at Gitmo and he mentioned NESARA and a lot more, ck it out, may the Almighty Yahuah/God bless Scott and his Family.

    • Thank you from the UK – we are in a bit of trouble here but I have faith in the USA and POTUS and above all in God – dark to light.

    • Yes it is planetary and it goes off-world. It’s tied in with the abductions, the hybridization program and collectivism/enslavement of humanity under the guise of environmentalism. (WEFORUM) Read “The Briefings”. Get the overview top down instead of looking through the fog from the bottom up. Know your enemy.

      • Absolutely, I felt a connection between this mRNA, gene-altering “vaccine” and the alien hybridization agenda.

    • People do not give up on Faith ,God is still in control .I keep praying every night for Mr.Trump.I have to say though yesterday on the news when I heard the release of says Mr.Trump said he let to be said evil Joe won..It made me sick,mad and worry.I still said to my-self I feel mr.Trump is not a quitter he may still have something up his sleeve. Everyone keep praying together as one gives Mr.Trump more strength do not give up on him. I wish they never offered this darn mail in ballet .I knew it was going to be a hot mess. I wish we could do a revote and in person only with 2 forms of ID..This is B.S.and so unfair to the American rights and to the Truth. And for all the people that did all the crime will pay some day believe me..May not be here on earth but they will pay. Thank you for your show,this is my first one I heard.God Bless everyone PRAY FOR MR.TRUMP AND HIS FAMILY and MR.PENCE AND FAMILY.

    • Just so you know that Dominion Logo was a great representation of what was going on but the Blue page coming out was photoshopped in!

    • Wouldn’t the CIA and the FBI see your show like I did? Wouldn’t they all go underground and disappear into Argentina? Why would they stay in the office and wait for the NSA to come handcuff them?

      • POTUS did not give in. Theres 2 legal and constitutional ways TRUMP can stay in office and will. He is not a quitter.

    • Thank you for this vital information, I have been sharing it all day today with people like myself who “know something is up”. I have heard bits & pieces for months, but your information has put it all in perspective. I will be tuning in to your shows from now on. ‼️🇺🇸

    • Dead on accurate Scott. Everyone thought he had lost his mind when he hired war criminal, John Bolton but I knew right away what he was doing to outmaneuver the zionNEOCONnazi globalist scumbag!
      Quite simply what he did with Bolton was to “keep his enemies closer” and confirm what he already knew about that chicken hawk basturd who never knew a country he didn’t want to bomb.
      His brilliance is only matched by the author of “The Art of War”

    • 11/23/2020 4:39pm MT: This video was taken offline by YouTube “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on harassment and bullying”. Is there a copy of it somewhere else, e.g. BitChute, etc.?

    • You lost me at the point where you said 70% of people in DC.. Sorry, I’m just confused. Do you mean 70% of the politicians in DC?

    • I apologise for not providing the separate links to all four pages of the Archbishop’s letter in my previous post.

      All four pages can be found separately at:

      I urge everyone whom wishes to understand what we are fighting to read the letter in full.

    • God put President Donald J Trump in office and He will keep him there and God is going to show up in this election because President Trump stands with Israel and The Right to Life. The Biden Crime Family will be indicted and The DC Swamp will be drained and heads will roll!

    • ​Dear Alexandra,

      I neglected to add that I was relieved to hear a better explanation regarding the secret watermarking of the voting paper. Assuming that is, all the States purchase their paper from the same source?

    • Id like to believe you but I do not. There are too many judges ruling against Trump. Trumps last hope is SCOTUS in whom I have zero confidence even with ACB. All the DS needs is to flip one Repubican judge and its over. If SCOTUS mandates un-certification in both GA/PA then perhaps what youre saying can happen.
      I really wish what you are saying is true. I just dont see the facts on the ground lining up with reality.

      • You have to understand that P Trump is not alone in this fight. He is supported by ACIO and organisation you will not of heard of. ACIO is the unknown go-between civilisation here on earth and our friends out there aka OFOT.

        I realise that you will think I am mad but extraterrestrials have occupied earth since Biblical times and before. Moses was an extraterrestrial, as was Jesus Christ.

        Think recently of the explosion in Lebanon and the Meteriorite heading for the nuclear power station in Russia. They were both courtesies of OFOT.

        I have advised before that President Trump is protected by Sentient Beings, whom are a higher spiritual lifeform than OFOT.

        Civilisation has been fed nothing but lies this past one hundred years or more.

        Sadly the need for the education of the public is just because of those like yourself whom sadly are unable to think outside of the box.

      • Hey Fred,I do understand and somewhat agree with the spirit of what you state EXCEPT that this was a military op.

