Little known outside the Twitterverse because they’ve been shunned by the Seditionist Mainstream Media are the handful of Liberals who have rejected the Russia Collusion narrative from day one, including Glenn Greenwald, Tim Pool, Michael Tracey, Jimmy Dore and Aaron Maté.

A vindicated Maté joins Jimmy Dore’s YouTube broadcast for a “victory lap” about the nothing burger Mueller Report, which quickly becomes a discussion about how destructive this deranged Clintonista campaign has been for the Democrats. Theirs is a very intelligent discussion that is really worth listening to.

I’ve been telling friends throughout this period that Poppy Bush couldn’t have done a better job of destroying the Democrat Party if he’d tried and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the Clintons and the Obamas are part of the same corrupt machine sometimes known as the Bush Crime Family, along with the Never Trumpers and the other corrupt officials who have sustained this treasonous ruse for going on three years.

Who knows? Maybe the destruction of the Center Left was the plan, all along? They certainly lost my vote. In the past year, we’ve seen the Democrats rapidly morph into Social Democrats and “Justice” Democrats, who promote open borders, Medicaid and voting rights for all illegals, post-birth “abortion”, censorship, crippling political correctness, the UN’s Agenda 21, reparations for slavery and the vigorous promotion of racism against whites. To me, their platform looks to be weaponizing all human interaction for the purpose of fomenting a civil war to usher in a Fascist Globalist technocracy.

Much of the above has long been underway, as most Trump supporters know. Everyday people on the Left, blinded by their bias don’t understand the harm that has been done to society but the TV networks, the newspapers and Big Tech, they know what they’re doing, as they proceed to double down on their assymmetrical, psychological civil war against us.

Harm is precisely what they’ve been looking to do to those who can communicate cogently, while being blasted by their hurricane-force incoherency. The Internet is now broken. Mass de-platformings, censorship, livelihoods (like mine) ruined. All because they wanted their coup d’état to work. I will never forgive them.

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  • I see the publisher here, Alexandra, is diverting attention away from a prediction made by “Q” 3 weeks ago, March 4th, and repeated on this site. In it, “Q” said that within 3 weeks Obama, Hillary, Podesta, Comey,, would all be in hot legal trouble.

    Hasn’t happened. Well, sorry you “Q” fans, there goes another “nuttery” theory down the drain.

    As for the latest brouhaha, all we have is a 4 page letter by AG William Barr, a Trump ally, giving his interpretation of the huge Mueller report. That can hardly be trusted. Let’s have outside legal experts go over the Mueller report and give their assessment.

    It should be noted that William Barr was also AG under the first President Bush, George H. W. In that capacity, he saved George H. W. from being indicted in the Iran-Contra scandal of the previous Reagan administration. He advised Bush to pardon Casey, Olly North, et. al. so they couldn’t testify against him.

    William Barr has also written that he thinks the office of the President is above the law and cannot be indicted for obstruction of justice.

    So, it would seem that this Bill Barr is part and parcel of this alleged Bush/Clinton/Obama “crime family” that Alexandra rails against so much. here. Looks like you can now include Trump in that “crime family.”

  • I still wonder “who” at the “justice department” decided not to prosecute HRC for the sale of our uranium to Russia, let alone just using a private sever for government business. But, most of know that the deep state is in control of our so called governing body of “appointees”. And their SEC put into law by Obummer. In order to dismiss any of “those” “people” the SEC would need to be dismissed. Other wise they have their job for life. But, I am not following the story above, am I?

  • So glad I subbed to your mailing list. Great commentary, my friend!

    I am/was one of those Liberal Democrats that jumped ship when they became the anti-law enforcement, open borders, third-term abortion party.

    As a white female nurse, the Democratic Party has nothing to offer except allowing me to pay for all of the welfare, all of the abortions, and all of the rest.

    Twitter banned me recently for telling a man who won a women’s cycling championship that he is a man. I defended my position by citing scientific fact and still haven’t been reinstated. Censorship is a reality today and it is devestating to many, esp those like you who work as journalists.

    I’ll never vote Dem again. They’re the party devoted to the destruction of our once great nation.

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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