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Former Dutch banker to the elites, Ronald Bernard exploded into the alt media a year ago with the story of his escape from the life of a criminal bankster, after his failure to participate in child sacrifice.

Earlier this week, he gave a heart-rending talk about how he ended up in that world. He was born into an abusive home and acted out at school. At the age of 9, the courts removed him from home and placed him in a Catholic facility, where he endured extreme sexual abuse for two years. In his own words, “They really, really loved children and they didn’t have Vaseline.”

His resulting rage at humankind led him into a life of white collar crime, fronting the offshore accounts of powerful entities, including intelligence agencies and the Church, laundering drug money and counterfeit dollars minted in the Soviet Union. Then, his body broke down. He had a heart attack and went into hiding under a fake identity for 8 years. He studied theology and now describes himself as “healed”, although he remains leery of certain Biblical passages, due to his experiences with the Church.

Having lived in fear for his life and that of his family for many years, Bernard has arrived at a place of wholeness and equanimity. He feels that in the heart of most perpetrators is a wounded child.

Bernard’s presentation was made at the Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse at the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ), where one can also find testimonies from criminologists, legal specialists, survivors of abuse, as well as from some familiar faces, like Cynthia McKinney, Bill Binney, David Seaman and Robert David Steele.

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  • I recognise his courage of despair, because of the question why there is so much suffer and pain on our planet. My educated emotional pains are for sure not that heavy as he showed his pains. At some time I started my search for universal love, I was at about 33 years of age. My body age is now 75 years.

    The need to find the truth of universal love comes finally up by the recognition that there must be something else as pain on earth also.

    He said the most important sentence: All light comes from the inside.
    I agree and state that there is an invisible light of feeling by an organism, which is present beyond the known sense organs.

    As long as there is a search for the light of any god in the outside of the own material presence, there is a huge possibility to find an almighty human personality causing pains of any kind.
    Even when there is a need for finding the so-called guilty ones, they should however not be punished. They need moreover a possibility to find also their inner self-love. As long this does not happen, suffering will be present all over the globe.

    This self-love is aligned with universal spiritual singular love, which comes from a presence of oneness. By this universal love, it is possible to transform all these stored pains inside of the entire human body. These pains are transferred by the wombs for billions of years, where for sure there is a huge variety of the intensity of these pains. Therefore, the quality of a womb destines the quality of life.
    I have been conceived into a womb in 1943 in Holland, under the treat of the German war energy. Now I am living in Germany, in order to work out these old pains which appeared by this treat inside the womb.

    In 1981, I started to work with this inner love energy and discovered a possibility for transforming these old pains, even those of previous lives.
    – He spoke also over a transformation!!!-

    The time needed for this transformation depends on the massiveness of these pains.
    This curing process is possible only when the “God” outside is not important anymore.
    By any interest: Ask for my email address.

  • My gratitude to Alexandra Bruce for distributing this very enlightening presentation. Mr Bernard told his truth and everyone should consider it as a great miracle available to one and all should they sincerely seek change from misery to peace of mind. This especially applies to those in the depths of darkness that think themselves beyond salvation.

    Should we, as the relatives that we truly are to one another, find it in our hearts to forgive them and welcome them if and when they make the big change, our entire society would reward all of us greatly in all kinds of ways. On the the other hand, should we seek to condemn them, they would want to continue on their dark paths to the detriment of one and all.

    IMnsHO and E. (E: similar “Experience” of meeting my “Maker” as did Mr. Barnard)

  • Thanks to the ITNJ,Sacha Stone, and this brave man Ronald Bernard,as this is a world changing event.It couldn’t come at a better time when everything seems to be going to hell.
    Much gratitude to all.

  • I really like Bernard’s idea of making a bridge for these damaged people to come over. A while ago I asked the I Ching about this and it said, if society becomes more compassionate these others will also become transformed (words to that effect). A very compassionate perspective, thanks for posting.

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