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by MJTruth

RFK Jr – Americans Didn’t Suddenly Get Lazy “We are Being Mass Poisoned by the Food Industry”

• 42% of children are obese
• 75% of children are overweight
• Half of all adults are obese
• We’re being poisoned by a food industry that is highly subsidized and owns Congress
• We’re the only country that allows for public funding for food to go towards soft drinks
• 10% of food stamps are going to sugar water that is designed to make you diabetic
• We’re spending $10 billion a year to make our kids diabetic
• All 175 exotic diseases have skyrocketed because our bodies have turned against us. Our metabolic processes are ruined, our mitochondria is ruined, and our immune systems turn against their own organs (i.e. auto-immune disease).


• These were healthy kids who had zero risk
• And now they’re sick for life, relying on new medicines that are developed by the NIH
• The NIH collects royalties on the chronic diseases they create

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Pls send me the email that would release information by Kennedy as I very much respect him and what he reports. Maybe he has a regular email message
    Thank you

  • Our water has 2 poisons in it that we’ve been told are good for us. . .
    The 1st is chlorine.
    The 2nd is fluoride.
    Do the research and see what they are doing to us and our children.

    • Not sure if it’s limited to 2 though-
      The easiest and cheapest way to remove fluoride is to distill.
      As for chlorine, leave water outside for 24 hrs or boil it with lid open for like 10 minutes.
      After that, preferable to mix the water with some other natural mineral like pink salt (or could be lemon or lime).

  • Been saying it for years. Our food, water, air, vaccines and medications are poison. Remember the people that own EVERYTHING and yet still wants what little we have own our corrupt government, our food processor, grocery store, the fda, well all three letter agencies have been taken over. And they are the World Economic Forum. A sorrier, sinister, lowlife bunch of scumbags the world would be better off without.

  • And he’s still a shill for Israel…Once you realize that all American presidential candidates that are promoted by corporate media and alternative media are owned by Israel, it gives you a different perspective on reality.
    As Americans we need to really wake up and stop looking outside of ourselves and learn self reliance. There are no saviors just snake oil salesmen. The revolution will not be televised or take place on the internet. It all starts in your mind!
    Good Luck and Hunker Down!

  • RFK is on target! He’s been on target all along, but I worry he too has recently been compromised by the Israeli lobby.

    I learned over a half century ago to never accept anything from the mafia, because once they help you they own a piece of you. It’s why I keep yelling about private money in elections. We’ve got way too many representatives today beholden to corporations and foreign interests and that is no small problem for us.

    I’ve been around long enough to have been witness to what RFK is identifying. I remember having conversations with my wife back in the sixties about all the obese school girls mostly. It was very pronounced to us. That didn’t exist when we were in school. We had one or two obese kids here and there, but not like maybe one third.

    Today it’s easy to see the cause, whole isles of the grocery dedicated to low nutrient make believe junk foods and carts full of of them being pushed by obese people. Sodium and sugar are in just about every prepared kind of food imaginable, and both are prime contributors to obesity. Everybody knows it but they keep on sucking it all down.

    Low fat foods are a joke. Manufactures replace natural fat with artificial sugar which then turns in to fat when we eat it. Unused carbs turn into fat. Stupid is as stupid does. High sodium snacks demand sugary soft drinks which demand high sodium snacks which demand….. its a racket!

    It gets even worse as green Genes insist we have to learn to do without meat protein to save the planet. One way or another getting rid of us seems to be the common ghoulish solution and it seems to be working because too may people just can’t say no to temptations.

  • We can still fix ourselves.
    Try keto (can be either mixed / carnivore), remove all other junks and replace them with good stuff (the info is commonly found even on craptube).
    There’s so much more you can do better if you look for it (without costing much extra).
    But be also aware & always question things, and try not to go to a path with bunches of synthetic vitamins.

  • More learned helplessness. Being fat is a choice and NOT the fault of the “Food Industry,” whatever that is. The food industry that I support does not make me fat. It makes me healthy.

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