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    The Iranian Ministry of Defense published a video of preparations for the creation and launch of a biological capsule into space by the Salman launch vehicle.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Thanks Alexandra! Unfortunately, this looks to me like it could have been made anywhere to look like it’s Iran. Mossad probably paid and funded this video that to propels the WW3 Mossad/Zionist psy-op! Most enemies have always been a distraction to obfuscate their outright theft and fraud against humanity.

      • Yes, the war is scripted but noone is disputing this video was released by the Iranian Ministry of Defense. It was not produced by the Mossad.

      • I think you’re right about psy-op part
        As for the narrative, there’s clearly some bias
        tho I’m not saying any of the countries is innocent (Iran also went with C19 / injection scam together with other countries)

    • Anglo-American war chickens coming home to roost!

      When Wilson, then Truman, then Bush decided to get down in the dirt with warmongering international investment banking interests meddling instead of standing on high moral ground, the outcome became very predictable.

      It’s all part of the same web of deceit, theft, murder and genocide.

      Trust the science they tell us, well it so happens that the majority of scientists hate the idea of a creator and final accountability. They are Darwinists, even though Darwin warned not to trust his hypothesis until it had been proven. We are still waiting on proof, but it doesn’t matter when these “scientists” take liberty with our liberties and use their neighbors in their experiments.

      Why do we give them quarter? Because we have been bought off with free stuff from the govment and unlimited credit courtesy of them as holds the gold, to buy all the other stuff we want. We have heard that money grows on Obamas money trees and lawmakers must pass laws before they read them. Only a nation of fools consents to this nonsense.

      It’s all a rich mans trick, be afraid, obey science.

    • Doesn’t say anything about “bio” or “weapon”, in fact, the description says “capsule”.
      Do we even know what we are looking at?

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