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Jack Posobiec, who’s an anchor on One America News Network joined Joshua Philipp to discuss the current psychological civil war, the impeachment and his new book and I transcribed the first 15 minutes below.


Jack Posobiec: We’ve got a situation now where it’s purely political, it’s purely linguistic and the only way to either push the narrative or defend and maybe push another narrative…is through psychological warfare, through narrative warfare, through media warfare, through public relations; PR.

These are all words for the same thing. PR is just psychological warfare by another name. It sounds nicer. It’s more euphemistic. But you’re doing the same thing…

I’ve written a book about psychological warfare, called ‘4D Warfare’, talking about how in the military, fourth-generation warfare, also known as hybrid warfare is something that’s been practiced by China, by Russia other countries have used this. There’s a huge case study on how Russia used hybrid warfare when they went into Crimea in 2014 and currently, China is using hybrid warfare in Hong Kong.

What I did in my book was I wrote about how hybrid warfare, in a sense can be used for political purposes. And we’re seeing that now, through social media and traditional media with President Trump…

FDR won because he mastered radio. JFK won because he mastered TV. Donald Trump won because he mastered social media. He knew how to say something that would go viral every time he wanted it to go viral, right?

Whether you liked him or whether you hated him, you couldn’t stop talking about him and what he said and so now, that same that same situation is playing out, whether it was during the the Russia scenario, which sort of came and went – but that was the entire narrative for two years…

First, it was “Russia collusion”. You know, Trump was colluding with Russia. Now, it’s “Ukraine collusion”, even though Ukraine is the sworn enemy of Russia! But you know, apparently, Trump is working secretly for both of them…

Whether you’re a critic or a supporter of the President, this is all playing out through social media. It’s all playing out through different sources of information and you can almost choose your own reality, at this point…

Because, you can turn on one of the left-leaning channels and it’s, you know, “Trump is guilty! Trump did it! Trump is going down! The end is near! The walls are closing in!” and again, hearing that for three years from these guys.

Or you could turn on one of the right-leaning channels who say, “President Trump was conducting diplomacy. This was a routine phone call. He’s going about the business of the nation and everything is going fine. The economy is doing well. Stock market is up. People aren’t having trouble, having real problems out there. Yeah, there’s some issues with immigration, there’s obviously issues with the manufacturing base.President sharp addressed that during his campaign. He’s working on it.

It’s amazing to see. Scott Adams has this line and I have to give him credit for it: “It’s it’s like two people watching two different movies at the same time.”

Joshua Philipp: …It’s these ideological silos. People go into whatever tribe they want and they have their own narratives and their own ideas and they don’t listen to anything outside of it.

But I think we’re in a difficult part now, because there is a lot of disinformation and there is a lot of intentional manipulation, at least as far as I can see it and I know we were discussing a bit off-camera about what we’re seeing now with the impeachment and it seems – well I guess I should ask you. What is your perception on why this is happening? What are we watching taking place, right now?

Jack Posobiec: Well, what you’re seeing take place now is the fact that the American people are realizing that these these lofty ideals of democracy and being able to change your President and the people having a voice and the president making the decisions is all kind of a fairy tale, right?

There is a a regime in Washington, an empire, an oligarchy, a bureaucracy an administrative state – whatever you can call it – permanent state, whatever word you want to use for it, Deep State – that is unchanging and it continues on, organically through its own.

This goes back to Woodrow Wilson. He believed in the growth of the administrative state as a form of socio-politico Darwinism, where the state would exist has on its own as a creature that was ever-evolving and that, you know petty politics was merely just for window dressing. This was what Wilson wanted, this was what he laid out by and large in his Progressive writings.

This is the birth Progressive Movement, it was through the growth of the administrative state and through leaps and bounds.

And, certainly through the Wilson Administration, FDR and later, Bill Clinton, with the explosion of Federal Government in the ’90s, we saw this bureaucracy really take root and take over the organs of power in Washington DC, to the point that when you have a president who’s elected, like Donald Trump that doesn’t like to believe the experts, doesn’t follow along, doesn’t you know, “go along to get along”,  doesn’t want to be part of that; who is is inherently skeptical of academics, you know skeptical of professors and I’m sure he’d call them “eggheads” or something like that…

And so it you’re seeing that clash of power…People refer to it as “The Blob” in Washington DC even, even prior to Trump’s administration…

Regardless of who becomes president, you still have to deal with that situation. So, instead of the president being the person who’s in charge and makes the decisions, it turns out that voting every four years is really more just like, you know a suggestion box to that state, that animal that is unchanging and permanent.

Joshua Philipp: Well, this was one of the original concerns about the republic system for the United States because historically, republics often decline first into democracy, you know, mob-rule and then eventually, into tyranny.

I mean, look at the Greeks, look at the Romans. That’s why…”It’s a republic, if we can keep it.”

…I think we’re at a crossroads as a country. I think that we’re seeing whether that system can be changed…I think what people voted for Trump for was to drain the Swamp and we’re seeing, as Trump said in his tweet, “The Swamp is fighting back!”

