The latest from Greg Reese is about United States’ first Pluto’s Return which just began on the auspicious day of 2/22/2022.


However you may feel about astrology, it was the original science from which all other sciences were born.

And although today’s pop culture paints it as pseudoscience, occult traditions see it as sacred knowledge.

While it is a great mystery, it is as predictable as mathematics and experiential for everyone.

And today, astrologically-speaking is a very interesting day for American and individual freedom worldwide.

Today is 2/22/2022, the first time Pluto is conjunct to the United States since July 4, 1776, a 248-year event known as “Pluto’s Return”.

Every time a planet returns to the same degree it was in relation to your location of birth, you experience a return.

Many of us can personally understand the idea of Saturn’s Return. It takes Saturn about 29 years to orbit the Sun, so it happens roughly around your 29th birthday.

Because Saturn symbolizes severity and discipline, this time is known as an era of learning through harsh reality for those who haven’t already mastered self-discipline.

Pluto symbolizes destruction and re-birth and so Pluto’s return, which lasts about two years is considered to be a time of destruction and re-birth.

During the Roman Empire’s first Pluto’s Return, the Severan Dynasty collapsed, a time known as the Crisis of the 3rd Century.

And their second Pluto Return took place ten years before the Fall of the Roman Empire.

And now, America’s first Pluto’s Return on 2/22/2022.

2 x 2 x 2 x 222 = 1776!

It begins on a Tuesday an it lasts two years [through 2024].

Perhaps you dismiss all this as “pseudoscience”, “woo woo” but it is important to know that the occultists who sway the governments of the world do not. They take this sort of thing very seriously, which could explain why they seem to be in such a frantic hurry.

More than America, July 4th, 1776 symbolizes individual freedom and so, astrologically-speaking, the next two years will mark either the destruction or rebirth of individual freedoms that were born in 1776.


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  • I wonder how Pluto’s return affects Australia? Hope you can assist.
    I loved seeing Castro Trudeau back down and end the marshal law he had enacted the day or two before. So if Pluto is about control, how do we get our control back? Well I know all the Freedom fighters are trying to do that. Trying to take back our Freedoms. And we will.
    It is extremely obvious too many they, the evil ones, have tried to program us through the corrupt mainstream media but huh, many didn’t buy it and saw through the bullshit. Unfortunately many did. Many were forced to take that shit shot, being unable to see another way out. As a result we have many who have an adverse reaction and worse still have lost their lives. But of course we are not told about this.
    We have learnt our grubberment is as corrupt as corrupt can be and have sold us all out to the corrupt un, all under our noses. But….We are awake now and see what you are doing. So I pray Pluto’s return means a return to our freedoms.
    If you can enlighten me further I would greatly appreciate it.
    All the best to you and yours. God Bless you. God Bless us ALL.

    • The word Liberty means we have free will…free will is a God given attribute. No one can take it away from us….however we can lose it through disobedience to God’s laws….maybe not lose it in a permanent sense, but we can lose sight of it, and we can lose sight of the importance of making decisions with God discernment and with exercising free will responsibility for lives. Which is where we are now.
      So if we have lost sight of our inherent free will and self determination, I believe we can only reclaim it by reasserting our obedience to God’s laws. This is done through individual choice. No one can do it for anyone else.

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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