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Information Operation Host, L Todd Wood speaks with Patrick Byrne about the future of America and Patrick tells him, “I think they’ve manned-up for a civil war and they’re trying to provoke a civil war and as difficult as it’s going to be if they succeed, we lose.

“We cannot go kinetic. We’ve sucked it up for three years, we’re down to 10 months. We’ve got to suck it up for 10 more months. We’ve been at it 38 months, we’ve got 10 more months, 10 and a half months and so we have to keep our cool.”

Todd asks him what he thinks is going on with the importation of terror gangs through the Southern Border and what he expects from that cohort?

Patrick replies, “This is 5th Generation Warfare and in 5th Generation Warfare, you don’t even know who the enemy is. The enemy is, I’m sad to say, because I’m a longterm lover of China but the enemy is China. They’re behind what’s going on in the US. This is a huge PSYOP that we’re going through and they understand warfare differently than we do, where there’s diplomatic and financial, there’s terrorism, there’s network-centric, which is like taking down electrical grids and such and then, there’s just terrorism, then there’s war…and they’ve already infiltrated 10,000,000 military-aged men or 12,000,000. They’ve been infiltrated over the last three years.

“You know, there’s an app. Have you done any stories about the app that they’re all using? There’s an app that’s spread globally and it recruits young, military-aged men and evidently, it makes it pretty clear that, ‘We want you to get into America.’ It’s even got organizing code on it, so they can organize into groups.

“Of course, they’ve got debit cards and they get cellphones when they come across. But this is really an organizing tool for there to be a cellular terrorist network, is what it sounds like. I’d love to see you to look into that app and write a story about it.

“So, this is all a very organized take-down of the US and the way they’re doing it is they don’t consider it shameful not to fight in open combat. They think that subverting and collapsing – and they want to occupy – I can go there with the big master plan, if you want.

“You should put a link to my speech at AmFest. In there, there’s a series of books I mention. One of them is the ‘Secret Speech of Chi Haotian’, I’ve given you this link before, I think.

“Imagine someone who was both the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the Secretary of Defense and the Vice Chairman of the Democratic Party all at once, if there could be such a position – in a one-party state.

“That’s who this guy was. He retired in ’03 from some of the positions and he gave a speech, which leaked. It’s the highest-level leak in Chinese history and it’s about their plan and their plan is ultimately, ‘Two tigers cannot live on one mountain.’ They need to take us down, destroy us, turn us into a vassal state.

“How they do that is through a bioweapon that destabilizes us, we go to civil war. In civil war, 90% of us die. People should get out of their head this idea some glorious ‘Red Dawn’-type of movie. It’s ‘The Walking Dead’ without the zombies.

“Supply chains collapse. In about two weeks, we go through a tipping point we can’t emerge from easily and they’ve war-gamed this all out. 90% die in the one year from the supply chain collapse and then, there’s a three-year reign of the cartels and the Blue Helmets and they basically rape, pillage, burn for three years and when there’s nothing left but a husk, a carcass, they withdraw and China occupies and this [America] becomes ‘New China’.

“This becomes New China and it solves a 2,500-year-old problem for the Chinese, which is food, food and food. Only 4% of their land is arable. So, this becomes New China and their party line will be that, ‘China was the greatest civilization on Earth for 2,100 years, they fell into a 400-year depression, the West humiliated it and took advantage of it but when they emerged, they pulled the rug out from under the West, from under the greatest hegemon the world had ever seen and they reduced us to a vassal state, they occupied us.’

“They liquidate everyone, they exterminate all the Blacks and Hispanics – sorry to tell you folks that – I don’t make the rules – they terminate all the Blacks and Hispanics and most of the whites. They keep 30 million whites alive as slaves –”

Todd interjects, “Similar to what they’re doing with the Uyghurs, etc.”

Patrick responds. “Well, this is an extermination thing, not an internment camp thing. That’s how they take us. That’s the plan. That’s what they say and if you don’t believe me, look up the books listed in this speech that Todd’s going to put the link to…

“Take heart in the fact that this was supposed to be over by April-May of 2021 and the reason it’s not over is we did not get violent, just so you know.

“I’ve had people in the Federal Government tell me, ‘Patrick, the people you’re up against had a plan for everything you were going to do except one: staying peaceful. They thought there was no chance you guys were going to be peaceful. Everything else you could have done, they had a plan for.’ We would have all been in FEMA camps two years ago.

“It’s peaceful political organizing in action they have a hard time with, because we clearly have the numbers. But that’s the plan.”

Todd then asks him how he sees the Colorado Supreme Court’s removal of Donald Trump from the 2024 election playing out?