Jack Posobiec: When you go to drain the Swamp, the crocodiles bite and that’s what you’re seeing right now, with this parade, this cavalcade of unelected bureaucrats; names that no one’s ever voted for, names that the general American public has never heard but we’re told by those in media who support this system, because in many cases there’s a revolving door between them and the media, you see this with MSNBC, NBC, CNN, that these government officials will suddenly gain analyst positions or commentary positions.

And you say, “Hey you’re the head of the CIA! Why should I believe you? You were the guy with the warrantless wiretapping, you lied to Congress about that! And now this Steele Dossier! Why I should I listen to you on mainstream media in the evenings? How do you have any credibility in any of this?

…So what they’re doing is they’re defending their purposes but they’re also defending that system…where, instead of a spoils system, where it used to be that the president was elected and then his cabinet, his administration would be headed by his supporters – obviously – and his people who campaigned for him, of course, because those are people who would agree with him and then he would be able to get his policies implemented…

Instead, now we’re seeing that, regardless of who’s elected, those bureaucrats don’t change and so the idea of draining the Swamp – I don’t think people realize just how much of a threat the Swamp took that and how how personal that became for them and how much they internalized that.

You see this in the text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Paige and I got to tell you, as a guy who’s worked in the bureaucracy in the intelligence community version of that, ODNI, Naval Intelligence, that that mentality that is widespread.

There’s this idea that the American people are rubes. There’s the idea that the American people don’t know what they’re doing, they’re clueless, they’re foolish and that an elite aristocracy must be enacted to mind things, to mind the till, to govern them, to control them and they really do believe that; that they are empowered and entitled to be the government they don’t care about the folks in the middle of the country who are suffering from from an opioid crisis – which by the way, overdoses are the highest they’ve ever been in American history.

We’re currently suffering through a suicide crisis that no one’s talking about. Alcoholism – these are crimes of despair – deaths of despair…

All of these things are going on in the great middle of the United States and yet we’re told not to talk about that we’re not to talk about the jobs that have gone overseas from Detroit, we’re not to talk about the jobs that have left factories that have been rebuilt in Mexico, lost to through NAFTA with Mexico in Canada. We’re not to talk about the idea that immigrants are now coming in from parts of the world that don’t share our values but are replacing, in many cases these towns, these cities these places where people grew up – the town where I grew up is now mostly replaced by immigrants – outside of Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania and so it’s quite accurate to say my hometown doesn’t exist anymore, because the town I grew up in doesn’t exist anymore. It’s a completely different place.

And yet we’re told that we shouldn’t worry about any of those things because we’re all just rubes and we’re not intelligent enough to make these decisions for ourselves and these decisions are decided for us and we can complain about it at the ballot box and put our suggestions in but if you want to actually change any of this, oh, no, no, no!

So, you see that mentality from people, like this Lieutenant-Colonel Vindman who it’s been reported that he referred to Americans as “Rednecks”. He was joking about Americans to the Russians on a military exercise, according to someone who was there with them.

You’ll also see this in the Page-Strzok text messages, where they would say, “Whenever I see a Trump supporter, I can smell Walmart. They all smell like Walmart.” This mentality, this hyper-elitism that exists in the bureaucracy.

There are essentially four power nodes in the United States right now. There used to be three. It was Hollywood, New York and Washington. Now, I guess the fourth would be Silicon Valley…

And if you don’t have one or all of those on your side, is there a way to gain power in America? Well, you can, if you’re Donald Trump and if you have the stature and the ability to be able to do so and to to just collect so many people in the middle of this country, to rally them to your cause and say, “I will fight for you and I will fight for your interests!”

But the fact that matter is is that unless those people rally behind someone like Donald Trump or someone else who’s fighting for their interests, there simply aren’t any moneyed interests for any of these issues, like immigration or trade or foreign policy and there’s only interests in perpetuating the system as it stands.

Nobody ever got rich fighting for the American people.

Joshua Philipp: Trump, he’s lost how much money? Over over a billion dollars, right?

So, I think the the picture we’re looking at, when it comes to the impeachment thing, it’s something that we see across the United States: it’s a battle for narrative and how do you interpret the changes taking place in the country? Just like it is, how do you interpret what’s the meaning of what Trump said?

The transcript of the Ukraine call is now public, the debate now is on the meaning what did Trump mean in the words he spoke?

Jack Posobiec: We were talking about this earlier…they’ll have these people on who say, “A source familiar with Trump’s thinking,” So are we mind readers now? Is this is this Professor Xavier with Cerebro?…Like Luke Skywalker: “Mr. President, I sense the quid-pro-quo in you.”


Joshua Philipp: My analysis, based on what we’re seeing with the impeachment thing is it’s a continuation of what we’ve been watching for the past three and a half, four years, which is a campaign of emotional manipulation to cause people to react emotionally to what they’re seeing on the surface.

The stimuli is Donald Trump. What is your reaction when you see him? And so, the facts don’t matter, when it comes to emotional agitation/propaganda/disinformation…what matters is the vote. What matters is the emotional memory that you’ve formed through the agitation. So, I don’t think they care if their narratives get proven false because even if the surface narrative gets proven false, what remains is the emotional memory and this is classic Edward Bernays propaganda. This is classic Pavlov’s Dog.


