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Sean Stone interviews MK Ultra whistleblower Cathy O’Brien, co-author of the classic book on covert mind control programs, ‘TRANCEformation of America’ to discuss the relentless psyops and mass mind control to which we’re all now being subjected.

When asked how she came to be involved in MK Ultra Cathy explains, “I was actually targeted for having been born into this multi-generational incest-based family and at the time, the local politician who was sanctioning child pornography in order to target children like myself was Gerald Ford.

“And Gerald Ford, of course went on to become the unelected President of the United States. So, that’s how I ended up being a Presidential Model MK Ultra mind control slave. My father received immunity from prosecution, he received lucrative military contracts and this was back in the real early ’60s, so it shows that the corruption that we’re seeing finally come to light today has been actually going on behind the scenes for decades.”

Cathy’s harrowing journey began at the age of 6, when her depraved father sold her into the CIA’s MK Ultra program in Muskegon, Michigan. This was after he had been busted for producing child p***ography “starring” Cathy.

A deal was struck with the government to grant her father immunity because they knew she would be a perfect candidate for the MK Ultra program, as her young mind was already completely shattered.

Through trauma-based mind control programming, Cathy’s identity was systematically split-off and compartmentalized into separate “files” and she was forced to be a CIA drug mule, a secret courier to corrupt heads of state, like Manuel Noriega and to be a “Presidential Model” sex slave during the Reagan/Bush Administrations.

During this time, she interfaced with high-level political figures, including Hillary and Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr. and the extremely violent Dick Cheney, about whom she had some very choice words.

“They would traumatize or torture me and program information in, like a message to a different global leader and then it was sealed with a code word or a code theme and then it was accessed on the other end accordingly. And this was how the groundwork for NAFTA was ultimately put into place. I was used heavily in that, for the human trafficking and drug operations coming across the border.

“The CIA was so heavily involved – in the CIA cocaine ops – they finally, the people demanded that something be done, finally they investigated themselves to find out they weren’t involved. But nevertheless, they were.

“There were also heroin operations, which where Poppy Bush got his name and how it ended up in Afghanistan and all that. So, we’re taking over the drug industry worldwide and the drug wars and that was being used to fund the New World Order. That and human trafficking.

“In the course of the human trafficking operations and the white slavery market that was going on at the time, this became the funding mechanism of the New World Order. The Clintons were heavily involved in that particular funding mechanism.

“When children are being sexually abused so horrifically and pedophilia is being sanctioned on the highest levels of government now, rather than just when my father was sanctioned, way back when – it’s reached and compromised a few at the highest level, it’s for the sole purpose of funding the New World Order and for blackmailing each other, because they don’t trust each other – why would they? They don’t trust each other, either. Each one is greedier than the next, so they blackmail each other, instead and the primary way they do it is through perverse sexual acts that are covertly filmed.

“There were so many filmed, that my daughter and I were used in, back in the Reagan-Bush administration, that I saw where these videotapes were being stored. A guy named Michael Dante was the Epstein of the day and he had these giant vaults, walls of vaults of all these blackmail tapes. 

“So, they used that for traumatizing the minds and creating a robotic society – they’ve a got a dual thing going, there – also, using it to blackmail and hold the people in position, because there are not that many of them that are just that horrifically evil.

“They also use it as a funding mechanism for the New World Order. Everything they do is usually for more than one reason and the rape of our children and the harvesting of our children is so pervasive and horrific that now, that we’re awake and aware that it’s going on, it’s up to us to keep our eyes open and do something about it and realize that our system has been corrupted all the way to the top.

“The FBI was heavily involved in covering-up human trafficking operations – for the purposes that I just mentioned. So, they cover it all up…And the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, when it came out through the FBI, my owner in the MK Ultra operation, Robert C Byrd, had an office at the FBI, just for establishing this catch-net operation.

“So, when people would call in and say, ‘Oh, this child’s being horribly abused and being prostituted.’ They’d say, ‘We’ll save ’em and they’d come in and reprogram them and put ’em back in. And that was happening at a constant rate through the FBI, especially in the ’90s…

“Well, that has advanced, I’m sure since then, so we all need to be acutely aware of it. There has been a structure for a long, long time for this to proliferate, because they know that people would not allow for such a horrific thing to go on…

“The border’s just been opened back up. I’m so disgusted. We needed a border wall. We needed to stop the human trafficking operations, my whole life. And finally, it happened for a few years in the Trump administration, because they were stopping the funding mechanism of the New World Order, they were stopping the exploitation of children in the blackmail operations that were corrupting our government so heavily…

“There was an effort going on that was so encouraging, that it woke a lot of people up and human trafficking became a word that people recognized. Our eyes are open. Now that our eyes are open, keep ’em open because it’s up to us. Up to us, alone to do something about it and stop it, because they moved forward with re-establishing that criminal covert funding mechanism.

