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    The hideous Neo-Liberal propaganda-comedy of John Oliver, Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah demonstrates the stranglehold that the Corporatist-Fascist agenda now has on pop culture. An example of this is shown here of John Oliver sniping at Robert F Kennedy Jr over his very valid concerns about the mercury-based preservative used in many vaccines, Thimerosal.

    Kennedy recently appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to rebut the savaging that he’d received by Oliver. Although otherwise healthy, Kennedy suffers from spasmodic dysphonia (aka laryngeal dystonia), a rare neurological disorder that causes involuntary spasms of the vocal cords, so I am transcribing their conversation here.

    The segment opens with the abysmal John Oliver clip, followed by a clip of Kennedy giving a speech, in which he says, “For 33 years, I’ve been working to get mercury out of fish. Nobody as ever called me ‘anti-fish’ and because I want mercury out of vaccines, I should not be called ‘anti-vaccines.'”

    Carlson, conservative pundit and father of four children then asks, “As someone whose bonafides as a Democrat and a Liberal are unimpeachable, and yet, they piled on you – why? Why is raising questions about the safety of vaccines a no-go zone on the Left?”

    Kennedy responds, “It’s not consistent with the traditional Liberal posture of skepticism towards large corporate power and particularly the ph-rmaceutical industry and government agencies. The CDC has been characterized in at least 4 Federal studies as a cesspool of corruption because of its pervasive interactions – entanglements, I should say – with the vaccine industry…

    “The CDC vaccine branch…is really a subsidiary of the vaccine industry. It sells $4.1 billion worth of vaccines a year. It spends about $4.6 billion, about half of its budget promoting vaccines and it only spends $20 million testing vaccines (!)…I’ve been meeting recently with the heads of various Federal agencies and one of the shocking things about vaccines is that there’s very little safety testing.

    “If you have a normal drug, let’s say Vioxx or Vi-gra, if you want to bring that to market, typically, FDA requires you to do double-blind placebo studies, so you take 9,000 people, give them a pill and 9,000 people and give them a pill that’s identical except it’s sugar and you watch them, typically for 5 years and you see if there’s harm. But with vaccines, all of those requirements are waived.”

    When Carlson asks Kennedy if he is getting paid for his advocacy, Kennedy responds, “I’m not. In fact, I’m getting unpaid for this! It’s been probably the worst career move I’ve ever made! But it’s deeply concerning to me. If you look at the vaccine schedule, [it] was expanded dramatically in 1989. In 1987, Congress passed a law giving blanket immunity from liability to vaccine manufacturers. So, suddenly, vaccines became pay dirt. It was a gold rush to put vaccines on the schedule.

    “I got 3 vaccines when I was a kid and I was fully compliant. My children got 69 vaccines. Today, children get 74 vaccines. 74 shots of 16 vaccines. And nobody has ever tested what all of those vaccines do together. And in fact, many of the vaccines have not been tested, at all for the illnesses that are associated with them.”

    Carlson then says, “I don’t know what the answer is but I know what the questions ought to be and you always have a place on this show to ask them,” to which Kennedy responds, “That is very kind and courageous of you because, as you know, most television hosts will not let you on to talk about this issue. On the evening news, typically 17 out of 24 advertisements are ph-rmaceutical advertisements and most hosts are frightened of that. So, I’m very grateful to you for your willingness [to have me on].”

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    • Thank you Tucker for allowing the important questions be asked. This is what most parents are wanting to find out about right now and being silenced about! Thank you JFK Jr. for protecting us!

    • wow what a GREAT man , the facts tell the story, big pharmes who got the ok from Congress. What has the US come to, Israel’s play thing …911TRUTH is still the Biggy – could fix all this stuff and you all know that.

    • Seventy four (74) vaccinations of infants and small children is monstrously, criminally insane even without mercury! This same insanity reigns supreme in the US Congress which rolled over for Obamacare, then after the voters gave them a mandate to repeal it they dither and dice with double talk. Trump was given a mandate to drain the DC swamp, instead Trump got swamped and if the swamp has it’s way Trump will be replaced by Pence and Paul Ryan.

      It should be obvious the duopoly party, the corporate fascists and the political communists are united against the will of respectable liberals and respectable conservatives. At best, this government has demonstrated it’s total lack of self control and disregard for either the US Constitution or the will of the people!

      Something or someone else is in control of them! Normal, sane people do not behave like this unless they fear something dreadful.

    • I believe that their blanket immunity should be revoked and testing of vaccines should be mandatory, by independent labs, removing the mercury from them as a preservative is easy, individual single shots, then the preservative is not needed. Yes it would cost them a few bucks to do,they would save on the cost of mercury. But they are raping the country as it is, and feeding us poison as well. The United States of Testing, from the chemtrails, we breathe in, to the GMO’s we eat, the microwaves that bombard us from all the cell towers surrounding us. Have a good one.

    • I lvoe Robert Kennedy. I have an Autistic 6 year-old son, whose “light seemed to go out of his eyes” around 12 months, after a vaccine. “Vaxxed” is brilliant, but the debunkers (PHARMA reps) tried to kill it (recall the Robert DeNiro Tribeca film festival fiasco). The position of “Vaxxed” is not what the CNN/NBC FAKE NEWS say, but rather, the CDC scientist whistleblower believes it may be the young age, increased frequency and over-vaccination schedule that could be the culprit, so WATCH IT, and get the truth.

    • On a recent show Oliver made fun of himself for being a perpetually scared person, afraid of so many things. While touchingly cute of him, it also perfectly nails his desire to fit into the “edgy” niche of the homo superioris liberalis, who falls for the slick patter of an Obama but is offended by the shit-kicking coarseness of Trump.

      He has done many fine exposes of things that are out of whack in this world; but on this no-no issue of vaccines he displays the cowardice that lost him my viewership.

    • I still don’t understand why normal American parents that give their children happily normal American food get in a tizzy about vaccines. Simply living in America and breathing American air you are absorbing toxins. If, besides, you eat normal American food (as opposed to carefully worrying about eliminating the many sources of toxins in food), you are already getting into your body a cocktail of toxins likely to give you the average life expectancy of an American (poor, compared with every other developed country). The vaccines are likely to make about zero difference to that.

      • To my knowledge food and air are not suspected of being responsible for the epidemic of autism as are vaccines in independent studies. Not that food and air are unpolluted and parents should not be aware of the pitfalls of such things as GMOs and sugar. They should and many are. Vaccines are forced on all families by public school systems nationwide. An opt-out form now takes numerous steps to avoid having a child vaccinated. And the CDC as well as pharma corps who produce the vaccines can not be sued for lack of testing before they present them to the public (this video). Ask yourself: Why that is? There is clear collusion between these entities–governmental (law makers) and corporate (profit centers) as well as an attempt to silence the opposition through the MSM.

        Autism has a growth rate of: “Prevalence of autism in U.S. children increased by 119.4 percent from 2000 (1 in 150) to 2010 (1 in 68). (CDC, 2014) Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability. (CDC, 2008)” as sited by:

        An autistic child is estimated to cost a family at least $1 million over it’s lifetime and that’s conservative ( “Autism services cost U.S. citizens $236-262 billion annually.” ( et al., 2014)There are a hundred articles supporting the costs–and that’s monetary only. These facts do not take into account the psychological, social and political pressures put on families.

    • At least he’s an advocate for the children of the US and those parents who refuse to comply even in the face of legal action. Public schools, on the public’s tax dollar, have become advocates for or simply compliant with these government corporations who seek to enforce their revenue streams through toxic vaccine force. Go Kennedy.

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