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    In this surreal Halloween/Lucha Libre episode of InfoWars, where Alex Jones no longer has to worry about being deplatformed because he’s already been wiped off of every major social media site that there is, he is free and uncensored to play the role of a gay frog wearing a tutu opposite himself playing the Globalist villain, Atrazine Man.

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    • The first step of the scientific method is observation. There are small labs investigating genetic psychopathy but they are underfunded. There are scientists who have observed psychopaths have wrecked havoc throughout known, written history. The consensus in the current study of psychopathy is that there are two types, primary, which is genetic, and secondary, which is the result of chronic sustained abuse. (secondary psychopaths are extremely hard to treat). From what I have read, the study of psychopathy is now focusing more on genetics, rather than behavioral causation. Brain scans on suspected genetic psychopaths revealed the amydala did not light up when the brain was exposed to stimuli that should elicit empathy. It is estimated that 1-4% of the total human species are psychopathic. The amydala has been shown to represent the human conscience in brain studies. It sits upon the “triune brain” or brain stem, sometimes called the R-Complex or reptile brain. (please verify). In 2013, President Obama approved a 100 million dollar “brain mapping” project to “computationally map the human brain.” But there was no talk of isolating the psychopathic gene (s), as far as I know. I wonder why? Ever wonder what life on Earth could be like if we could isolate and address genetic psychopathy? If the avg. person, who really wishes no harm, could live with others, with functioning amydalas? Why do humans insist on ignoring the obvious?

      • You’d be interested in the MINDS OF MEN documentary by TruthStreamMedia’s Melissa and Aaron Dykes (available for rental or purchase on their website), which uncovers the history of neorscience and brain discovery pre-MK-ULTRA covert programs…

    • Ask ME if I even give a Damn WHAT Alex Jones is…I KNOW he is a NWO propaganda pawn, and stopped listening to him over a decade ago.

    • Though I back burnered AJ a decade ago, or more, the hypocrisy and fall back on rote lies and naive ignorance he exposes here is a ‘hat’s off’ to him for the message and actually doing it himself.

      Face it folks, ‘may you live in lying times’ is upon US. Science has been monitoring frog populations as a barometer of acidity and toxins in our water supply for at least 50 years…and here is this worm kid and his mindless interviewer shill making it all just wonderful for our lying eyes to be blinded.

      The level of irrational, mindless, emotion based, undiscriminating facile drivel abounding in American culture (uh, I’m being generous on the ‘culture’ handle) does truly belong only in a horror disaster apocalypse novel.

      • David Hogg is a nightmare. I avoid talking about him in articles because he’s still a kid but he is awful.

        • He is no kid. When a younger person kills someone, do we say that he’s still a kid????? He’s doing a shitload of damage, highly toxic

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