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    Wall Street Apes tweeted this comment out about this Owen Benjamin video:

    Man Who Is High Up In Google Shares Internal Email Saying, “February 2024, Google will update the inappropriate content policy for unforeseen Sensitive Events — including civil emergencies, natural disasters, public health emergencies, terrorism, and related activities, conflict or mass acts of violence”

    Something is coming just in time for the 2024 Presidential Election.



    “Anyway, so this is what’s go going on in Google. I have friends in tech, like, very, very high up in tech that are monitoring the situation. He said, woah. Alright. He says, I got this email.

    Ides of March are on there prepping now. Dear advertiser, in February 2024, Google will update the inappropriate content policy to clarify the definition of ‘Sensitive Events’.

    “A Sensitive Event is an unforeseen event or development that creates significant risk to Google’s ability to provide high quality relevant information and ground truth and reduce insensitive or exploitative content, and prominent and monetized features.

    “During a Sensitive Event, we may take a variety of actions to address these risks. Examples of Sensitive Events include significant social, cultural, or political impacts, such as civil emergencies, natural disasters, public health emergencies, terrorism, and related activities, conflict or mass acts of violence.

    Examples of what’s prohibited: products or services that exploit, dismiss, or condone the Sensitive Event, including price gouging, we’re artificially inflating prices that prohibits, restricts access to vital supplies, sales of products, blah blah blah. Okay. So, my buddy’s like, ‘It’s on. They’re prepping. They’re ready to do it.’

    “And I said, what does that mean? He said, Google is changing their terms of service to get ready for a major event, controlling the way advertisers and publishers are allowed to talk about it in very specific ways. Hints as to what the event is are in the text. They mentioned inflation, price-gouging, mass violence, victim-blaming and a bunch of stuff. Just read the text of it.

    “So they will be able to turn off and shut down anyone using Google Ads; publishers, content creators, advertisers that don’t tow the line in the next unforeseen event. They call it a ‘Sensitive Event’.

    “This would include all advertising on Google Search, AdSense, YouTube. They say that they are about to make these changes to the TOS, but when you go to the website to see the new TOS, they aren’t updated yet.

    “They’re getting prepped. I’m sure they have lawyers working on this, internal training going on, putting special moderators, in place. Okay. So what I predict, which, I’m never totally right on but I usually rhyme. Like, I’m usually within the ballpark is some form of banking collapse that will be that will be controlled.

    “Like, don’t be afraid of any of this shit, guys, at all. So no access to money in a bank for maybe a week. They don’t wanna go too long because they don’t wanna actually lose the system. They want you guys to stay alive and functional. They just want you really afraid and then the solution will be central bank digital currency sent directly to your phone and universal basic income…

    “And to bring that about, they may have to do an event, because every major move needs a story behind it, whether it was 911 or COVID nineteen or whatever it is.”

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    • I’m not affluent, but I am ready for any impending “Bank Collapse”; the most I deposit in my account is $100 at a time, and I am prepared to tell one and all that they can wipe their own arse with their CBDC. The way I beat their entire “COVID-19” Plandemic was by simply refusing to participate in any way. To me, the “COVID-19 Pandemic” was “just another day” and No, I never contracted it although it was raging on all around me. In this case, my “Ignorance was Bliss”.
      I’ve already “panicked under fire” just once in my life, and I lost my everything. I’ll never make that mistake ever again. Have all of the “Sensitive Events” that you like, but count me out on all of them.

      • Only this time, you’ll have a social credit score, a UBI, no private ownership, mandated vaxes to get the ubi.

    • If we know this is coming. We as a species should get ahead of it. It doesn’t have to be the way of the CBDC and UBI! Just like they are creating the event and molding it to their will, so can we mold that same event to humanities will & benefit.

      If it is a (Unit 8200, etc.) banking failure we should all just say in that week we as a species should celebrate the elimination of those shackles! There is no reason that we couldn’t use this crisis to enlighten the species to see the err of our ways.

      During this event it’s going to take people like us who are aware of these things to tell the others to stay calm. Or use the period to dismantle the surviellience state like in EU & France, they protest they remove the cameras.

      There are just so many ways we could steer that same crisis to benefit humanity and remove the shackles and I don’t think that people realize it.

    • They are making the creation of “publicly owned digital money” inevitable. There was a website with a proposal for “how to get there from here” published in 2010; the plan went something like this:


      1. Convert all verifiable public and private debt into electronic credits to be held by current creditors in new Federal electronic money accounts;

      2. Deduct about 1% per month from each of these accounts (replacing all forms of corporate and personal Federal income taxation) and use the revenue to fund all levels of government,

      3. Use the balance to credit the Federal money account of every legal U.S. resident equally with at least $1000 of spendable credit every month.
      THEIR CBDCs will be LotSAs (as in “Lotsa Strings Attached”); our digital money will be NoSAs (as in “NO Strings Attached”). And that will make all the difference in the world.

      See the 2010 website in the Archives of the Library of Congress here:

      Money back guarantee if you don’t love it!

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