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Pete Santilli says that he’s received from Lee Stranahan an unclassified CIA document about Project AERODYNAMIC, which shows that George Soros was recruited into the CIA in the 1980s by Ukrainian Banderist Nazi, Roman Kupchinsky to finance “Cold War-to-Hot War” propaganda against the Soviet Union.

In 2016, Wayne Madsen wrote the article, “CIA: Undermining and Nazifying Ukraine Since 1953”, detailing the CIA’s long history of support for the Ukrainian Nazis.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Is this jooz / nazis joint venture?
    You people often use those names without realizing that they are the same criminals with different names.

  • Wonder what people get out of being a cog in the CIA machine, another yes man inseparable from a mass of sameness all surreptitiously manipulating things by whatever orders come down from on high?

  • The 4th Reich wailing wall is falling the only thing holding it up is our money supply and that is down to a trickle of petty cash from the mRNA damaged debt slaves. The rubble of this war is our zombie inhabited DEM ruined inner cities fueled by CIA run drug cartels. The go for broke woke strategy they hope will send USA Inc. into a tailspin so that they can have another emergency they need to save us from will cost the Obama/Bribem crime consortium the next turn at the wheel in the final act of the shitshow. When the clown car finally runs out of gas it’s over for good so let em have their last clown act of sideshow hooning their future as deep state dumpster divers is coming.

  • Why do people think the CEE EYE AY
    is “American”?

    Or more to the point:
    Why do Americans think the CEE EYE AY
    is “American”?

    Lesee …

    “avoid foreign entanglements”
    vs. “by deception shalt thou make war”.

    Britain wants its slaves back.

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