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    Here’s the latest from Greg Reese, who just got back from a week in Hong Kong, covering the protests there. With his compelling editing style, he centers his storytelling on the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge (HZMB), a 34-mile HZM bridge-tunnel system that is the largest in the world and twice the length of the similar Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel in Virginia.

    The HZMB was originally proposed in 1988 but discussions stalled after the Tiananmen Square massacre the following ye
    In 1997, the United Kingdom returned control of Hong Kong to China, with the agreement that it would remain unchanged until 2047, under the “One country, two systems” principle. That same year, the Chinese central government began showing support for the construction of the HZMB.

    In 2005, tens of thousands of people in Hong Kong marched for a pro-democracy government and the abolishment of appointed District Councils. Beijing had promised Hong Kong citizens the freedom to elect their local government. However, they only allowed free elections out of the candidates selected by the CCP.

    In 2008, construction on the HZMB began and less than a year ago, Xi Jinping officially opened the bridge, allowing a 30-minute entry from mainland China into Central Hong Kong. One of the reasons for the protests by Hong Kong’s citizens and students was because Beijing had broken its promise to grant them open elections by 2017; thus, they demanded “true universal suffrage.”

    The Hong Kong police and the Triad gangs have been unable to stall the Hong Kong protests. There are 100,000 Chinese troops training in Shenzhen across the northern border and now the People’s Liberation Army of China are entering Hong Kong via the 30-minute commute over the HZM bridge, along with Chinese naval vessels.

    This is according to Chinese state broadcaster CCTV, which showed troop carriers heading across the border in darkness. This could mean a serious escalation from tear gas and rubber bullets.

    Yesterday morning, Joshua Wong, the 22-year-old who has advocated for democracy but has not played a key role in the current protests was arrested, as well as Agnes Chow, another core member of the democracy movement.

    It will be interesting to see how the mainstream media reports on what could turn out to be a reboot of Tiananmen Square, as the MSM these days seems to be on the payroll of the Communist Chinese.

    Bernie Sanders tweeted out his support for the Hongkongers, while paradoxically extolling the PRC for raising 870 million people out of extreme poverty in 30 years. Arguably, this was not accomplished through Communism but through China’s adoption of Capitalism, in conjunction with an enormous technological transfer and corporate investment from the West.

    Hillary Clinton also tweeted her support for Hongkongers, even though she and her cadre are largely responsible for the breakneck rise of Communist China – and we also know that 30,000 of her government emails were automatically sent to a mysterious Chinese recipient.

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    • Hong Kong as we knew it is no more, thanks in no small part to the Globalists in the UK.

      Since Margaret Thatcher, we have had no real leader. One can but hope that Boris will survive and show his Churchillian metal.

      To my simple mind, it would seem the best we can do is isolate China. Stop trading with them completely. But to achieve that, we may need Trump to grow even bigger t*sticles?

      I can but hope that he can isolate China fully; it is the only hope we have, in addition, you and I must stop buying cheap Chinese goods!

      But whilst we have pathetic leaders like Theresa May, God help us!

      There is no doubt that under the leadership of Xi Jinping and the CCP, China is the epitome of pure *Evil*.

    • Broken promises from the CCP, is not new. By buying things made in China, we pay for their aggression on the rest of the world. Isn’t that nice to know?
      I believe Trump was right telling US companies to move back to the US, from China.
      I wonder what Killary sold to the CCP? That’s why it was a private server with China controllers.
      I also wonder what Communist Google is going to do about getting out of China? Or will they continue to attempt to over through the government of the of the USA? Alphabet Soup anyone?

      But, will there be mass genocide in Hong Kong? More reeducation camps for these people who want Freedom? I hope not. But their actions from the past show they have no humanity at all.

    • Yoda, the pillars of control are manipulating our perception through the toys they make for us, which is really a portal to connect to AI.

      The next stage is super-human status for your own personal zombie-hood. The word is “enjoy it.”

      Neural zombies, Yoda. What say you?

      “Human anymore, we won’t be .”

      Why would they do this to us, Yoda?

      “Us all, they desire to enslave.”

      Is it time to fight back against the empire, Yoda?

      “All fall down, empire time gone.”

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