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I ran across this excellent bit of news when Gen Michael Flynn posted this video on TRUTHSocial. Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts announces that the latest attempt by the WHO make their International Health Regulations “mandatory” on member states, rather than “guidance” has failed but he warns that we’re not out of the woods, yet.

The Fascist lockdowns, masking, social distancing, testing and vaccine mandates that we’ve all lived through during the fake pandemic were merely “guidance” from the WHO, which were voluntarily adopted by various jurisdictions. Imagine if they had been “binding” and codified into law!

As Senator Roberts says here, “This would have represented a complete destruction of Australian sovereignty,” and of all other nations’ sovereignty.”

Last year, the previous presidential administration of Australia (and the Biden Regime) had voted in favor of these same changes in the WHO’s the Pandemic Treaty, where they are also present – but thankfully, there were enough other countries that weren’t completely captured (mostly in Africa) who voted against these changes and their votes won the day.

These draconian changes have now been dropped from the International Health Regulations and the WHO will, for now remain an advisory body.

However, the Pandemic Treaty will be voted on again in 2024 and these tyrannical changes will still need to be voted down, yet again!

Roberts explains:

“Dystopian demands, such as allowing the World Health Organization to make binding health orders overriding state and federal control have been tossed out. This includes proposed powers that would have allowed the World Health Organization to control systems for proof of vaccination or vaccination status, quarantine procedures, citizen travel and mobility, forced vaccination, lockouts, lockdowns, mandatory detention and other completely unacceptable infringements on people.

“Gone is the ‘Universal Health Passport’ or the vaccine passport that was going to control ability of citizens to travel between countries in a permanent capacity.

“It was decided that this would raise ethical and discriminatory concerns. A global digital vaccine passport will no longer be developed under the Committee’s powers – for now. The Committee will remain confined to actual public health emergencies, rather than ‘potential health risks’ undefined, removing the widely-held fear that their scope could be extended to ‘climate lockdowns’ and other human rights abuses, which would have been possible, because the United Nations World Health Organization had proposed to remove human rights completely from the regulations.

“After a backlash, the Committee now strongly recommends the retention of the existing text, which is, quote: ‘Full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons as an overarching principle.’

“This is a critical backdown. The World Health Organization Committee working on these changes has just recommitted to its fundamental human rights pledge, in defiance of the proposed amendments. The findings of the Committee agreed with the concerns that one nation raised regarding threats to sovereignty.

“In their final report, the Committee said it was, quote: ‘Concerned that the proposals may unduly impinge on the sovereignty of state parties and make recommendations binding instead of voluntary. In the end, the fears raised on the international stage and within what’s left of the free press, fears I raised and for which I was called a ‘conspiracy theorist’, I was correct!

“Their decision to throw out this attempt to grab power from sovereign governments is a crucial first step in stopping unelected global bureaucracies from overstepping their purpose. Pauline Hanson first raised the United Nation’s treasonous work in parliament in 1996, 27 years ago. In my first senate speech in 2016, I called for Australia to exit the United Nations, AusExit. We’ve been so strongly outspoken against ceding Australian sovereignty to the unhinged United Nations-World Economic Forum alliance, that the World Economic Forum recently specifically called us out. We’re getting under their skin!

“This fight is not over. All of the terrifying proposed powers that have been summarily rejected this week are duplicated in the proposed United Nations World Health Organization Pandemic Treaty. The Pandemic Treaty is a second attempt to turn the World Health Organization into the World Health Police.

“The Pandemic Treaty is alive and well, sitting in the system, waiting for our so-called leaders to sign. If the Pandemic Treaty were to be approved, it would enforce all of the binding health powers that others in the World Health Organization have just rejected. What a mess!

“The United Nations World Health Organization is too big, to bureaucratic, too removed from the people it’s supposed to help. It’s corrupt, incompetent, dishonest and above all else, too big to the big pharmaceutical industry.

“The next step to protect Australia’s health sovereignty is to make sure that the Pandemic Treaty is completely rejected and that the Prime Minister does not sign it. For concerned Australians who have written to their Members of Parliament and received a stock reply, saying the Treaty has to go through Parliament first, that’s actually not true!

“The World Health Organization Pandemic Treaty includes a provision that it becomes binding on Australia the moment our World Health Organization representative signs it. No parliamentary oversight required. Well, screw that! One nation’s work continues.”

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  • “I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet, I ask you, is not an alien force already among us? What could be more alien to the universal aspirations of our peoples than war and the threat of war?”
    Ronald Reaan, Sept. 2, 1997
    These words have never been more relevant than they are today, as we are currently engaged in World War III, and NO, the enemy is NOT Russia, nor China, the enemy, the aliens, are within our ranks, they are the WHO, the WEF, the UN and all other globalists entities and persons, injected into positions of power through wealth and stolen elections, and they are indeed alien to us, as we share no values, no morals and most certainly, no goals, as theirs is one of absolute dominance, a global Fascist oligarchy to rule over we the peasants!
    That would be those that remain, after the depopulation agenda is achieved! They all must be ended, or they will end all freedom, all liberty and most of us!

  • We can always count on communists to be communists!

    We must resolve to never again permit collectivists of whatever stripe or color to use expediency and a badly flawed greater good to trump more important considerations, such as our Constitutional rights, just for starters!

    The Damoclean Sword is still swinging over our necks, by the way.

  • Hi,
    Strange thing about those words: We’re not out of the woods yet.
    We ONLY get out of the woods when people wake Up.
    Hopefully there’s no unexplained or suicide deaths of world leaders , That get replaced by leaders that would vote for the Pandemic Treaty.


  • The WHO is one of the quickest ways to allow the UN soldiers to invade our sovereign soil.
    That, and I don’t want to have to “Speak in Tongues” just to pronounce the name of the head of this Organization. Name one country that association with the unelected bureaucrats of the WHO has ever helped, besides China. The WHO is a true Pandemic of the People.

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