Australian man is barred from withdrawing $15k cash from his own bank account to “prevent” him from being “scammed”.

Commonwealth Bank refused to let him withdraw money unless he told them exactly how he would spend it.

He refused and they refused.

You will own nothing and you will be happy.

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  • In case anyone was not paying attention or has a short memory… remember “ya gotta sign the bill before you get to read it” – Pelosi! Thats the key to the trap set for us by the US Congress and the impostor, who by the way made laws to take away just about anything the central government wants during a “NATIONAL EMERGENCY”!

    Your property, whatever it is in in jeopardy right now, and that includes your body which ought to have “PROPERTY OF THE USA” tattooed on your butt!

    This same regime is still in control and they are cooperating with the multi-faceted global destabilization taking place as I write.


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