“By everything I know and everything I see, it’s clear for me to see how fast it has happened, in just these few days…

“My handler, Wayne Cox was an occult serial killer that ran the cocaine operations for the Clintons. That was when Clinton was Governor of Arkansas and the Mena cocaine operations were going on. And he was in the occult aspect with Roger Clinton, who is a brother to Bill Clinton. And they were running body parts and using the adrenaline from blood – and using that back then. And it was a very profitable item in funding the New World Order…for the handful of criminals that had been feeding off of this kind thing. Literally feeding off it for all these years…”

Rescued and deprogrammed over the course of a decade from her induced Dissociative Identity Disorder by intelligence insider, Mark Phillips, Cathy would expose the criminal world of covert, Black Budget operations in her 1995 book, ‘TRANCEformation of America’, which was the most detailed revelation to date of the Deep State’s plans for a New World Order, of unfathomable government corruption, information- and mind control and of government-controlled human trafficking, which is now coming into mass consciousness today.

She says that COVID is a psychological operation using trauma-based mind control programming, that taps into the primordial fear of death. “Cover your mouth, don’t talk to each other, stand six feet apart. Six feet apart equates to six feet under – it’s so Satanic – they gave us $600…

“It’s important to realize that this handful of criminals that have been in control are so evil and so vile that they want to suppress the human spirit. They can’t relate to it. I’ve been around those people, they are evil for lack of a better word, they are void of compassion, they’re void of any kind of love and they feed off negative energy.

“When they sexually-abuse a child, they know that they are suppressing that child’s ability to have any soul expression in the future and they gravitate to that negativity, that horror, that fear and they feed of that energy. Negativity is their energy.

“And if we all realized that they’re all scared of our strength of spirit and of Love – which is the most powerful force in the universe – we would be able to see that the illusion they’re creating – they really don’t have power. They’re just sucking power and harvesting power from the terror that they impose on the people. And in that terror, we are losing more and more and more of our free thought, more and more of our ability to stand for what we believe in.

“When we realize how this process works, like the Satanists do…we can take our freedom back as a nation, after we take it back personally; that freedom begins within. We have to have our personal sovereignty in order to reclaim our national sovereignty.

“Step One, take off the mask, Step Two, use your voice, Step Three, fact-check for yourself! Start thinking! Look for truth, because it’s been suppressed for a long time. Knowledge is our best defense against mind control. That’s why it’s been suppressed.

“When people realize the simple formula that they follow and how linear it is, we’ll realize that we have within us the ability to stop them at any time we choose.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Sean when you and Jesse Ventura and others put together the Brain
    Invaders it was a bold step that needed to be exposed. However I am
    PRAYING that you don’t stop exposing the torture against U.S. citizens with advanced military technology. My wife and I traveled to see Cathy
    and Mark in 1992. Mark being a MK-ultra abuses investigator confirmed
    my case 100% that I was being targeted from a NY state sheriff dept. in
    Oneida County, New York. My targeting has continued with this sheriff
    dept. as my last. handler for 38 yrs. and 5 months…COMPARTMENTALIZATION just like Mark said…

  • God bless Cathy O’Brien, she has fought tirelessly and I’m amazed that she’s still alive. That’s exactly how they get people to submit- torturing their child. Over %90 of high-ranking politicians, military officials, and Hollywood “idols” all went through “initiation.” It’s impossible to fight a Satanic problem with a political solution. No man can defeat this empire, Trump was put there by God for a purpose- to expose the truth and show that reliance on man-made societal laws don’t work, only Godly laws. There’s only one solution., and it’s written in one book, through Jesus. There is justice, if you have a relationship with God …….. Amen and God bless you Cathy ; )


    Ted Gunderson, a 27 yr FBI agent, worked tirelessly to end Satanic Ritual Abuse :!+%5BSD%2C+480p%5D.mp4

  • I absolutely love Cathy O’Brien and what she has sacrificed. I can’t imagine the weight she’s been carrying, not just what happened to her but her daughter…. and she’s still going. God bless her courage. She gave a detailed account on YouTube, but it’s edited by the CIA (the biggest and most powerful traffickers in the world), w/the implication of it appearing as a Republican problem (so people vote Democrat “masquerading as a beacon of hope”) even though they were all collectively working together for Global Collectivism.