This gets us into what we’re seeing now in Hong Kong. Now, in my in my analysis, I think Hong Kong could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I think the Chinese Communist Party is terrified of it but the way they’re going at it is interesting. They sent a bunch of troops, military troops to Hong Kong, which violated Hong Kong law…but instead of stamping down people and rolling down the streets in tanks, they dressed in their workout fatigues and they went and picked up trash.


Jack Posobiec: What China is now doing with its soldiers is the exact opposite of Tiananmen Square, because they realized that Tiananmen Square was an absolute failure for them, in terms of optics and in terms of psychological warfare. Now, China knows that, because they’ve gotten rich off of the rest of the world, not the other way around – yes, there’s been elites who have gotten rich through China but the majority of the wealth that China has received now has come through exploiting Chinese workers and and selling cheap stuff to the rest of the world, like us.

So they know that they need the rest of the world. They need to maintain those trade relationships if they want to continue this this gravy train. The problem is, how do you crack down on protesters who are pointing out the flaws in your system, who are pointing out the shoddy financial background and in all of this?

And so they have to use a light touch. So, what China’s doing it’s very very clever and very very insidious, in what they’re doing by sending those soldiers out, not to crack down but to clean the streets with with dustpan and broom and maybe a mop and they’re not going out in uniform fatigues…

No, no, no, no. They’re going out in there in their exercise clothing, they’re going out in their PT gear and they just look like a couple of guys who just want to do something good for their country and gosh darn it! Those rascally protesters who are just messing everything up!

…without even saying a word, they’re conveying a narrative to you, that these protesters are causing trouble and we’re here just to clean it up and do nothing else…

The Chinese are realizing that it’s the power of optics that has far far more wide-reaching effects than anything to do with hard power, in terms of military or in terms of crackdowns…so, why use your military, when you can just use soft power?

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  • After we found One America News Network it eventually became the only news network we watch.

    They are running a special by one of their journalists went with Giuliani to Ukraine where she interviewed many key people who disprove Shiff’s allegations.

  • This is a pretty excellent interview. I tried to go back to videos from 1995-1980 to find interviews of the parties Republican/Democrat and its pretty hard to find but from memory, and I could be wrong here but it seems 1) FOX has been pro-republican as far back as I can remember 2) CNN & MSMBC have been pro-Democrat. 20+ years ago I shut off my cable and stopped watching their news because I felt it was all bullshit, there was no true news being reported about world affairs. I did watch local news on the free channels but that was it. It appeared to me that it was all just a game being played as a distraction and to keep us all confused and stupid. This is what YouTube has done now and sadly there is no-where to go for any news on events around the world, we are seeing what they want us to see all-the-while shenanigans are going on behind the scenes. The war machine, this was the first of my eye opening experiences, the banks funding the war machines. I dropped out of the banking system as -far-as WellsFargo and moved my money over to credit unions, I got rid of the “debit card”, started using checks again, saving money outside the bank, then did our taxes last year and did it online, “my stupid mistake” and the Turbo Tax software read my computer and automatically checked the box no on “bitcoin” which meant the computer read my computer automatically without my permission. What else did that software read? On Amazon I decided to watch a brainless program (on forensics) just to have something mindless to listen too while working around the house and if shit didn’t get crazier than it already is I’m listening to how a software program is being implemented around country to law enforcement using not only facial recognition but also to determine if your lying or not, like a lie detector only using algorithms. Lets not mention the wide use of camera’s watching our every move and software monitoring out computers “turbo tax” but now we have the use of algorithms violating our very existence and monitoring our every move. I just purchased “this laptop” and it’s completely google free, I tried to sign into my patreon account (with my password) and patreon would not allow me to sign in with my password with out my google account, even with a password. I batted around with them for 2 weeks trying to sign in and gave up, they don’t even read the emails, it may be a program that is answering, but I canceled my patreon account and dropped the (1) person I was following because it wanted me to let “google” have my laptop, and google, my god, it takes over your entire computer when you create a google account, literally read their “fine print” its shocking. My phone quit working when I got rid of all google on it and created a proton email. Everything quit working. So what I’m trying to say is the news is just a distraction from what is going on behind us, they are not reporting on our civil liberties being stripped away every second we blink, our money being used to support a corrupt government, war and not to mention “WE” are paying for “OUR” government to be medically covered but not the people, and now our children are being hired out to other governments i.e. Saudi Arabia to fight their battles for them. What bullshit and not a single news station talks about THAT. The list goes on, but anyway I’m venting again but the point being is we are being distracted by the news, ALL of them, every single one with Trump Trump Trump I mean even MSNBC and CNN is even telling Biden & Sanders to retire because Trump brings in better ratings, whatever lets not report on banking bills Elizabeth Warren has signed and then preaching she’s going after the banking institution, total bullshit anyway you’ve all heard it here before. Thanks for letting me get it off my mind AB and giving me a sounding board. lol sorry

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