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    After a long hiatus, Joy Camp and the Conspiracy Guy series are back with this clever piece about QAnon, conspiracy culture, social media, normies, NPCs, the *tolerant* Left – and how maybe we need to get some more facetime and less computer time!

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Very enjoyable. Amidst all the doom, gloom and name-calling, its great to see fun can still be had. Would love to see more. Thanks Alexandra 🙂

    • LOL……
      Very funny!
      Admittedly in between all the ‘info’ that’s imbedded…in nearly everyone’s ‘puter’…’s good exercise to step back and study the situation.
      Who’s getting the wine? 🙂

    • Q is clearly an insider in the know. I suspect he’s Flynn or someone working with the Alliance.

      Trump may be a douchebag at times, but if he keeps up the current trajectory and takes out these Satanic pedophile murderers, he’ll have my vote. But to really drain the swamp, we need Bill, Kill, George Dick & Larry on the guillotine.

    • Hahahahaha, none of this would be possible if we had real work to do like in the old days when we were too worn out to waste our R&R time pecking a stupid keyboard!

    • Yeah, facetime is really useful. Especially to answer questions like: What are really like? My experience has been invariably that they’re nothing like the Internet version of them.

      So if you’re getting your notions about all or any of those groups from the Internet… sorry, you’ve been mind-raped already. And I don’t care which site is your source. They all lie like high-stakes poker bets depend on it. Which is probably what’s going on. I mean, Internet sites on those subjects are only for people too lazy to find out the truth by themselves, because it isn’t exactly hard to find out where the nearest chance to meet them in face can be found. In other words, those Internet sites are for people already willing to be mind-raped and not really interested in the truth. Also known as fools happy to part with their hard-earned cash.

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