    There’s a reason why Trump spoke scriptures at the end of his term, he knew what was coming. No man can defeat this empire, only Jesus Christ. I hope she finds God and Jesus, but sadly, there are victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse who’ve been violated by Satanists who’ve infiltrated Christian churches, private Christian schools, traumatizing them with “Religion” to mock Jesus even further, crushing hope.

    Ted Gunderson, a 27 yr FBI agent, spent his life fighting for Satanic Ritual Abuse victims, like Marine Gosh, Johnny Gosh’s mother (the 1st boy on the milk carton who was kidnapped and sold into trafficking by NAMBLA and Satanists eventually prostituting at the Whitehouse):

    Ted Gunderson and Marine Gosh
    All the Pizzagate links :
    Satanic Rituals in Iowa N.A.M.B.L.A. Snuff film

    1992 F.B.I. report on Satanic Ritual Abuse by Kenneth V. Lanning, Supervisor Special Agent Behavioral Science National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime:!+%5BSD%2C+480p%5D.mp4

    Delusion and mass delusion and Rape of the Mind, by Meerlo, A psychiatrist for 40 yrs, during the Holocaust, Joost Meerloo specialized in the area of thought control techniques used by totalitarian regimes:

  • Funny to me how denigrated Christianty is nowadays when just what Kathy is saying about what we should focus on….love, is exactly what true Christianity hopes to instill in us all. True Christianity, not the church. Whether you believe religions are all bs and created to control us, or you think Jesus was just made up….we should look again at his teachings. They are all about us loving each other and standing strong against evil.

  • People are going to lose their freaking minds if this stuff is released to the masses. I don’t think they’ll be able to handle it.

    • It needs to happen. This is the result of living in a self-entitled, self-idolatry, apathetic, gluttonous, rebellious greedy world…… this is the judgement we’re receiving because of it. The truth has been exposed…. that was Trumps purpose. God put him there to expose the truth about sex-trafficking, how laws are obsolete, that the Lord is still here, and, the result of relying on man-made societal laws vs Godly laws. Those who chose to fall into greed, conformity, denial and refusal can’t say they haven’t been warned, because they have.

      Even Marine Gosh, the mother of Johnny Gosh her son who was kidnapped in 82′ and sold into sextrafficking by NAMBLA and the FBI/CIA, said people responded “I don’t want to hear about that” and “I don’t need to know about those details.” -because it didn’t effect THEM, PERSONALLY. The FBI tried to assassinate her for speaking out (thank God for Ted Gunderson, I posted the link to that story above). They showed her a book of, not only kidnapped children but, others who’ve been selected to be picked out, like on a menu to be ordered. In 2016, the highest area of missing children, several hundred, were all in Northern V.A., right next to the FBI Headquarters.

  • Sounds like she didn’t realize the bad guys were also dealing with non-humans, when she said the following:

    “And they were running body parts and using the adrenaline from blood – and using that back then.”

    It’s “common knowledge” that certain types of non-humans get nutrition by soaking in the juices and body parts of the animals they are “eating”. Humans are often preferred, apparently, and they are usually tortured to greatly increase the amount of adrenalin in their blood. (FYI, those non-humans also eliminate waste by exuding it through their skin. So if there is ever a cloaked one, near you, you might notice a faint poop-like smell.)

    The following also fits certain non-humans, very well:

    “It’s important to realize that this handful of criminals that have been in control are so evil and so vile that they want to suppress the human spirit. They can’t relate to it. I’ve been around those people, they are evil for lack of a better word, they are void of compassion, they’re void of any kind of love and they feed off negative energy.”

  • People have forgotten history. They don’t think Nazi Germany will happen again. Biggest mistake was for America to bring German scientists to the US after the war. They didn’t lost the war it’s still going on. The masks are just the beginning. People have been brainwashed. It’s the frog in hot water.

