Sidney Powell spoke with Howie Carr yesterday and told him that the Trump legal team has evidence of 7 million votes stolen from the President and 10 million illegal votes cast for Biden. In addition:

• Several million votes cast by dead people.
• Photos of the checks proving people were paid.
• Many witnesses needing Federal Witness Protection.

Powell says, “The FBI should have moved on all of this immediately. All of the voting machines should have already been impounded. The software should have been secured and examined. I – I am so livid with the law enforcement in this country, I can’t see straight.”

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  • I confess that Sydney Powell doesn’t exactly ooze with confidence on so many issues. Is it a ploy, so as not to give too much away?

    Take by way of example; the retrieval of the Scytl hard-drives from the CIA offices in Frankfurt. Surely she should know whether the good guys have them or not? As she admitted, the information on the hard-drives is critical.

    Sidney’s issues regarding the FBI not moving in to seize all of the voting machines and the software; if we are to believe the Military Sting podcast, then surely the good military guys would have taken control of them?

    It does not make sense to allow the corrupt Democrat Cabal to run on a loose leash to let them incriminate themselves? There must come a point where the web of deceit and illegal activity is so widespread that it cannot be recorded and tabulated, let alone used?

    And why have we got supposed ‘good guys’ like Steve Pieczenik dumping dubious red-herrings into the mix? Your link Nov. 6th eg the watermarking of ballot papers

    Despite being assured by my colleagues in the tomorrow and repeatedly assured by my Higher Self; not knowing what is really going on is hugely debilitating for me, as I am certain that it is likewise for many others?

    • Hello from Australia.
      I never believed in GOD, but Right now I have to! So forget your own ”Higher Self”
      and leave it with the Real Top Forces.
      If the Ultimate is LOVE ( and we have to think positive!)
      then we will LOVE how this Plays Out!

      In my own world, after many months delay-over a year,
      I have instituted my own proceedings against our very corrupt local Police.
      It is necessary for each of us to answer the dictates of our conscience.


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