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by Baxter Dmitry

The plan to defeat Trump using lawfare is failing spectacularly, with the former president riding high in the polls while Biden flounders.

Desperate to avoid a repeat of Trump’s first four year term, the global elite are now initiating Plan B, also known as the plot to remove President Donald Trump from the November election by any means necessary.

When the liberal elite cannot win the arguments, they resort to censorship. When they cannot control world leaders through corruption and compromise, they resort to assassination.

Slovakia’s anti-WEF Prime Minister Robert Fico survived an assassination attempt this week and is now in a “life-threatening condition” after he was airlifted to hospital.

Mainstream media has declared that the assassination attempt on Fico was “entirely justified” due to his beliefs in what they describe as “dangerous conspiracy theories.”

The WEF and the UN declared war on so-called “conspiracy theorists” and now the mainstream media is suggesting they must be killed to stop them spreading their dangerous ideas.

In the real world, Fico is one of the few world leaders who can see through the WEF’s agenda and bravely decided to oppose it.

Known as one of the staunchest anti-globalist leaders in Europe, Fico has consistently called for an end to the war in Ukraine, and he also angered the WEF by ordering an investigation into the COVID-19 response and devastating mRNA vaccine roll out.


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Alexandra Bruce

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  • There all in on it Trump , Desantis , Trudeau ,Pierre Red – Blue dont matter snap out of it and wake up sheeple , none of them stud up against the jab none of them , wake E wake E wake E ………..

    • That Wall is actually from the Fort that stood, behind the Temple.

      You spelled Zion WRONG, it is SION…..get your facts straight, but, you don’t have facts… have programming.

  • I agree with WEF aiming to remove Trump. If they do then a REAL conservative, Ron DeSantis, will take the lead and kick Biden’s ass and we will have a real conservative and not a RINO. There is NO difference between Trump and Biden except the rhetoric. Trump is a fraudster. An actor. He did NOT keep one campaign promise save one: he moved American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

  • & WEF hiring an unstable old man in 70’s as their hitman to kill the Prime Minister in Slovakia?
    Let’s Worship Trump Again

  • Was Ficos shooting a psy-op, with crisis actors?

    A Tennis Game, needs two sides, so the sheeple keep moving their heads, from side to side…..being entertained.

    The Jab Murders, already took place, all these characters, now speaking up, after the fact…..what does that mean.

    To move the Agenda Forward the Scumbags need distraction amongst the sheeple.

    Slovakia and Slovenia, were a Hitler invention, they never existed…it was Czechoslovakia.

    EU and NATO are Agenda country (leadership)…..whether Left or Right both are Socialism.

    The USA was setup as the Largest Horizontal Rule, Federation.
    It was always Globally controlled.

    Trump has Top Royal Bloodline, Swiss from his Father and Danish and Norwegian from his Mother.

    This lawfare theater is about Campaigning.
    The Right is as Phoney as the Left.

    People never learn, they repeat their mistakes.

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