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FBI documents recently released due to a Freedom of Information Act request reveal that one of Hillary Clinton’s former aides, Senior State Department Official, Patrick Kennedy attempted convince the FBI to have the security classifications of Hillary’s emails changed – after they’d already been subpoenaed. This, in exchange for cushy foreign service jobs for the members of the FBI who would commit Bribery in exchange for Evidence-Tampering and Obstruction of Justice.

Although the FBI emphatically denies granting Kennedy’s request and naturally, Kennedy denies making it, this offer was memorialized in documents produced by the FBI that have now come out in a FOIA request.

House Oversight Committee Chair Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) and House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) wrote to Secretary of State John Kerry demanding that Kennedy be fired and an investigation started.

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  • WTF? “…that is what YOU find “offensive?” OMG.
    The mainstream media has now gone way beyond anything I’ve ever seen in this country. They are no longer simply hawking Killary. They are now attempting to change the constructs of US national law by suggesting that those governing this Nation do not exist–that they are a matter of opinion. Is this guy and his Fox News team that stupid? I say no. Fox is using this clip to cement the idea into the minds of the uneducated/under educated or just plain stupid voting public before they vote–laws governing inter-agency conduct including brides, obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence are a matter of Fox’s interpretation. Fox has reduced the rule of law to equal that of a Facebook mud slinging match where stupid people take personal offense at any and everything. Of course, the sleeping public attaches to such ideas and they know it. Fox is not even attempting to hide their attempt to obstruct this election process to favor Killary.

    • Killery is a paid agent of the Network of Global Corporate Control, and must do what they tell her to do. Most of the media is owned and operated by that Network. The Network, aka “The Cabal”, wants total global hegemony, including over the USA. They want our Constitution and our sovergniety destroyed, and the people turned into serfs. Killery wants to be Queen with all her adoring serfs smiling up at her, with their chains resting lightly on their backs. Those who vote for her will soon find out how heavy those chains can get, once she is anointed.

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