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    Retired DEA and SOCOM officer, Jeffrey Prather says that intelligence indications across the special operations and intelligence veterans networks indicate a possible government grid down false flag in September, possibly against our nuclear facilities, using the stolen 30 tons of ammonium nitrate that recently went missing from a rail shipment from California.

    Jeffrey believes this potential false flag attack engineered by our corrupt government will be used to justify more tyranny and control. He assesses that some of these military-aged men coming across the border, including Chinese special forces may be engaged to execute this attack and that we may see UN Blue Helmet troops brought in, which he believes will be the final straw to activate every biker, redneck, cowboy and tough guy in America and the hot war will be on.

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    • You read the news articles on this and they state that the seals were intact when the rail car left and when it arrived. But it must of leaked out on the way. Duh! I swear how dumb do they think we are?

    • Kim says,” The missing fertilizer bomb making materials and other missile armaments were recovered and were intended to be used to send us into martial law . This attack on DC would be blamed on one of our favorite enemies that they would declare war on” . Nothing stops the puppets from politicking and gets the money flowing like a hot war . This should be the last brain fart expected from the DS , the war is over for the million or so idiots who decided it’s more fun being dead to escape meeting their maker. These humans traded their souls to demons and intended to destroy humanity in the final war with GOD .

    • Where are AG Garland’s comments on the stolen chemicals available?

      What about “Homeland Security’s” take?

      Oops. Thought crime.

    • The question is whether they will still risk on doing this kind of things after the story of stolen chemical being published around.

      • After the enormous numbers of lies by the government just in my lifetime — starting with JFK’s assassination — there is absolutely zero doubt that ‘they’ would commit a false flag … there is zero risk to any of them at any level of our government or any other government …

        Look at all of the truths finally coming out in various places about the FauciFlu propaganda and tyranny event … and TheFauci and all of his minions are acting as if all is well with their push against US …

        • Of course, there will be false flag, we just won’t know how they will do it.
          Speaking of the scam Fakci flu thing, there’s also possibility that they would use the chemical for creating another scamdemic.

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