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    Kash Patel: FBI Has Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book – Trump Should Release It on Day 1 and the Rest of the Footage of the DC Pipe Bomber (VIDEO)
    by Jim Hoft

    Kash Patel says the FBI has Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book and that Trump should release every name on day one of his next administration. Kash wants to see a continuous declassification office in 2024. The government gangsters have it all hidden from the American public.

    Glenn Beck: Who has Jeffrey Epstein’s Black Book?

    Kash Patel: FBI.

    Glenn Beck: But who?…

    Kash Patel: That’s under direct control of the Director of the FBI… Just like the manifesto from the shooting at the Catholic School. We still haven’t seen that, right?… It’s not the national police that doesn’t want this out. The FBI air-mailed into the operation and said this is not getting out… To me that’s the thing President Trump should run on.

    On day one, roll out the black book. Not just that. On day one, roll out all the text messages and communications we were told were deleted.

    On day one, play the rest of the video of the pipe bomber…

    You need a central node to be continuously declassifying. This is another thing they do, they overclassify — to protect the deep state. We still haven’t seen half of the RussiaGate report that we wrote. Still under lock and key… All of these things there needs to be a continuing central power, all of the requests that come in.. right out the door. As long as it’s not a major threat to national security.”

    Great points by Kash Patel. Trump should release it all on Day 1.

    Via The Storm Has Arrived and Pepe Lives Matter.

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    • Why should anyone trust Trump? #2

      Now that the Colorado court has decreed, without a judgment, without a trial, that Trump is an insurrectionist and therefore you can’t vote for him because his name will not be allowed on the ballots of Colorado! This has produced some interesting responses from Kash who is arguably ineligible for POTUS himself and from Steven Cheung, spokesman for Trump who groused that that court decision was undemocratic. What???? Does Cheung even know what he is talking about? It’s not undemocratic its UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! Guilt or innocence is constitutionally established in a trail by a jury of ones own peers. Star chamber trials belong in the old world, not here! I could go on about this, but not here.

      This prompted me to do an initial investigation of who this China tribesman is and I did not have to go far to see he does not pass the smell test and Trump is once again caught with his good judgment pants down! It’s almost laughable how Trumps own team members keep biting him in the butt. This is in our face, think about all the other unseen banana peals like this laying around for Trump to slip and fall over.

      This is the the sort of thing that plagued the Trump administration and nobody in the district of criminality seems to much care. Trump does not build and maintain very good teams, if he really means to, and I suspect he doesn’t, he’s an AUTOCRAT and the Democrat thugs hate competition!

      Like that old rascal monopolist Rockefeller once said, competition is a sin!

    • Why should anybody trust Trump?

      He failed to deliver on a number of promises the last time, proving either that he is a liar or a coward or something unspeakable in between. He promised disclosure on November 22, 1963, 911, and the Clintons. All brushed aside once he was in power. Then when we were under attack in 2020 he joined in with the attackers. Of what use is this showman to us?

      Will somebody please explain?

      • Agree, JD.

        “Father of the vaccines!”
        “You should take the shots…I did!”

        Nothing from Trump on
        Smith-Mundt repeal.
        Nothing from Trump on
        George Floyd/ race war psyop.

        Babbit was a psyop,: Air Force & Intel connections.
        Less info on whether the J6’s ” offenders” are actually imprisoned.

        What is clear :
        Trump’s silence on their fate.

        Yeah, no bro.
        I’m out.

        Wait for it…
        …Here comes jack-a-lope with the *bot!*

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