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    Gregg Phillips from and 2000 Mules and Jeffrey Prather, former DEA Special Agent and DIA intelligence agent join Sean Morgan on Making Sense of the Madness.

    Gregg’s is connecting citizens and sheriffs, giving sheriffs access to actionable intelligence and funding to enable them to conduct surveillance on the upcoming elections and to raise public awareness to prevent what happened in 2020 from happening again. People are invited to join their fight, here.

    Gregg and Jeff describe their firsthand experiences with the treachery within federal law enforcement and how they were each involved in longterm counterintelligence operations of which they became the targets in the end.

    The Feds frequently turn on their own, as Jeff discovered after he blew the whistle on Operation Fast and Furious, exposing the Sinaloa Cartel’s deal with the DEA to run drugs north in exchange for the Fast and Furious guns going south.

    Jeff suggests that we recently saw this again, with the four Capitol Police officers who “committed suicide” after January 6th and with the recent death of Senate Sergeant-at-Arms, Michael Stenger. He says, “We just saw that with the Sergeant-at-Arms, who was in on it, just like the half a dozen Capitol cops who were in on it and they killed them, anyway.

    “And I’m saying that: I’m saying that he [Stenger] was Scalia’ed or Epsteined.

    “My intelligence showed an MI-6 guy came through the vents for Epstein. The Salas Judge who was going to handle the Epstein court had a FedEx guy, a guy in a FedEx coverall show up [at the judge’s house, murdering her son and gravely wounding her husband] – those are wetwork guys.”

    Gregg invites Jeff and his Team America group to join his effort and Jeff accepts on the air!

    Jeff then gives his astute analysis of China, Russia, Ukraine and the Biden regime in this truly an excellent episode of Making Sense of the Madness.


    In the past, Prather has traced much of our current crisis of corruption to the CIA cocaine operation run out of Mena, Arkansas with the help of the Clintons, which was partially revealed during the late 1980s as the Iran-Contra scandal, saying, “In my estimation, that’s what built the Clinton criminal corrupt traitor empire. It starts out with the kids on the railroad tracks and it’s still going on.

    “So, that’s where all that starts. That’s where the dark economy for the Deep State of people, drugs and weapons begins and it hasn’t stopped.

    “And Fast and Furious was an extension of that, just as Benghazi was also an international gun-running operation and Syria was a covert international gun-running operation, as well.

    “And Trump was the one who stopped it…he stopped the Clinton-Obama gun-running into Syria. We were illegally running, guns, drugs and millions of dollars of cash, just like to Iran. It killed a lot of our soldiers. And he finally stopped that…

    “No one has ever outed and targeted the Deep State and the dark economy of the Deep State.”

    And this is why they had to get rid of Trump and it’s why they’re trying to prevent him from ever running again, with this J6 Kangaroo Court Show Trial.

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    • These elections are private corporate elections. You are participating in an election of officers to a foreign corporation in the business of providing governmental services. The actual American government is vested in the people, who are declared Americans, not U.S. Citizens (British), or citizens of the Unites States (Papist/Municipal). Americans have Constitutional guarantees and are responsible for upholding the public law and keeping the peace. U.S. Citizens and citizens of the Unites States are chattel to foreign governmental services corporations and have no Constitutional guarantees, none, zilch, nada. Read all about it:

    • It is about time we get back to honest elections. One person one vote. Proper Identification. One day to vote, hand counting supervised by video cameras, both Democrate and Republican observers or National Guard soldiers or Sheriff Deputies observers. Votes need to be finished counted in each precinct until completion and reported. Paper ballots need to be secured by a strict chain of command and stored and guarded in a secure location locked vaults. There needs to be enough local voting fully staffed precincts to accommodate voting convenience and avoid long lines and to
      assure votes will all be counted after polls close that night. Absentee ballots need to be requested for legitimate reasons and provide a copy of proper identification and
      signature. States cannot mail out mass mail in ballots anymore. Committing voter fraud should carry stiff felony sentences.

      • Indeed!
        If this whole System of Fraud & Corruption is not stopped NOW, America is over. Mark it well.
        Every Agency in America is Corrupt, Congress also!

      • I would not change a thing tha you present.
        I would add for perspective that before the JFK disputed election, the standard was that elections were overseen by local citizan volunteers, too many muk-a-muks often, for signature validation, ballot counting, tally and transmission of results, all monitored by the 2 parties and a 3rd overseer as unaffiliated as was realistic (League of Women Voters often) ALL covered by legal and enforced chain of custody laws and process rules.
        A starting place for sure and a hard social/legal grind in this society as the quip ‘everyone has a price’ is in full bloom by ‘them that has’. Way more of us than them, way more…

      • Marvin P. Matlock, MD :

        Electronic Vote Machines have embedded
        within their circuitry cell-phone technology, so
        that whenever turned on, they dial-up
        a satellite—to be monitored and manipulated
        by CIA agents, tasked with flipping votes
        toward the Agency’s desired ( Democrat Party )

        CIA = Communist Insurgency Agency.

        Yes !, regarding your “Paper ballots need to be
        secured” advice !


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