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Dr. Geordie Rose is the Founder and Chief Technical Officer of D-Wave Systems, a manufacturer of $20M quantum computing machines, which have been bought by major American research corporations, including Lockheed, NASA and the University of Southern California. The company is located in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

In this mind-boggling talk by Dr. Rose, he gives a thumbnail of how quantum computers work, saying that they will in a few years, outstrip human capabilities at *everything* – not at just math calculations – but everything.

Further, he refers to the Many World Hypothesis (MWI), which as far as he and his machines are concerned are not a hypothesis, at all and very real, with his machines’ capable of accessing parallel, almost mirror-worlds to our own, timelines with the same physical laws, where resources exist in those universes can be accessed when we may need them.

He doesn’t say exactly how this is achieved, here but the implications are endless…and at $20M, his quantum computers would seem to be a real steal – if these capabilities are real.

These are his three predictions:

1. By 2018, NASA will have found a planet with oceans of liquid water and an Earth-like atmosphere within 40 light years of Earth using a quantum computer and the serious discussions about traveling there will begin.

2. By 2023, a major breakthrough in physics will occur, based on a model whose cornerstone is the reality of parallel universes; an experiment will be performed on a quantum computer which will support the new theory.

3. By 2028, intelligent machines will exist that can do anything that humans can do; quantum computers will have played a critical role in the creation of this new type of intelligence.

Don’t miss this jaw-dropping, paradigm-shifting talk, given in June, 2016 in Vancouver, Canada.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • La primera profecia ya se cumplió. Estamos en 2021 y camino a la segunda profecía mientras que China lleva la delantera en éste momento en computación cuántica. Seguiremos pendientes

    • Yes, the possibilities are quite exciting. I’ll keep a lookout for more talks by Dr. Geordie Rose, to see if he’s made more information public.

  • great comments on a most interesting article … yes, we do create our own reality, that also a co-creation with like thinkers.

    In my own case, in having woke up to my higher Self, I feel compelled to inform others of what I see as the cause of their “sleep walking” … now that sounds really negative and could well be very fearful for them, all the more reason, in their way of thinking, to ignore and remain sleeping.

    But until we confront our fears they will never go away, they will only increase our distress. The truth shall set us free because the truth is that GOD (not God nor gods) has a plan for us that works out always for the greater good.

    Like the splitting of the atom, so goes quantum science, the reality will work out according to what the “creators” think … garbage in – garbage out … it would help if these scientists, and especially those who fund them, had good motives.

    As for myself, the truth has set me free of all fear … I highly recommend that. 🙂

    Keep up the wonderful work Alexandra.

  • My concern is not that these quantum computer beasts exist and are already being used by NASA and GOOGLE, no less. My primary concern is the lack of responsibility/concern both of the named entities have exhibited to the public over time. (No. NASA does not answer to the public.) It’s no secret that surveillance is Google’s middle name. NASA tells the public nothing that does not support their closed narrative–the same one we’ve heard for decades. Occasionally, they leak information that reveals everything the public should know about their focus but only in a drip, drip, drip. The dripped info requires reconstruction by the public into the real NASA narrative, if they can. By their natures, neither entity is trustworthy. Now, this guy is telling us he can “grab” resources from and exploit other dimensions. What will “they” be grabbing? Who will “they” be exploiting both inside and outside our universe? How will these other “universes” react? Will/can they react? I know we would. Tacking onto another commenter’s note: How many “useless eaters” will “they” be retiring as they improve their knowledge of operations and their waiting overlords learn more about how to eliminate what “they” deem useless in every area of our world? Maybe butterflies and bees are useless because they assist in growing useless eater food? AND the ultimate question–WHO ARE “THEY”? There are a hundred others, but you’ll not hear truth from these behemoths of corporatocracy. Instead, what do we hear coming from their spokesman? “Oh, they are in open use at the “university”. It’s intellectual! It’s safe! Be happy! Something so wonderful, so incredible, so brilliant is in the hands of those who exhibit little conscious toward and disregard for the public. That should be frightening to anyone.. Well shall see.

  • It really does look like it’s all about ridding the world of “useless eaters”. The mega rich already have all the money. They’ll trade with each other and have their robots do the transactions. (The robots’ rebellion will be sweet, though).

    You heard Catherine Austin Fitts: at the current rate of increasing cases, by 2032, 1 in ever 2 Americans born will get autism, with 80% of all males having autism (they get it at a significantly higher rate than females). This is suspected to be coming from the heavily-mandated vaccines.

    Compound this with health-harming GMOs, the chemtrails, carcinogenic electro-smog and Fukushima fallout plus a likely upcoming nuclear WWIII…

    If you wish to live in a post-Apocalyptic scenario, the Southern Hemisphere looks like the only choice. Dubya and his cronies already have their gigantic ranches ready, sitting atop the world’s largest untapped aquifer in Paraguay, a country with a recently US-installed military dictatorship. (This story has received next to no coverage). Nazis <3 Paraguay!

    All of these stories I've been running are pointing in the same direction. Here's the Deagel forecast for 2025 again:

  • “we can now build intelligent machines”…WHY? “trying to build artificial life”…WHY?
    The only reason is ‘because we can’ and in the meantime, these ‘things’ ARE AN ALTER TO AN ALIEN GOD!…no thanks, this quest is weak minded…the human being has all that is necessary, internally, to understand and know.

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