        I hate to state outright what the last option would be but you can figure it out and that would be sad. But, there is actually no way that Joe Biden ever sits in the Oval Office if this is true.

    • The last statements made were a confirmation of what I have personally believed for quite some time .We are in the final battle between good and evil and I know who wins .
      Thank you for this presentation.

    • Dear Alexandra,

      This update is a must for everyone whom is not a Deep State Globalist, or here in the UK, an EU Remainer. So few realise that the EU is a Globalist Organisation, set up by the daughter, whom no-one knew Hilter had.

      But the reason for this message is to alert people to the murderers hiding within the British Royal Family!

      Prince Charles ousted Diana for an ‘Evil’ witch of a woman; ‘Camilla’. What many might not know is that Camilla in cahoots with the Duke of Edinburgh and agents within MI6 were responsible for the Murder of Diana in the tunnel in Paris.

      The tunnel was a former underground catacomb, a former sacred place of worship for a race of beings from which the ‘lizard’ Royal Family descends, whom worshipped a goddess named ‘Diana’.
      It was my belief that Diana was so-named and raised to fulfil this very role!

      At the time of the crash, Dianna was carrying the child of a Muslim, which had enormous consequences as written within the ancient codes of every major religion.

      Furthermore, when the crash did not kill Diana, she was murdered inside the ambulance by the so-called medics at the 13th pillar in the tunnel, formerly the site of the sacrificial altar.

      I have spent my life, supporting Her Majesty, whom I believe is a good woman at heart, but not so every other member of the Royal Family.
      At the very least Charles must pay the price for marrying his murderess and abdicate to William and Kate. Although I firmly believe that as we oust ‘Evil’ from society there is no longer a place for Royalty as such.

      Furthermore, with so many of ‘Evil’ occupying roles within the ‘Crown’ we here in the UK must also undergo an existential overhaul of our political structure.

    • So i guess a fake pandemic that is ruining countless lives and causing small business owners to blow their heads off because they can no longer feed their families is just “part of the plan” right? This is utter bullshit. Trump could have enacted the military to make many arrests and try traitors for treason… the evidence is all there. But instead we get a 4chan board urging us to sit still as the temperature rises. We are frogs in a pot at this point. and Q is likely a psyop – nothing more

    • Also, I would like to know what’s so all-fired great about the DHS being in control. That was set up by the nazi Bush crime family, and they talk about the “Homeland” more than the USA. The DHS, and the transfer of power to them in a national emergency is all unconstitutional. I would take martial law over the DHS any day. BTW, I still see no sign of the rule of law in this country. I listened to an interview with Lin Wood, all he could talk about was the Truth coming out. All well & good. What about JUSTICE?

      • Patience is a virtue. Many of the criminals are already under house arrest. Guantanamo Bay has been expanded to accommodate the incoming wave of high profile criminals. Tens of thousands of sealed indictments are ready to be processed. Swamp needs further draining. US Naval hospital ships stationed off NY & California were publicly stated to be ready for pandemic patients, however the real intention was for the thousands of abused women and children rescued by US military. This has been a priority. Just imagine how patient POTUS has been to endure the daily character attacks while overseeing the largest military operation worldwide in history.

      • It’s not the Not-Sees, it’s Bolshevik Stasi, do yourself a favor and watch the Crucifixion of Russia, most history on the 160 million murdered has been pushed down the memory hole. The murders of the Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian peoples are projecting their crimes on the Germans, it’s as simple as that. Remember the Holodomor

      • I know not your country but like mine I suspect, justice will come, all in good time.

        Our naive head in the sand co-citizens have to be woken up to the sheer ‘Evil’ that exists and controls us, within our very midst.

        Like you, I suspect, I too am anxious to see justice prevail. First, we must have the awakening!

    • My husband and I are hunkered down like the man in the book “I Am Legend”. I never thought I’d live to see my whole family turn against us for having common sense. They are too involved freaking out over the fake pandemic to pay attention to anything else going on. Nobody I know understands the history we are living through.

      • I know the feeling, my children (adults) think mother has slipped into the other side of dementia but I have faith that we will all be proven correct, not that I care, I just believe we have God and his blood on our side. Hang in there, surely it will all come to light, but be ready for anything. God Bless


      Flag claims by Wynn and Gould are bogus. StartPage Anna von Reitz with their names for that info. She spent days with them. The ‘corporation nation’ storyline is correct, but flag/parse claims, bogus. Who really saved America in the nick of time? The Michigan assembly. At this time, all 50 unincorporated states are in session. The country is getting reconstructed.

      • being a Michigander could you please expound on this statement?…(Who really saved America in the nick of time? The Michigan assembly. ) Pretty please.

        Thanks, Keith

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