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    Hunter was indicted again after his plea deal collapsed. Will he actually be held accountable?

    For his part, Donald Trump, Jr tweeted:

    Mark my words this was planned and they’re going to use this as the excuse to not testify before Congress… he’ll end up with nothing or slap on the wrist but it’ll make sure he evades the thousands of things @GOPoversight is looking at. Bookmark it!

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    • Maybe I’m delusional, but I think it’s a setup: Hunter does all this bad stuff and leaves his laptop on purpose. They make a show of letting him off but “oh look, the judge magically stops it”; that’s about as likely as 81 million votes for Brandon. So they bring bigger charges now and HB cuts a deal to testify against Pedo Pete. And the perv cuts a deal to testify against the ACTUAL “big guy”. And HE gives up EVERYBODY, starting with Killary. It’s a long herding game to get the most cows to the slaughter house.

      Speaking of games, when you are putting on a BIG SHOW and EVERYBODY turns out to watch it (like they did for the JFK Shooting Show), you just CAN’T take a chance that something is going to go wrong; thus, no actual planes were involved in the demolition of the 3 WTC buildings and the Pentagon, and no actual President was in the limo in Dealey Plaza: I don’t know what they did with him, but that’s why they needed to plant the “magic bullet” and why Jackie had to climb out on the trunk of the limo to retrieve a chunk of the Animatron’s head (that blew off in the opposite direction from where a bullet from the rear would send it). Because Jackie went along with it and JFK’s girlfriend Mary Meyer was reportedly “not upset” by the news of her lover’s death, I think he just retired to Antarctica, and was joined the next year by Mary Meyer after she was (allegedly) murdered by being shot in the head and heart (somehow without spilling any blood according to the journalist who happened to be the first person on the scene) by some random guy who was (naturally) acquitted. What ARE the odds?

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