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US military shot down another unidentified object over Lake Huron – the third in three days – while the White House refused to confirm them, amid speculation that radar has been recalibrated since the Chinese spy balloon was downed.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • If I remember correctly, I’ve heard from Michele Lestelia that military already has the technology to create holography, which they can use for desperate attempt to deceive people.

    And are we supposed to believe in MSM and military bull**** just because of their claim (similarly to “belief” on virus existence when scientists “claim” about its existence without valid proof)?

    Question everything.

  • The regime is desperate to distract focus away from their multi-billion dollar catastrophe in Ukraine while they attempt to find a way out of the trap they set for Putin, because Russia is smashing them!

    • Maybe Putin is doing so, but he’s also known for doing shady stuff such as assassinating people and silencing protests.
      And of course, he was a WEF.
      Therefore, advice you not to put too much hope on him and Russia.

  • There are no facts concerning any shoot downs…just misinformation from corporate media…more distractions from the Globalist…a blur is now a “strange object”
    It’s called Fake News!

  • A & B, Benny. Our government and Trudeau—-first clue that this is a massive attempt to divert attention from the horror they are planning.

  • There ya go, alien invasion narrative is being hyped up
    any good reason for us to believe in military?
    And there isn’t even a proof that whatever it was came from China.
    Speaking of China, it is also claiming stuff such as it will shoot down the balloon (as to say the object is from somewhere else).
    We have been played by global government hoax.

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