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Reason TV’s Remy prepares Christmas travelers for groping season.

Safe travels, everyone!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Absolutely loved this…..thanks so much! It’s right on the mark.
    I never fly…..ever since I heard about ‘kill switches’….and then those x-rays…horrid! I can’t believe people sacrifice their dignity for so called ‘security’. Great job on the song!
    Sooooooo………funny! 🙂

  • I needed that. My 88 year old brother, who wears a truss, was taken to a room and had to take his clothes off when flying to AZ to visit my sister who is hospice. I’m driving this year

  • Now THAT is an agency that MUST Go (TSA)…Its ONLY purpose is to Humiliate the Sheeple….because there NEVER a real “War on Terror”…the so-called reason for its creation.
    Its also the reason I will NEVER use any Airline to travel…Until it is removed.

  • Waiting for the longest time, and if your going out of country you will be stabled 16 times with mercury before the longest time…. Have a nice “TRIP” or was that a tilt. I like old music, lol!

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