According to latest statistics, 51% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 no longer support the system of Capitalism64% of Britons believe that Capitalism is unfair, and a solid 77% of Germans are skeptical of Capitalism. In countries like India and Brazil, where government bureaucracy and corruption are high, more people have the perception that free enterprise is the solution for a better society.

Is Capitalism, itself the problem? As Catherine Austin Fitts has said, “Capitalism is a good idea. We should try it sometime.” Fitts argues that our system is so rigged, that it cannot be described to be true Capitalism.

As this piece points out, 8 men control as much wealth as the poorer half of the world’s population (3.5 billion people!), so it shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that statistic and that the current system, which devalues life and wreaks environmental devastation is not viewed positively by the young, let alone by anybody.

Only 14% of Americans believe that their children will live in a better world. “It’s hard to find more conclusive evidence that the American dream is dying in many American hearts and minds,” concludes the survey conducted by a YouGov poll for the Legatum Institute think tank. “Just” 33 percent of young Americans said they supported Socialism in a Harvard University poll, so it remains to be seen what kind of economic system may emerge.

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  • Communism makes man a beast and Capitalism makes him a slave.
    The principles of PROUT Progressive Utilization Theory make a world that works for everyone.

  • What we have is not capitalism, it’s corporate monopolism. This is typical Marxian doublespeak or blame shifting.

    “Capitalism, the capitalist owns property. Absolute oppressive capitalism, the powerful are monopoly capitalists in partnership with the state. Crony capitalism would be a form of this unjust system aka monopoly Corporatism. Democratic capitalism encourages competition and through government creates the economic environment for whosoever will to become a capitalist. It maintains a level playing field for all players so all have a fair opportunity for gain.” The Prescription, page 102 by permission.

    Obviously when monopolies partner with the state to choke out competition you have fascism. We’re not there yet, but it’s a race to the finish between fascism and communism with our governments being paralyzed by monopolists who could care less if the oppressed masses communize to help them destroy capitalism.

    When the state owns all the property as these deluded socialist critics of capitalism have an eye for, then the monopolist becomes the landlord because the monopolist owns the state.

    The problem we have is really an education problem. We don’t know how to define justice and injustice since we’ve thrown Christian definitions overboard. Everyone has an opinion of equal value. Morals and ethics are moving targets in a constant state of flux. This was what was being taught at university a generation ago.

    Justice is defined by political lawyers put in positions of power by other political lawyers. Hence, anti-trust laws have been neutered by case law. Whatever was the latest decision supplants statutory law. That’s tyranny of the court to nullify statutory law put in place by the people’s represenatives.

    The USSC caters to power, whether it be political or corporate power or the power of intimidation at any given time. The US Constitution is an obstacle to be gotten around with word parsing. This is exactly the same kind of hypocrisy for which Christ condemned the Pharisees.

    It’s been a long journey down into the communist-fascist rat hole, but we haven’t hit bottom yet.

    • Jon…stop trying to make socialism into communism and capitalism the savior of it all with governments the colluders. Silly business mate…the truth is that HUMAN NATURE HAS A GREEDY, FEAR SOAKED MONOPOLIST NATURE. Governments attempt to temper that abundance with legal, moral and ethical boundaries. Your blame game logic needs maturation.

      • Vehemently disagree.

        You lump the entire human species into a single category. There is a small percentage that fit your description but it is not “human nature to be greedy and fear soaked with a monopolistic nature”. It may seem so because those who hold the reins of influence are so. The power mongers and peddlers of influence, who others call elites, are the purveyors of control through fear and deceit which puts the rest of the world in the predicament of having to live within their evil–their psychopathy. Government is not about moral or ethical boundaries. OMG, no. I’m still reeling from that statement. It’s a reflection of its rulers. Is bad food service a reflection of the server or of the laziness of the establishment’s owner to hire good help? Is a corporation’s ruthless actions a reflection of the pawns who enact them or the profit interests of the owners? Gott’a go the root, babe. If business valued honesty, integrity and humanity would the people inside them be the same? Of course.

        Humans in a system run by psychopaths take on elements of that psychopathy in order to survive. Governments are not in place to enforce moral or ethical boundaries. That enters the domain of human psychology. Our governments are legal institutions born of the Roman Empire created for the purpose of control. They tell humanity what they “cannot” do when those actions do not benefit the rulers. AND, those rulers pay no heed to the psychological needs of humanity because those needs do not interface with, reinforce the strength of or provide continuation of the empire.

    • Jon,
      If you are interested in knowing more about Socialism, a current case study is the situation unfolding before our eyes in Venezuela.

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