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My life has been turned upside down by the psychological cold war over the past 3 years that has sought to unseat Donald Trump. This whole thing has negatively affected my business and personal relationships.

So, while I’m relieved about Robert Mueller’s findings, I also know that the entire apparatus of the Internet and its algorithms remain unjustly rigged. Many people who I love have had their minds poisoned by this CIA [Purple] Color Revolution coup d’état, staged against our country, such that we can’t see eye to eye.

One might ask who do the coup meisters work for? This question is not being asked by anybody in the mainstream. They all want to chalk up this vast, coordinated effort to unseat the President to mere “dislike” of Trump among the bureaucracy and masses. This is a cop-out.

I’m heartened that Sen. Lindsey Graham and others have pledged to discover the true authors of the coup.

After listening to many, many great broadcasts on Monday, I’ve decided that this one, by Left-of-Center Tim Pool is the best to illuminate the conundrums we face going forward.

Alexandra Bruce

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