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    During Trump’s 2016 campaign, there had been discussions of RFK Jr being brought into the Trump administration to chair a new commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity.

    In the years leading up to 2016, Trump had tweeted several times about the apparent link between the aggressive increase in mandated childhood vaccines and the precipitous increase in the rates of autism among children.

    It had long been rumored that Trump’s youngest child, Barron was vaccine-injured and that the topic of vaccine safety was very important to him.

    RFK Jr was a natural choice to head up such a commission, due to his years of work at Children’s Health Defense. However, he has claimed during some interviews that after Trump received a $1 million donation from Pfizer to help finance his inauguration, all talk about the safety and scientific integrity commission ceased and it never came to be.

    During RFK Jr’s testimony Thursday before the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government about the extreme censorship around COVID-19 and the experimental vaxx exerted by the “Censorship Industrial Complex”, he describes how he was “dragged, kicking and screaming” into his vaccine safety advocacy by the mothers of vaccine-injured children, which he half-jokingly says was “the worst career decision I have ever made.”

    Presumably, he meant it was a bad decision due to the endless disparagement that he’s since endured at the hands of the complex of Federal agencies, NGOs and social media companies who have been profiting off of silencing him and violating the First Amendment rights of hundreds of millions of Americans.

    RFK Jr says that he’d looked for evidence of double-blind placebo studies for the 72 childhood vaccines that are now effectively mandated for American children and he had found none. This was because vaccine manufacturers were made exempt from doing such safety trials, which are required of all other medications prior to licensing.

    He explains that in the 1980s, Wyeth (now Pfizer) had lost $20 for every $1 of profit on their DTP vaccine due to damage claims and they were set to exit the vaccine business unless the Reagan White House could find a way to grant them liability protections. The end result was National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986.

    RFK has long suggested that the goal of the manufacturers’ rush to get the COVID vaccines into the childhood vaccine schedule was to bring the shots under the umbrella of liability immunity conferred by the 1986 Act.

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    • There is No provision in any Federal or State Constitution authorizing any government official to mandate anything at all about our health or medical options.
      Their only power is their own employees & dependents as a condition of employment or receiving benefits.
      That’s why we see Mr. Roy defending the Polio Vaccine, 4:15 in.

    • Is it possible do you think to add something to a vaccine that would cause a chemically induced lobotomy in a child or toddler? Whether its a heavy metal or high dose sodium, the child has a fever following vaccination, vomiting etc the body attempts to purge. Then cognitive function declines. I think they’re chemically lobotomising children and calling it autism.

    • Children’s Health Defense is known for purposely ignoring inquirer when asked to show the proof of virus isolation.
      He is indirectly suggesting that there could be safe vaxx by calling covid-scam-vaxx as “Experimental” vaxx?
      Without having a proof of virus existence, the “Experiment” of any sorts of vaxx shouldn’t even be allowed.
      “A half baked truth” is what he’s offering (at this moment), and that is more than enough proof for me to believe that this person is another one of big pharma (narrative) puppet.
      -endless craziness based on a big pharma cult continues-

      • Xavier,
        It doesn’t matter what you KNOW, it only matters what you can PROVE; and there is no known universe in which you can prove that ANYTHING does not exist: you can’t prove a negative.

        Kennedy may be “a scumbag” (in the words of Dr Shiva), but he’s a scumbag with name recognition. The important thing is getting the ironically-named National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (of 1986) REPEALED, and the sheeple (including the elected ones) may listen when they see a Kennedy talking to Congress.

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