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Just a few months after being sworn in as President, John F Kennedy, RFK Jr’s uncle said the following in a speech given before the American Newspaper Publishers’ Association:

“The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant to a free and open society and we are, as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.”

On November 22, 1963 President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. There are hours of damning evidence, clearly showing that the CIA, organized crime and the highest levels of the US Federal Government were all involved in the assassination of John F Kennedy, including the “Magic Bullet”, the “Grassy Knoll” and the presence of young CIA asset, George H W Bush in Dallas that day, a day that he claims he could not remember.

The entire operation was blamed on a single “Lone Gunman”.

An hour after hearing that his brother was assassinated, Robert Kennedy told his close aide that he was surprised it wasn’t him. He thought that he would be the one that they get.

Over the next few days, he wrote letters to his children, charging them with the responsibility to love and serve their country and to remember what their uncle John had started.

A few years later, The New York Times published an article claiming that President Kennedy told one of the highest officials in his administration that he wanted to “splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.”

On March 16th, 1968, Robert Kennedy officially announced that he was running for President. On June 5th, following major victories in the primaries, he was gunned-down after giving a speech at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California.

Nina Rhodes Hughes was one of a small few who witnessed the assassination and she claims there was another shooter. She later expressed outrage that the police ignored her statement.

The shot that killed Robert Kennedy was fired up close in the back of his head and the whole operation was blamed on a single lone gunman who was standing in front of him.

Regicide is the ritual killing of a king to memorialize a subversion of power.

And while the Kennedy Family is as greasy as the rest of the swamp, the two brothers stand out like mythical kings.

Aside for Dr Ron Paul, who said we have to get rid of them completely, nobody in government questions the crimes of the CIA.

While promoting a book on television in 1978, a young RFK Jr referred to American politics as a “One-party system” and his uncle’s and father’s demise as an “occupational hazard”.

In March of 1999, John F Kennedy Jr had a meeting to plan to run for the 2000 US Senate Election against Hillary Clinton.

Four months later, he died in a fatal plane crash with all the telltale signs of a cover-up.

Recently declassified documents show that Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged “Lone Gunman” in the JFK assassination was a CIA asset.

RFK Jr is running for President in 2024 and calls out the CIA for the deadly vaxxines.

He also blames the CIA for the murder of his uncle, which he calls a “successful coup d’état from which our democracy has never recovered.”

And he believes that his father was assassinated by the security guard who shot him from behind after pushing them into their patsy, Sirhan Sirhan.

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  • The assassination of the Kennedy bros. has effected me, my entire life. I am not, in my opinion, old – Nor, am I, young. In truth, I was alive for the news of our president’s killing…
    Since this time, I have researched much of our past, and come to the conclusion, we are being played by those who consider themselves to be superior royalty.
    My lineage is of Royalty. I am of Ancient Indigenous roots. A first Nations People. A misunderstood and expendable people.
    A people who has endured much hatred, due to many untruths in the B/S history of all.

    The Kennedy’s, as well as each n every pres. of the USA have descended from one bloodline! That is, with the exception of one. Who was also of royalty.

    These players, have but one agenda. And to that is, to rule the world – Any world. And, to do this, at any cost of those who inhabit our world, our home base – Which is, to create havoc, instill hate & Destroy!

    Take a peek at these facts – Which I have also researched through the many years of my life and the death of those who are expendable:

    Odd man out: Only the eighth president of the U.S., Martin Van Buren, was not related to King John because he had Dutch roots – However, that is not stating much. As, he was still, of a royal bloodline. And there were several before these, all, at the time and coming from England – They referred to us as, blacks – Native or other wise, they were, “American” presidents.

    This is where the “Horse crap” gets deep & the people loose conceptual information pertaining to the history of our homeland, other wise know as, the planet Earth.

    For years, these thieves have stolen our history, remade the history, religions, and re-invented history, One to be made into, what they wish for the next gen to know, appreciate, live and understand, as only “their” history would be. Done by re-inventing, ignoring and recreating the past which was the true history.

