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    Dr Jane interviews Sasha Latypova about Marburg, which was announced at the same time as the covid pandemic in 2020. This is propaganda to instill fear through the PREP Act to get mass compliance.

    Latypova says Marburg is not a threat. Latypova and Katherine Watt are investigating the legal aspects of PREP Act declarations of public health emergencies. The danger is not from viruses, but from government pushing dangerous drugs on people.

    The declaration of a Public Health Emergency gives powers to public health officials to impose vaccines (bioweapons) and other “treatments” and mandates on the masses.

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    • p,s Just understand that Elon is a monster along with the rest . While you are busy watching the latest hype from Space X his unseen rockets are busy knocking up the star link death ray system.
      Psychopaths smile a lot ,but its meaningless.

    • the hydro gel is everywhere now by deception.
      Despite never testing mRNA processes , as is normal with any new medical technique , the UK government has through the back door , instituted that all Vaccines are mRNA . The hepatitis B , Flu etc…..are all being switched over the mRNA without public discussion or consultation. The searing silence from government and media about the wombat pox is very clear. They are saying nothing and just secretly waiting for the mass illness breakout . It could be Mar burg or feline aids or Ladybird herpes….but the label is irrelevant .The objective is to poison you with hydro gel mRNA and graphene recipe. Part of this is a result of the Human Genome project, Having ‘mapped’ the human genome the scientists think they can ‘dial a cure’ or a kill by using mRNA recipes . These delusional s think life is based around DNA as a fundamental and that manipulating gene codes and sequences using computer mathematical DNA modelling. Millions dead further millions debilitated and damage . The evil ones are just stalling for time , lord sat ans bread and butter . There is also the question of Elon s satellites .All 40,000 of them in low earth orbit.This is what the graphene is for . You may be electrically modulated by radio frequency and the graphene in the mRNA jabs . A radio signal could tell your DNA to commit suicide ,or ….for a fee of course….reverse (allegedly) inherited health problems …. It is NO secret why chromosome 8 was used as a contamination route….as it controls brain size and reproduction among many other things. Basically the military have convinced the executive that cyborg citizens with graphene manipulation will bring us obedient cyborgs. Hint… don’t get permission from world astronomical societies and world governments to blot out terrestrial astronomy with 40,000 low earth satellites….AND…never let any public in any nation debate it ,or ,even know about it!!!! Some say that the best thing to do for humanity is to detain the perpetrators and torture them to death if needed to spill the beans ,as, it may be too late when more people start dropping like flies. You cannot trust any doctors for at least 50 years . the way it al ends is to stop using mobile phones ,destroy wireless systems and go back to wires. In the event of a mass negative happening ,or activation event ,it would be wise to shutdown your power stations …NO ELECTRICITY …..NO GRAPHENE ACTIVATION….means no control. There is the residual effects of heavy metals and unknown bio contents causing reactions .Nutrition seems the long term therapeutic way.

    • “The danger is not from viruses, but from government pushing dangerous drugs on people.”
      There is Absolutely No Danger from “viruses” -instead focus on other possible known causes,
      doesn’t take a minute to figure out that there are chemicals and pollution everywhere around us.
      What about 5G? Has any of the whistleblowers proven that 5G is actually doing something to cause these symptoms? Haven’t heard of updates yet though.
      From what I understand, there seems to be some connection though still missing additional scientific experiments.

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