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“Many of those mistakes were made in New York. Locking elderly people in nursing homes and then sending sick people into those nursing homes – that’s what was killing people. I would have done something completely different.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Plandemic. Scamdemic. Mild flu like symptoms in most cases. Deadly hospital protocols were used to treat the government man-made flu. Alternative medicines that worked the best were censored and kept from most everyone. We know the jab kills and some people dare not believe this is genocide but more people are opening eyes to that reality.

    I like RFK Jr. okay but he he playing by their rules and he will never fix what is broken, never mind Warp Speed Trump. I’m not waiting for some online savior or candidate out of nowhere, nor should anyone. They have collectively sold us into NWO slavery. Me no Kunta Kinte, you no Kunta Kinte, we get down without fear. Remember, this is not their world but it is ours.

  • What redress can the families of elderly New Yorkers expect?

    What accountability will Andrew Cuomo

    Pretty sure same broken process was followed in both Pennsylvania (Gov. Wolf),
    and possibly Michigan (?)( Gov. Whitmer?).

    • It’s spelled “Witchmore” from olde Salem meaning “more like a WITCH than you can possibly imagine”.

      If RFKJR is calling what happened in NY, “a mistake”, either he doesn’t get it yet or he thinks being PC and not calling genocide “genocide” will get him someplace (which I doubt).

      So, yeah, we need our own party. Which of these sounds more likely:

      “The Red-Pilled Party swept every Congressional election this year” or

      “The Consensus Party swept every Congressional election this year”


      We don’t need everybody to be red-pilled in order to get this fixed, but we do need an unassailable plurality in order to make election stealing unattainable (and to start taxing wealth instead of income). We will use SORTITION to negate the incentive to buy candidates and elections, RESCISSION to get rid of laws, regulations, rules, and agencies which fail to maintain consensus support, and the combination to enact laws, rules and regulations which DO have consensus support but can not be enacted currently due to the influence of wealth in the process of political decision-making.

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