“I do think the Supreme Court will come to the rescue. I do think they’ll do the right thing and in the meantime, Trump’s polls have already gone up. I find it very telling that on Monday, you may have heard, just a few days ago. By surprise, the Capitol Police or US Park Service went into Arlington and started to remove the reconciliation statue. There’s a statue that commemorates the reconciliation of North and South.

“Their removing that was a go-signal, in my mind. Their attempting to remove that was a go-signal. Boy, they are trying to start a civil war. Fortunately, a restraining order was slapped on them by a Federal judge – an African-American Federal judge. I don’t know who appointed him [it was Trump] but he slapped a restraining order on them. How interesting.

“But it’s very interesting to do that with no warning on Monday – taking down the reconciliation and healing statue from the Civil War; it’s kind of greenlighting and saying, ‘We’re back at civil war.’

“These people are doing everything they can to get a civil war going. By the way, if that gets going, not only do these 10-12 million people get sworn-in in states and they become law officers and armed, you’ll see Biden call in the Blue Helmets. And when he calls in the Blue Helmets, that’s when all my previous protestations about, ‘We must remain peaceful’, I rescind, at that point, when the Blue Helmets start turning up.

“If you go back to 2015, 2016 there was this strange thing Obama did. He bought several million AR-15s or M4s and a trillion rounds of ammunition they’re spread in post offices and the IRS and you know, there’s 1,300 Federal Agencies and each one has a depot of arms to the teeth. I think those arms are pre-positioned for those 10 or 12 million military-aged males who’ve just been recruited through this app.”

Todd says he’s been saying that for a while and he asks him if he knows the name of this app. Patrick says he doesn’t know but they’re finding it on the phones of invaders from Pakistan, Africa. Patrick says the app helps them on their whole journey to the Southern Border to the US but it’s really a recruiting tool for soldiers to come fight, from what he understands.

Regarding whistleblower complaints that Patrick sent to 5 inspectors general, alleging Trump Special Prosecutor Jack Smith was involved in extortion while a prosecutor at The Hague International Criminal Court, he says the DOJ Inspector General wrote back and said, “We’re not going to touch this, because it’s not in our jurisdiction, because Jack was on leave from the DOJ when he was over in the Hague.”

Patrick says this “Is a little bit like saying that if the DEA found one of their senior important officials was actually Pablo Escobar and they proved that to them and they said, ‘Well, what he did when he was on leave from us, we don’t really care, that’s not in our jurisdiction.’

“It’s a silly position. Only one of the five has even answered and that’s how they answered and they did not sign the letter, even though we sent it personally to Horowitz or whoever is the DOJ Inspector General. There is no signature on it. Did you know the Colorado decision yesterday, there’s no signature on it?”

We’ve heard this before with most of the members of the treasonous Biden Cabinet, people like Alejandro Mayorkas and Lloyd Austin have not signed/executed their oaths of office.

Todd reminds Patrick that he had been working on another development and asks if there is a time frame on that?

“Yeah,” he replies, “I think there’ll be a lot of revelations before the end of March. If we can keep it together till the end of March or earlier, there will be a lot of revelations and I don’t want to give too much information but there’s a lot more things like this Jack Smith thing coming and…It may be as much as three months but you’re going to be seeing traces of that before then and this should all be over by the end March, I think.

“Really, this winter is when they’re going to – the closer we get to the election, the phonier it is for them to do something where they have to postpone the election. So, we’re coming into the season where they’re going to be doing stuff to try to disrupt the election.”

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  • We’e been hearing this,”Coming soon” BS for way too long.

    “Yeah,” he replies, “I think there’ll be a lot of revelations before the end of March. If we can keep it together till the end of March or earlier, there will be a lot of revelations and I don’t want to give too much information but there’s a lot more things like this Jack Smith thing coming and…It may be as much as three months but you’re going to be seeing traces of that before then and this should all be over by the end March, I think.

    • “Coming Soon” in a CCP multi-generational planning type of way. They are still selling us the wood for the gallows we will hang each other with, which was sourced from Pacific North West CCP-owned forests and mills. Be patient, and explore your options.

  • Yeah all right.
    I don’t like any country (authority), including China though it sounds terribly ignorant by pointing one country as a source of the problem, but this should be common sense.
    Been saying this though the source of problem is “human greed” that outsourced everything to China due to cheaper cost, ending up giving China too much power.
    And when somebody or somewhere gets too much power, ignorant people just point at it without repenting own mistake.
    And they can pray 24/7 or do whatever up to their religion while Jesus or whatever the God(s) they believe don’t give a shit about them.
    The majority of human beings are selfish and ignorant by their nature, and they will say anything to push their own narratives, which is why nothing much is fixed, and history repeats itself.