    It goes without saying, we, as a majority, have been dumbed down, by having been stolen from our ancestry, our parents .Our hair was cut off, we were taught a new language, forced to don foreign attire, create new values and preached a new history for our children and for us. Those who are in their formative years, have not a clue, nor a life of their own – Nor will they, if the lies persist to trickle in.

    Take a peek into the crazy of today’s society and the future, our children and what they are up against
    We are destined to be a slave for our lives and eternity – Unless we wake up, educate the ill-informed, eradicate the lies, and turn things around for the favor of the lives, of our children and their prodigy for a peaceful future – We shall not overcome.

    It is a battle against the Queens/Kings (royalty), there is not one side. We have, in one way or another, been taught their lies, in order that we be ignorant – You are included in this prospect. And shall be dealt a shoddy hand, in order to further the agenda of their take over of this planet – If you do not take a deep dive into our past, our history, or for the our survival of our people, and of the present, which is our future, and our children – We can and will, kiss it all GOOD BYE!

  • Remember how they made a big deal about all the “odd coincidences” between JFK and Lincoln? In 1964, 666Disney unveiled an ANIMATRONIC President Lincoln at the NY World’s Fair; pretty sure they could have made one that looked like it was being “assassinated”.
    You’ve probably heard of “The Dog That Didn’t Bark”, but did you hear about “The President’s Girlfriend (Mary Pinchot Meyer) Who Didn’t Cry (when she heard the news)” and who was likewise “assassinated” one year after her boyfriend, BLOODLESSLY, despite being shot in the head and heart.
    So now Jackie’s “crawling out on the back of the limo while bullets are supposedly still flying around” makes a lot more sense: no bullets and a big need to keep part of the Animatron from falling into the wrong hands.
    THUS the requirement for a “magic bullet”.

    JFK probably retired with his girlfriend to that place in Antarctica where people live practically forever.

    (Now that we know “it’s all theatre”, RFK might have accidentally gotten in the way of his bodyguard’s defense of an attack that RFK set up himself.)

    But we DO know that JFK was NOT IN THAT LIMO. No frickin way.

    PS. If you knew that every 12,000 years the Sun “burps” (in the form of a micronova), wiping out aboveground terrestrial civilization, and you can only save 500 million people (in underground caverns that you have been working on for the last 70 years), how would you select the best and brightest genes to save? A survival contest, perhaps?

    The ACTUAL government is ALWAYS “the military”; they just let civilians pretend to be running things, cuz administration is boring.

  • Since parts of my original comment came out all garbled and there was even couple of parts missing, I am posting it again. Pleas feel free to delete that chopped down version. Here is my full comment. Hope this time it comes out right:

    But JFK in that speech was calling for more censorship of the media, actually he was calling for more MSMedia self-censorship. Here is his full speech:

    MSMedia self-censorship was already achieved by the time JFK became POTUS. It was done by infiltration at the editorial level. Not by the Soviets, but by the CIA. Later on in 1991 Rockefeller even thanked the MSMedia for their ‘discretion in the past 40 years’. Here is David Rockefellers 1991 video:

    That means 1991 – 40 = 1951. And the date 1951 is plausible since the CIA was formed in 1947.
    So by the time JFK entered the scene in the 1960s all the MSMedia was already self-censoring and yet he found it very important to remind them to self-censor even more., which can be read only as a bluff on his part. If the MSM was already totally under central control, then there was no real reason for reminding them to come to heal. Which means his speech has two audiences:
    one layer of the speech is for general consumption, a feel-good public relations boosting, street-cred building operation, and the more cryptic layer is for the elite, informing them there is ‘our program’ that is coming into fruition. Which means that JFK was just playing a Jack & Jackie role here, a self aggrandizing one and misdirecting at the same time, since he too, along with his
    POTUS status, was under the same central control management.

