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  • Target-ing children with satanic Pedo “Pride” one of the 7 deadly sins parading around as a virtue we need to learn and obey to serve up our children to the cannibal cult . The degenerates in .gov are the biggest groomers funding the whacko teachers unions who push the GAY agenda as curriculum and fill the libraries with kiddie porn sex manuals and enforce gender BS like pronouns, bathroom sharing , PE showers and mutilation surgery. GAY rights have trumped parental rights with protected speech , protected flag, protected illegal defaced crosswalk painting. The education system needs to be defunded it serves as the recruiting arm for the satanic trans groomer pedo cult.

    • Gay rights have Not trumped Parental Rights.
      That is only the case of the lazy minded parents, in the illusion’s they feed the lazy minded parent’s, this gentleman proved that as well.

  • It’s everywhere you look these days, in our faces, the advertising industry is promoting it, Hollywood is promoting it, clothing manufacturers are promoting it, auto manufactures are promoting it, MSM is promoting it, while Americans sit stupefied in front of their television screens and do nothing to oppose this monstrous confusion, because they were first lobotomized by the pharmaceutical and chemical corporations.

    Gov DeSantis opposes it, unisex media Lilliputians and Trump trashed him. If you say that’s just political season trash talk, then I say you are not paying attention to “extreme right wingnut” recordings of Trump boasting to his select guests that he is the most LGBTQWXYZ President of all.

    Did DeSantis host this sex obsessed crowd in his home? Nope, but Trump did, helping them celebrate their appalling achievements! Trump is an old hand at this, remember his arousing entertainment beauty contests that TV zombies have forgotten? Even MSM reported at least a little on Trump’s Mar Largo party for this crowd. But, in one Trumper ear and out the other because their filters have been removed and replaced by artificial entertainment reality shows like the one we are being treated with daily, like an ostensibly free mental health treatment every day! Just relax and focus on Trump’s swinging watch, and listen to his promises and you feel yourself slowly drifting into Paradise Island.

    Ummm, and even Putin went public to let the world know, not in Russia, you don’t, nosiree never even with Ukraine’s cross dressing entertainer puppet president! And now we see non-NATO nations jumping off the USS Sexual Revolution pleasure boat that uses female impersonators to entertain sailors!

    Totally astonishing how easily America was conquered, occupied and now ruled by monsters who despise natural law and it’s law Giver!

    • Isaiah 66:4
      “I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not.“

      Go to
      search for Pastor John Weaver,
      then search for his sermon
      how God destroys nations
      pretty much the history of the US then find his 14 sermon series
      where we are and how we got here.

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