  • I have such a problem with Byrne. He’s a sociopath. And a liar, with a big, ugly ego. He says patriots have to “suck it up for 10 months.”


    He says we cannot go kinetic. Why?

    He says the enemy is China.

    WRONG! It’s the ultra-wealthy, greedy perverts, like Byrne. All billionaires, Trillionaires, etc., even ‘hundreds of millions’ rich pricks – they are ALL criminals, socio- or psychopaths.

    Byrne is a limited hangout, CIA / FBI ASSET (or ASSHOLE?), and he is full of misinformation. Is he one of the very few ‘Good’ billionaires? I don’t have enough data to make that determination. But I just don’t get a good feeling from that guy.

    • Byrne is not your enemy. He cares nothing for you, except that you are a resident of, and perhaps, a member of the bst civilization in the current historical narrative. Pre-historical Earth-based civilizations excepted, natch’.

    • just about any country has had history of slavery,
      well, of course, the system itself is based on slavery (no matter how people try to make counter argument).
      Chinese is just a worst example as for today.

    • Agree completely. The existence of self-aware European stock peoples in more than about 10% of a population/region is an unacceptable problem. There are 2 ways to fix this math problem:

      A: Reduce the population to a minimal infrastructure support staff with military oversight (outdoor prison camp nation). Technicians and families get a food ration, if machines remain working. Useless and dangerous peoples are mass-exterminated in fenced labor camps. Crippled, drug user, fail to follow Chinese Orders, seen with a weapon, lacking Chinese ID, unauthorized use of fuel or electric motor or engine, Patriotic or Ethnic positive display, reported to 1-800-RAT-LINE, wrong place, failure to respond to Mandarin Orders, bad luck: shot on sight. Historical accounts by European Jews of Slavic Waffen SS will seem generous and orderly in comparison.

      B. Overwhelm and demoralize (economically, pharmaceutically, by language, legally, surgically, culturally, morally, etc.) by importation of loyal settlers from China. China will be able to select a mass of inferior and undesirable non-Han Chinese to make the move with promises of wealth and foreign wives in a land where they are legally/socially/militarilly supreme to natives.

      Similar to Phillip K. Dick “Man in the High Castle” West Coast scenario, but lacking the good parts of Japanese culture.

  • I think the app is called local skin but spelled different. My liberal Chinese neighbor who I caught breaking into my house, and then again into my car on video, but the police do nothing. They filled my home with aerosol poison, and the police did nothing. They just stole my tire and jack out of my trunk, so the next thing I guess is a break-down.
    They can literally take their pets and bedding, set off enough poison to give me mesothelioma and put my mom in the hospital for 3 months. They did this in 2017, AND left a note inside my house saying what they did. The police showed up, took the note and took me to a psych ward.
    Then they did it again on sept 15, 2022. Except I saw their texts. “She woke up? and are you sure you did it right?” And the mother point blank told me to my face is the least of her worries, her daughter poisoning me. They have a free pass by the local police at the very least.
    People feel comfortable knowing that I really don’t matter much to anyone.
    Wait until it’s your kid. And there’s a funny smell in their room, and they don’t wake up…just so your neighbor can make $2500 on the dark web.
    I suppose since one of the people involved is a judges granddaughter probably keeps it under wraps. Her husband helped terrorize our family.

    They sell this stuff to the dark web and insurance companies are in on it and pay them.

    I have pictures of everything, plus I did the police job for them, collected evidence, sent it to Federal, State, and Local DEP agencies and water testing facilities. I was told by a worker at the DEP that it was definitely intended to kill me and there was no accidental reason to have this chemical pumping into the house.

    Since September 15, 2022, they have had the whole house re- drywall and ripped apart. They even were kind enough to break back in to my house and attempt to scrub down my corroded ceiling fan, I have pictures of that, also. There is so much evidence it literally didn’t matter. I asked the police for help for 5 years and they actively did not arrest a family that gets paid for attempted murder.

    • YOU SOUND LIKE YOU ARE MENTALLY ILL. Have you been to a doctor? If what you say is true, then you should get some friends together and get your life back by becoming the law. Since there is no Law in the US – it’s all corrupt and run by criminals (as are the cops, the courts, the FBI, etc.) – you can become it. Might as well, we’re gonna have to make our stand..

