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This explosive short film from Project Veritas Action is Part 1 of an undercover investigation into the dark background dealings of the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign, the culmination of a year-long investigation infiltrating the machine from the bottom all the way to the White House.

The film follows a Democratic dirty tricks operative, who unwittingly reveals a dark money trail to the the Clinton campaign. The film also documents incidents of violence at Trump rallies that were incited by the Clinton campaign through a process called “bird-dogging.”

There are concerns this election will be rigged. What you’re about to see will make you uncomfortable and angry. Warning: it’s graphic, uncensored and contains lots of Democratic Strategist cussing.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I am a writer/author of 3 Metaphysical books and I am a researcher of TRUTH. I have found that THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED – as Trump says – but not as much by the voting as it is rigged by the Main Steam Media. All across the daily news – which I watch everyday as part of my research – I am aware of a growing DUMP TRUMP theme in the media, and lately I find that honest reporters are being fired for telling the “uncovered truth about Hillary Clinton”. Hillary takes her orders from Soros and the other elitist Zionists who own and control the media. Expect WW111 if Hillary gets in office. Wars are what make the rich get richer.

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  • Just like Obama nothing was done. The Clinton’s can get away with anything including sex in the Oval office. If that had been Bush he would have been ousted. I am so sick of hearing how bad Hillary is & nothing is done to stop her. The intellecgence of today’s voter is sad.

    • What? Bush was the hood ornament for 9/11 that saw the murder of 3000 American citizens simply to forward the Deep State’s agenda. The entire Bush administration should have been jailed and/or executed. Instead, the Bush yes-people built a library and named a highway for him in Dallas to honor his so-called “accomplishments” as POTUS. The Deep State sees the murder of innocents as an accomplishment because it served their agenda.

  • Nothing less then a class action lawsuit by We the People against the Democratic party and their cohorts. Finally put them out of business and behind bars. Throw every applicable law at them!!

  • Lets see, that’s the D.N.C. does that stand for the Demonic Nazi Commission? It sure as hell fits, not that I believe in hell, except this one, and I’m not so sure about that. Best of wishes for us all.

  • Although few of us are surprised by these admissions, the main corporate braggart has absolutely no idea he’s an evil ass, apparently. He “wasn’t raised that way?” he states in siting racism in certain states. Yet, he’s a liar, a plotter, a deceiver, a breaker of laws (not technically, as he points out), a myopic braggart and a basic criminal. He’s the “red man” for Killary’s criminal campaign (a Navy Spec Ops term) that no one wants or needs. Interested in the next release.

  • So…the political establishment sees the entire democratic process as a stage to manipulate the reality of what voters believe their fellow citizens are feeling, thinking, doing and otherwise dealing with.
    So, we see the tv machine show all this chaos, protesting, anger etc and are then led to believe one side or the other is evil and or saintly and respond accordingly…UMMM, IS THIS DEMOCRACY?

  • Carol Harrison rants are incomprehensible…I’m baffled as to why you would leave them up…three of them no less.

  • Stunning eye opener & a wake up call for all Americans! We were undecided voters before seeing this sobering revelation & now there is no doubt that we will not be throwing our vote for HC. Trump was right with his claim that the system is rigged for the democrats to steal this election. Thanks for the confirmation of what we have long suspected and we applaud the author for bringing this to every voter in this election . There is evilness out there and everybody please be safe as Election Day draws near. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information with the American public.

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