    If one reads that out-of-context part of speech cited above, one gets a feeling that JFK is some kind of a warrior for more transparency and that he is preparing to battle some secret forces, but in reality he is using that passage only to crate dramatic effect, to set the stage for what is coming. And, as a bamboozling factor, what came after those words (in that speech of his?) is in
    total opposition to lead-in passage’s gist: after only reading that passage and nothing more one would expect from JFK to be asking the MSMedia to expose more secrets about government secrets, one would hope that he will be asking for more transparency, but he flips and turns around by suggesting that MSM should try to censor themselves even more. That is no friend
    of the masses, that is an swamp elitist attempting to hide even more greasy stuff.

    OUR PROGRAM – your obligation
    And then he even has audacity to covertly call for outright propaganda from those in the MSM who can read between the lines:

    “[34] It is the unprecedented nature of this challenge that also gives rise to your second obligation—an obligation which I share. And that is our obligation to inform and alert the American people—to make certain that they possess all the facts that they need, and understand them as well—the perils, the prospects, the purposes of our program and the choices that we face.”

    To ‘alert’ means fear-porn for the public. After all, the elites had already planned for the string of wars to be fought and the public had to be mentally engaged, aroused and concerned.

    ‘Make certain they posses all the fact that they need and understand them as well’ means a very specific narrative, very specific set of facts, only those facts that are needed, but needed for what? Facts that corresponds with ‘our program’, facts that narrowly support the narrative of ‘our program’, facts which should be repeated ad-nausea until the public stands under (behind the ‘our program’). He even suggests the method to be used to promote the desired narrative:
    it should be kind-a equation (scientific era is starting) weighing between ‘the perils’ and ‘the prospects’.
    And the success of ‘our program’ should be secured by the advertised algorithm of unavoidable choices that will have to be made in the future. In this way majority of the people will always make a suggested choice, or they will have a false impression that the choice that they’ve made was theirs. Even worse, people will never be asked to make any choices, but will simply go along with whatever programming was unfolding (propagandized in advance into their minds) and will never ask themselves if there ever was any real choice to be had or if ‘our program’ makes any sense at all.
    In short: he is calling to MSM for very focused propaganda, more fear to ingrain it on emotional level and more controversy to divert public’s focus away from any competition to ‘our program’.

    By the end of the speech he (POTUS) is taking over MSM role fully:

    “[38] This means greater coverage and analysis of international news—for it is no longer far away and foreign but close at hand and local. It means greater attention to improved understanding of the news as well as improved transmission. And it means, finally, that government at all levels, must meet its obligation to provide you with the fullest possible information outside the narrowest limits of national security–and we intend to do it.”

    Did you get it?
    All MSM news is government news. ‘Our program’ and nothing else:
    ‘government’ … ‘to provide’ … ‘fullest possible information’ … ‘outside limits of national security’ … ‘and we intend to do it’

    Every day I am more inclined to believe that the Kennedy clan is actually central part of the swamp, especially when I read papers that suggest there is a very high probability that they all faked their premature deaths:

    ET TU Greg Reese?
    “Regicide is the ritual killing of a king to memorialize a subversion of power.”

    What happens when one finds out that the power of king was never exclusively with him but was shared with king-makers behind the throne and he and them jointly decided to wool over the public’s eyes with every action he made publicly while on the throne and even when he was dismounting it? Ritual killing,real or faked, actually empowers the illusion, empowers and maintains the fiction itself, fiction that there was and still is power vested in the king.

    Some more wool spinning over our eyes by Greg Reese:
    “And while the Kennedy Family is as greasy as the rest of the swamp, the two brothers stand out like mythical kings.”

