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This is the latest preview of the soon-to-be-released documentary, ‘Lights, Camera, J6’ by the same team that brought us ‘ShadowGate’, namely Gavin Wince (husband of Millie Weaver) and Tore Maras.

Former intelligence contractor, Tore Maras helped the CIA overthrow governments with voting machines.

Tore has said that they have scanned petabytes of footage and they have retraced the steps of every single actor involved, creating 3D schematics of everything they did.

Tore had previously penetrated the Zoom calls of federal agents and Obama-appointed SES bureaucrats, as they openly planned the insurrection of that day, later been blamed on Trump supporters.

The film shows the involvement of Creative Artists Agency (CAA) in the entire production of J6. CAA is the talent agency that controls all of the major talent in Hollywood, which in turn drives some of the biggest psychological operations on the planet and which Tore claims is literally an extension of the CIA.

The cast of directors and actors included Pelosi, the Capitol Police, key Congressional Representatives, RINO Senators, and undercover FBI agents posing as rioters, who incited demonstrators.

Barriers were removed from and doors opened to the Capitol Building (the “Peoples’ House”) by Capitol Hill Police, who then proceeded to violently assault demonstrators and killing Rosanne Boyland.

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