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Royce White is a former NBA basketball player and Mixed Martial Arts fighter – and now, he is just based.

Royce tells Steve Bannon that the 21 Republicans who voted to hand America’s sovereignty away with the Omnibus bill may as well be foreign agents and he says it all goes back to the Central Banking Cartel.

Royce says, “The Federal Reserve should be abolished. I mean, let’s just not dance around it. The Federal Reserve should be abolished and we should have a serious referendum about it in this country – and free people all around the world – on what central banking has become, at the broadest level…

“We have $173 trillion in unfunded liabilities. We have $4.5 quadrillion global bank debt. Where’s the conspiracy? Where’s the rabble-rousing? We’re bankrupt. We’re swirling around in the toilet bowl, waiting to be flushed. The whole thing is a fugazi

“People have this idea that inflation is some accidental occurrence. It’s not! It’s government policy! We can control this but the referendum’s on the American People, when it comes to the debt and the debt ceiling.

“We have to stop voting for these 20 Republicans senators that pass these Omnibus bills through, that you would need an AI robot in order to read through in a proper amount of time to make a real decision. So, the referendum’s on us.

“As long as they can continue to give over the sovereignty and the value of our citizenship to crooks, we are in the position we’re in…When your government steals, everybody steals…

“The people who don’t want to talk about central banking want to keep the conversation at a resolution lower than where the real problem lies. We know where the real problem lies. Follow the money. Follow the money is spiritual warfare.”

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  • They’re Going to give away the treasure anyways, and nobody is going to stop it. So I want to know if they’re going to give another stimulus to social security recipients? Capt Joe Kelley.

  • Wow I love this man’s spirit and forthrightness. I’ve never heard of him before. I’m not a basketball fan, but I’m definitely a Royce White fan now. Exceptional. Please have him on more often.

    • He’s talking about the 21 Republican Senators who voted to pass the $1.3 trillion 2023 Omnibus Spending Bill that gives another $45 billion to Ukraine and LOTS more wasteful bullsh!t that they kick back to themselves à la FTX, when we already have ~$50 trillion in debt. In theory, Republicans are supposed to stop such waste but they have proven that they are all Uniparty criminals stealing what we earn from the sweat of our brow and plunging us into insolvency.

      • Reps and Dems are wings of the scavenger deep state..! The bipartisan rollercoaster has created this infinitely corrupted criminal cartel that caters only to their personal interests.! We have to dissolve the congress.

    • “America Defeats Germany for the Third Time in a Century”; Michael Hudson, The Unz Review
      February 28, 2022;
      To understand just what U.S. aims and interests are threatened, it is necessary to understand U.S. politics and “the blob,” that is, the government central planning that cannot be explained by looking at ostensibly democratic politics. This is not the politics of U.S. senators and representatives representing their congressional voting districts or states.

      America’s Three Oligarchies in Control of U.S. Foreign Policy
      It is more realistic to view U.S. economic and foreign policy in terms of THE MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, THE OIL AND GAS (AND MINING) COMPLEX, AND THE BANKING AND REAL ESTATE COMPLEX than in terms of the political policy of Republicans and Democrats.
      The key senators and congressional representatives do not represent their states and districts as much as the economic and financial interests of their major political campaign contributors. A Venn diagram would show that in today’s post-Citizens United world, U.S. politicians represent their campaign contributors, not voters. And these contributors fall basically into three main blocs. (…)

  • Demon-Commie-Crat and Rino’s motto..If it ain’t broke..Break it. Excellent guest..Two warriors for peace, justice and the American way. Royce is a conspiracy fact exposer. The Fed is a private Ponzi bank owned by the most evil familia in the world..Rothchilds and their fellow Banksters, Rockerfeller’s, Fords, and other lower than whale shit, inbred, Luciferian, pedovore psychopaths. I’m for small Government so you don’t need a lot of rope when they go treasonous, Greed is good Deep State. Klause…Sour Kraut..Swab said will eat Bugs and each other..Instead of …When Harry met Sally’ll be..When Harry ate Sally. Soylent Green will replace Spam…Bon Appetite.

  • Damn, Royce White is pretty cool.
    End the Fed for sure, but the big hitch is the broad and twisted ways of the $cratch Baron$. These are seriously debilitated psychologically and emotionally separated from their Selves very anti-social slitherers.

    They own woke, CRT and ESG and a gazillion sub to the sub to the sub ngo’s, thousands of ’em all bent on defeating Freedom, Liberty and Individual Sovereignty, something we are each born with.

    But…WETHEPEOPLE are BILLIONS! They’ve taken a bite so large and self-deluded that they gagged it up into the public dialogue…me thinks the fear of the mob, for them, will reach exponents beyond their Dresden, Tokyo/Hiroshima/Nagasaki, GitMo, US drug experiment mesmerizing etc etc subversions. “it is our right, it is our duty”.

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