    What happens when one finds out that mythical brothers were just that:
    a feel-good story to pool wool over public’s mind meaning all the mentioned above postscript additions to the original mythos – stories following after brothers disrobed from their public roles and returned to their greasy swamp life – are just systematic and relentless continuations of that original make-believe story (bought and payed for by the swamp), purest fiction that creates and maintains historical feedback-loop which allows for the circular logic to be sustained for decades in those who still cling to ‘our program’? The social system is a fiction, legal fiction yet still a fiction. One who wants to be part of the main stage has to maintain and defend this fiction. To do so one has to perform illusory acts from time to time. One has to be convincing illusionist, otherwise one is asked to step down. Sometimes one gets opportunity
    to perform ones Oscar material illusion while one (or maybe two) is in the process of stepping down or mounting the stage.

    Since we, the public, are fed with the bare minimum of relevant information – we are kept in our place by being given the ‘need to know’ excuse – and since we mostly are aware of this, we should doubt in anything and almost everything that is coming from the actor’s guild swamping in their hard earned champagne bubble trickery. Most information we were and are given (Nina Rhodes Hughes said this, Dr. Ron Paul said that, declassified documents show….), by the nature and logic of social system’s performance, must be part of the continuous trick. And Greg Reese is part of the continued deception going on for decades, gaming the public’s emotions by out of context statements and cockamamie stories.

    Now, close your eyes and imagine you are in everglades. There is sound coming from all directions:
    swaaaaamptricky … swaaaaaamptickets …. swaaaaaamptrickme …. swaaaaaaamptrickthee …. swaaaaaamptrickyee ………………………………………………….. swaaaaampvoteme.

      • I think that it was these characters that I used for quotations:
        >> and <<
        I removed them and … voila all OK.

        …and, Alexandra, please remove the other comment, it makes little sense as it is.

        Thanks you!

    • Princess Diana, JFK, many more assassinated (or not), for effectual and/or personal gain to their quest.

  • RFK, Jr has publicly stated that it wasn’t Sirhan that killed his father. The bullet used to kill RFK didn’t match the caliber in Sirhan’s gun – it matched the caliber of the Cops gun behind RFK. That makes perfect sense..

    I saw this discussion by RFK, Jr in a vaccine docuseries online. Although I agree with RFK , Jr’s stance on vaccines, he is still a rabid “climate change” proponent and has said in the past that climate change deniers should be JAILED.

    Once again, the Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 group in charge of the planet offers their Puppet A and Puppet B as choices for President. The entire system is rigged, and always has been. The children of the devil are taking the planet for themselves, as THEIR inheritance. They will be successful, but their success will be short-lived and uprooted by The Creators.

    Prepare for the coming Economic collapse & declaration of WAR in October (14th during the annular eclipse?), followed by MASSIVE earthquakes to occur in (Fall of?) 2014 that will change the geography of the USA in a major way (think Edgar Cayce & US Navy maps).

    Get right with your God and pray, for these things MUST HAPPEN… Many of us are meant to be witnesses. Millions will die, and times will be tough, but in the end, The MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH, and the wicked will perish.

    May The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.

    • RFK Jr recently clarified his position to Kim Iversen, saying that “climate and pollution issues are being exploited by the WEF, Bill Gates and all of these mega billionaires the same way that COVID was exploited, to use it as an excuse to clamp down with top-down totalitarian controls on society and to give us engineering solutions and if you look at the IP of those solutions, those same guys own the patents for those solutions.”

      • After Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, the queen asked that a bell ring for him in Westminster Abbey. Elizabeth’s pregnancy kept her from a memorial service at St. Paul’s Cathedral (Prince Philip went to the funeral in Washington, D.C.), but she arranged another service at Windsor Castle that she could attend.

        On May 14, 1965, an acre of Runnymede — where King John had signed the Magna Carta in 1215 — was given to the American people to honor JFK. Elizabeth’s speech mentioned, “The high hopes that rode with him in a future that was not to be.”

        Possibly more double speak, from a woman who clearly was devoted to the cause.

  • The character assassination of Robert F. Kennedy jr has already begun with enthusiasm from the globalist. I’m sure the CIA are rubbing their hands together and licking their chops on how to murder another Kennedy.

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