  • Stay peaceful unless blue helmets show up? What if they don’t show up with blue helmets? What if they have an app that tells them once they are here when it is time to put the blue helmets on? What makes the difference if the invaders have blue helmets or no helmets?
    Where did these millions of ARs come from especially when we have been scraping rock bottom to just supply all the proxies all over the world? Millions of ARs is a major major undertaken in production. Trillions of rounds? Come on, that is insane too. Where has all this extra production come from on top of the already stretched logistic production of 20 years of the GWOT, etc.?

    • Go to a gun show. Talk to random people. There are lots of regular folks with LITERALLY pallets of AK and SKS rifles to go with their multiple pallets of cased ammo under a tarp in the basement or garage. In the 1990’s, SKS’s came in dozens for $1000 delivered and 7.62NATO M80 was $110 per thousand delivered (steel case Combloc 762×39 was cheaper). Ammo does not really expire during human lifetimes when sealed in a can and stacked in a cool basement. Estimates of multiple BILLION various firearms and TRILLIONS of rounds of ammo in civilian hands is not wrong. The official counting is only for background checked sales, States with FOID regimes like Illinois, which cannot include cash sales from out of State, home-manufactured guns and ammo, or Cartel supplied munitions. The GWOT has generated a huge number of Veterans who can manufacture a carbine from auto scraps and make all of the required bits for 5th gen warfare that were used against them in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, so there is no point in attempting to disarm functional Americans. Focus on the mentally ill getting help and observation, not on using them as wind-up toys to move a political agenda.


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      • “People should get out of their head this idea some glorious ‘Red Dawn’-type of movie. It’s ‘The Walking Dead’ without the zombies”

        As if he expects to just lie down and get slaughtered? Not going to happen. Yes I agree to no riot in the streets but if they want war they’ll get war.

        • Doc Hollywood,

          Actually, Whites have been warred
          against by Black and Hispanic men
          for decades—study FBI statistics :

          Read this report/article, about the hidden statistics on black-on-white crime in America (( mainstream media refuse to report the awful impact that black men have had on white civil society in the U.S. )) :

          “Paul Sheehan, an Australian reporter, dug out the following Information for an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, May 2, 1995.

          “Sheehan based his statistics on crime data compiled by the FBI and partially reported each year in The FBI Uniform Crime Report . These reports can be
          researched at the FBI’s website,

          “Since the FBI doesn’t distinguish between Hispanics and whites, Sheehan’s statistics don’t adequately reflect the black-on-white crime situation.

          “Only about 10-15% of Hispanics are white, with the rest being Indian or a mixture of white, American Indian, and blacks.

          “Hispanic crime rates are almost as high as black crime rates. This means that the data Sheehan compiled on inter-racial crime is probably grossly understated since a considerable portion of the “white against black” crime actually is Hispanic-against-black crime. (Information about this aspect of inter-racial crime will be presented in a related article.)

          “Here is the information Sheehan uncovered in his analysis of the FBI’s crime reports:

          -“Blacks murder more than 1,600 whites each year.

          -“Blacks murder whites at 18 times the rate whites murder blacks.

          -“Blacks murdered, raped, robbed, or assaulted about one million whites In 1992.

          -“In the last 30 years, blacks committed 170 million violent and non-violent crimes against whites.

          -“Blacks under 18 are more than 12 times more likely to be arrested for murder than whites under 18.

          -“About 90% of the victims of interracial crimes are white.

          -“Blacks commit 7.5 times more violent interracial crimes than whites, although whites outnumber blacks by 7 to 1.

          -“On a per capita basis, blacks commit 50 times more violent crime than whites.

          -“Black neighborhoods are 35 times more violent than white neighborhoods.

          -“Of the 27 million nonviolent robberies in 1992, 31% (8.4 million) were committed
          by blacks against whites. Less than 2% were committed by whites against blacks.

          -“Of the 6.6 million violent crimes, 20% (1.3 million) were interracial.

          -“Of the 1.3 million interracial violent crimes, 90% (1.17 million) are black against white.

          -“In the past 20 years, violent crime increased four times faster than the population.

          -“In the last 30 years (1964-94), more than 45,000 people were killed in interracial murders compared to 38,000 killed in Korea and 58,000 in Vietnam.

          -“Sheehan commented that the contents of his article could not possibly be published or discussed in the U.S. mainstream media.

          -“In the last 50 years, the white part of the American population has declined from 90% to 72%.

          The U.S. now has about 33 million blacks and 25 million Hispanics (legal and illegal). By the year 2050, American whites will be a minority, just 49%. By 2100, whites will be 25% of the population.

          -“What will life for whites be like in the future?”

          -end of report


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