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Alexandra Bruce

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  • can the master fixer trump pull off the deal of the century and restore our fixer upper country ? the swamp will have to go drain itself this time around . the AI inspector general and the new swamp czar plan to build the bridge to nowhere over the entire swamp and call it green and make it into a national park. the tag team presidential circus act has ended after the demonrats failed to derail the trump train and since poopy pants joey is on his last brain cell we can expect the vice to be the next masked man or whatever is gonna play the new OG . if all the actors can manage to keep their heads for 6 more months we may still have a fake country but with no legit .gov left to run it .

  • Be careful of what you wish for.

    600 million Jabs in America, alone.

    Vertical Governance is Back, Feudalism.

    The first time a POTUS got a second chance, after Big Mistakes and Lies….( well maybe not the first time ).

    Buying coffee, offers more choices, than the election (con) process.

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