  • Cathy O’Brien has one of the most powerful and amazing testimonies today. I love how she is a promoter of truth, love and action. It seems we are living in the best and worst of times. There is a shift from an awakening going on while at the same time a suppression of truth and an effort to silence and separate us. It’s discouraging to see all the compliant people bowing to the Pandemic lies and agenda. At the same time I am encouraged by all the awake people I meet. It seems we are at a crossroads in humanity: Good vs Evil, Truth vs Lies, Faith/Love vs Fear/Hate, Natural vs GMO, Humanity vs Transhumanism. It seems that humanity will need a powerful force to help The Great Awakening to be acheived. I find encouragement and believe what the Lord is speaking to his prophets (Dr. Patricia Green, Amanda Grace, Kat Kerr, Hank Kunneman, Kent Christmas, Robin Bullock to name a few). He is saying He will intercede and that a Spirit of Truth will come over nation. That the lies, the corruption and the deceit will cease. He says that Trump will have another term and evil will be exposed causing a great awakening. While we can make progress individually, it will be Jesus who gets us over the finish line.

  • I can’t thank you enough for this article. I read Cathy’s book several years ago but couldn’t talk about it because most people would just give me the “you’re crazy” look. Time to drain the swamp. I’ll be sending this to as many people as I can. Again, thank you!

  • Much gratitude to Sean Stone for this excellent interview. You have such a calm and inquiring way of drawing out relevant information on this otherwise nightmarish subject that people must learn about.

    And Cathy, praise be to God that you did not only survive to tell the world about the brutal and hideous abuse of the most vulnerable in our human family, but that God in His infinite mercy spared you for His purpose that we would learn.

    God bless you and keep you well.

  • This interview should be seen by everyone! This so explains what has happened to all of us in so many aspects of life and we were unaware of what was going on. So we can now see people who have fallen to the ccp virus hype with more compassion because they were/are brainwashed.

  • Dear Cathy,
    I don’t know if this has any meaning whatsoever but its my story. I remember it like it was just yesterday. It was an alarming, terrifying experience.

    Not sure you have any memory of the time (assuming this was “you), you wandered into our old three car garage with a dirt floor one freezing cold morning in March or April of 1961, Welland, Ontario. I lived in a house on 5th and Canal Bank streets, across from the Welland canal.

    I found you there that morning. I was five years old and you might have been 4. You were curled up shivering in between a couple of rolled up old mouldy carpets, not clothed for the weather.

    I ran in the house and told my mother. We brought you in our living room, sat you on the couch and put a blanket around you. Fed you some cornflakes and milk. You were very hungry. Your eyes were kinda bugged out looking all around the room. Your speech was very erratic and incoherent. Your skin seemed transparent and your white blonde hair was “chopped” and not cut very nice for a little child.

    You told us your name, (K)Cathy O’Brien. I am not sure this is YOU, Cathy, but my gut says it sure seems that way. Later my father said something about some creep who lived around the corner being a “dew worm picker” who supplied worms for Joe’s Sporting Goods down the street corner at Main St.

    I do recall saying to my mother I was “big” Kathy and you were “little” Kathy. My mom wanted to know where you lived but you pointed out our back door. Then suddenly, you discarded the blanket and ran outside the back door in a big hurry.

    This continued for another two days. Exactly the same “routine.”

    I went in the garage, and there you were in the same place. Curled up and shivering between those mouldy carpets. We would take you in. Wrap you in a blanket. Feed you. My mom tried to understand who were your parents. Why did they not take care for you? Did they know you were coming here? You didn’t have warm clothes. You were thin as a rail. Malnourished.

    On the third day I said I wanted to come with you to see where you lived. You were afraid for me and said don’t come. You said something like, “My father is mean he’ll hurt you. Don’t come okay.” But I followed anyway. We went behind the garage, crossed over the neighbors gardens to the sidewalk to a turquoise or bright green colored house. (Years later people said it was a “flop house.”)

    I stood some distance away and watched you come close to the doorstep. A man with a ducktail haircut, cigarette hanging from the mouth, tats on the arms, grabbed you by your thin arm, lifted you up and violently threw you up the stairs swearing filthy language at you. He noticed me staring and said something horrible and filthy and I ran home in a shock.

    We never saw you again.

    • Wow, this testimony should have great meaning to Cathy O’Brien. I hope she reads it. Unfortunately, the video has been taken down which makes me think BitChute is not a platform I want to support. Blessings

      • Hello Jane –

        The site is being worked on, which caused it to crash and lose 3 days of data. The data was already backed-up and it will be restored ASAP. Please try again in a couple of hours – AB

  • It seems to me that almost the entire world is brainwashed to believe what our “selected” leaders tell us. I have been seeing through this maze of BS for a long time, thanks to people like you, Alexandra Bruce! Keep being and doing what you do, bringing us the truth as you see, and hear it! Thank you, so much.

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