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    I missed this great post from Clif High a week ago. It’s one of his better posts of late, with lots of fascinating observations and predictions.

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    • Cliff, since you failed to mention the more significant part of African Slave Trade, I will do it for you, being as Europe was a minor player, compared to the Muslim/Arab Slave Trade in Africa’s Congo.
      With the first incursion of Muslim/Arabs into Northern Africa, 7th century/640 AD., began one of the most brutal Slave Hunter’s & Master’s in history. The Sub-Saharan Slave Trade, that we hear little about, that even Muammar Gaddafi was compelled to apologize in public forum’s on Libya’s behalf to the African people, even up till his last year of life.
      When the Arab’s defeated Egypt & took control of North & East Africa, & Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast & Nigeria, Arab/Muslim’s hunted African boys & girls in the most gruesome/abominable fashion & castrating boys 9-12. The captured slaves were taken to the main Islamic Outpost in Zanzibar, on Africa’s East Coast. They were sold in Indonesia, China, Southwest Asia, India & Africa itself.
      This over 1,000 year old Slave Trade would come to an end by the European intervention that began in 1876, under the International African Association. It was the Europeans that put an end to African slave trade in their Country’s, while the Arab/Muslim’s in places like Saudi Arabia would still be enslaving even into the 1970’s & beyond.

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